US Potatoes Culinary Festivals - Rendezvous Corner

Hai Readers,

The sharing session today is about  a delicious healthy meal made of US Potatoes. Remember the US Potatoes Culinary Festival that i attended before? This time we had an opportunity to enjoy the potatoes at the participating outlet itself.

We went to Rendezvous Corner located at 55A Jalan 15/4, Subang Jaya, Selangor to hunt for the US Potatoes.

Skin Potato - RM8.80
This baked potato has a very delicious taste. The potato skin is crunchy and crispy till you can scoop it all without realising that you are eating the potato skin. The melting cheese completes the whole taste of the Skin potatoes making it a dish to look up for in Rendezvous Corner. Its light and delicious !

 Curry Mashed Potato 
At one glance, i thought it was a deep fried egg but heyyy its potatoes!! A mashed potatoes fills with chicken curry, covered with bread crumb and were deep fried. Its so crunchy and crispy. Feels like eating Chicken curry puff with the potato pastry instead of flour. Interesting!! This menu is available on special order only.

Cheese Fondue Chicken - RM18.80
A combination of crispy fried potato, deep fried boneless chicken cube, brocolli, carrot and a soft bun in a plate.

Dip it in the boiling cheese and enjoy it. Ahhhh .. its so creamy and delicious. Cheese lovers, do not forget to try this. We enjoyed every bites .. from the start till the last.

End your dining session in Rendezvous Corner with the desert. Cute and pretty delicious. Sugar craze will definitely love it.

Tropical Fruit Tea
A cool and refreshing drink -  suits a fasting person like me. A combination of sweet and sour taste, i wont hesitate to repeat this de-tox drink on my next visit.

Readers, if you happen to be at Subang Jaya, drop by at Rendezvous Corner Restaurant to enjoy the delicious, light and tummy friendly potato meal. Potato is high in potassium, high in fibre, zero in fat and good for our waist line too. Lets enjoy the potatoes.

Meriahnya Syawal di 1Utama

Hai readers .. I was at 1 Utama last week to witness the Raya happenings there. In this entry, i'm gonna share with you the happenings that awaits you during this Festive season specially brought to you by 1 Utama.

1 Utama has always been my favourite shopping mall. Ever since the new wings wasn't exist, ever since One World Hotel was not there, Misz-ella and family is already a loyal customer of 1 Utama. In conjunction with the coming Hari Raya, 1 Utama has llined many interesting events and activities from F&B, shopping bargains, festive promotions, entertaining Aidilfitri dance and performances, weekend bazaar, fashion shows and buka puasa fare with the theme "Meriahnya Syawal".

1 Utama has beautifully set up The 'Makan Village' at LG Oval Concourse with Rumah Penghulu equipped with fully functioning kitchen fitted with nothing less than high grade appliances courtesy of Belling and Way. Do not miss the opportunity to witness yourself a cooking demos by Top Malaysian Chef such as Chef Jaafar Onn, Chef Zaidah (11 July, 5pm), Chef Sherson Lian (12 July, 3pm) and host of 'Diari Mangkuk Tingkat' Ili.

Lets Berhari Raya di Rumah Penghulu - Yeayyy .. we are 1 Malaysia
(Photo credit to

I was among the luckiest to witness the cooking demo by my favourite Chef, Chef Sherson Lian. He cooked Nasi Dhal and Ayam Percik. Alololo .. its fasting month!! We can only enjoyed the nice smell and as usual, enjoy watching his entertaining character with his favourite word as seen on "5 Rempah 5 Rasa" ~ Beautiful!! and his partner in this Session is our blogger friend, Arpita.

Do not forget to chill with Hari Raya Mascot at 1 Utama. Comel sungguh mereka berbaju raya.

The Raya decorations at LG Oval is a discovery on its own. Ada basikal tua, ada motor Vespa, ada barang-barang antik di sudut-sudut tertentu, ada Kawah dodol, ada bunga kertas yang sentiasa menghiasi laman rumah kampung kita, ada rumput hijau yang segar lagi subur. Bagaikan betul-betul berada di Kampung halaman lah.

(Photo credit to Mahamahu's Instagram)

After a long day shopping at the many retail merchandise kioks here, do not forget to have a rest at the wooden benches available around the concourse or laze at the 'Wakafs' and enjoy traditional Raya dishes like Rendang Tok, Kueh Bahulu, Lemang, Ketupat, Ice cream and others 'Kueh Raya' ~ Dengan suasana kampung, dengan lagu raya yang berkumandang .. I'm sure your feeling will be blown away ~ Raya dah dekat lah korang!!

(Photo credit to Miera's FB)
Haruslah kita bergaya di Hari Raya ~ Fashionable baju raya are available at the GF Centre Court concourse. Head over here for some quick apparel shopping and do not forget to redeem Free Gifts as a few promotion items are waiting for you.

  • Take home a lovely cake stand, courtesy of 1 Utama with purchases of RM500 above (maxs 2 receipts on the same day at participating ONECARD outlets) and RM300 for ONECARD members. Limited to 200 shoppers per day Only. Redemption venue :- GF Highstreet, opposite Customer Service Centre
  • Redeem a pair of festive cookies jar from Maybank with a minium spend of RM500 (over a maximum of 2 cumulative receipts), applicable to the first 3,000 Maybank cardmembers. Gift collection to be made at Maybank Booth, LG Highstreet. Maybank Platinum cardmembers will also receive free entry at 1 Utama's Platinum Parking from 10am to 11pm daily.  

The highlights and fun at 1 Utama for this Syawal doesn't stop here. ONECARD members will earn 3x Upoints during this Ramadhan when we dine or make purchases after Buka puasa from 7.00pm onwards at selected ONECARD F&B outlets. Spend minimum of RM50, you might earn up to a maximum of 3,000 (RM30) UPonts throughout the period. Among participating outlets are TGI Fridays, Sushi King, Starbucks, Shogun, Secret Recipe, Pizza Hut, Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendul, Pasta Zanmai, Papparich, Absolute Thai, Betjeman & Barton, Burger King, Chilli's, Coffee Bean, Fish & Co, KFC, Little Fat Duck, Madam Kwan's, O'Beins and Nana Green Tea.

Adding to the mood, plenty of colourful, interesting and fun activities has been lined up to entertained shoppers which includes Fashion shows, Raya shows and performances, Craft and art exhibitions, Giveaways, Workshops and many more. 

So readers, lets Berhari Raya di 1 Utama dan rasai betapa 'Meriahnya Syawal' di sini. 

Visit or or for more infos. Do not miss the opportunity, readers. Almaklumlah, Raya kan setahun sekali. Jom kita jalan-jalan cari makan bersama keluarga di 1 Utama hari ini.

Pecal - Weekend Busy-Busy

Another weekend busy-busy situation for me. Situasi biasa tu. Kalau tak busy then it is luarbiasa.

I was at my favourite Shopping Mall last Friday untuk satu program Raya. Dengan suasana raya yang sangat terasa, hati sebak tiba-tiba .. tahun ni Beraya tanpa Abah *sobs*. 

Switzerland Chocolate, Body Scrub, Shut Up Kiss Me and Miracle perfume - Birthday gifts from my 'kesayangan'. Touching sungguh hati bila kesayangan cakap I gave you Miracle cos I wanna you to always stay as a Miracle - ayat jujur dan telus dari hati seorang sahabat yang sangat menyentuh perasaan. Kasih sayang tiada sempadan - tak kira apa bangsa dan agama, kita boleh sentiasa sayang menyayangi sesama insan. Berpegang lah pada 'kejujuran' dan 'kesetiaan' dalam persahabatan. May God ease our journey and blessed our relationship. Amin. 

My Blogger friend, Feeq brought this chocolate from Langkawi. Dah la tolong beli, susah payah ke 1Utama untuk hantar coklat ini. Tq Feeq. Sedap apa Cadbury Peppermint ni .. rasa macam makan Coklat campur Colgate. Lepas makan tak payah gosok gigi. Haha.

Mama masak Pecal untuk Buka Puasa. Ohhh so healthy. Yang tak healthy ialah bila lepas tu Misz-ella makan nasi 2 senduk lauk Patin Asam Tempoyak. Misz-ella tak makan Ikan Patin, nasi 2 senduk, kuah Asam Tempoyak dengan Ikan Gelama Masin pun sudah cukup untuk buat my tummy happy. Misz-ella simple je orangnya, tak 'demand' gila-gila.

Mom bought birthday cake for me and Amir. Me and my nephew sharing the same birthday. Meriah rumah Opah pagi-pagi gara-gara birthday kami. Hehe.

A princess cake for me bought by my Darling. Thanks babe. Love you till the moon and back. Muahh.

Ella is 28th, I am 21. Hahaha .. ada aje la kau Tammy. Tammy, the founder of Butterfly Malaysia is one of the best Top Best Female Malaysian Blogger. Stay humble always, k.

Heaven gila bila dapat balik ke rumah sendiri. Miko so missed me .. lepak atas Laptop tak bagi Misz-ella buat kerja. Nak kasih sayang dan perhatian I la tu. Hehe.

Among the thing that I missed - Travelling and exercise. Dah berbulan Misz-ella tak ke Lantai Tari, tak angkat besi. Dah lama Misz-ella tak travel. Wish i can repeat it after Raya ni. In sha Allah.

10 more days to Syawal. Korang dah bersedia untuk ber Hari Raya?