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Jom Gaya Hidup Sihat ~ Makan dan Exercise

Another chapter of my exercise diary .. hidup Misz-ella camni la .. kalau tak kerja, exercise. Kalau tak kat Event kat Gym. Tu je la tempat...

Eka Roots for healthier hair ~ My hair makeover for Hari Raya!

Hello readers ..

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Lets talk about a healthy hair in this entry. Hair is a protein filament that grows from follicles found in the dermis or skin. Each of us dream is to have a healthy, shining, glossy hair. Regardless our age, either you are hijabistas or uncovered like me, we share a same dream ~ we want to have a healthy, fresh 'crowing glory' that give great impact on our look.

Being someone who love to look good, I started colouring my hair since I left school. I was only 18 at that time. I love to see my brown, gold, blonde hair. For me ~ Blonde is glam! Since then, I never stop colouring my hair till my brother called me Ms. Marry Brown *LOL*

However, the habit of colouring my hair countlessly, repeatedly (every 3 months) means exposing it to chemicals and it made my hair loss its natural moist. My hair loss its natural shine, too dry, dull and unhealthy. One of the worst things that happened to my hair was .. Split ends!!

The last thing I did to safe my hair from prolong damage was to cut it short. I know I look good, fresh and young with short hair too but I am a very conventional person. I still love long hair. A lady with a long beautiful hair always attract my attention.

Me, Leoniel, Selina & her family. Look at Selina's bouncy, healthy hair!

I recently was introduced to Eka Roots by my best friend, Selina. She has a beautiful, fresh, shining, glossy healthy hair. I admire and envy her beautiful hair. How did she keep her hair healthy despite her keep on styling her hair with blow dry? We know that continuous blow dry will damage our hair, right?

Eka Roots is located at No. 123, Jalan Maarof, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur. It was easy to find the salon as it is just along the famous Jalan Maarof main road. Open everyday (except Sunday) from 9:30am to 9:00pm, I made my way to the salon after booking the 1st slot appointment, 9:30am. 

Most of the common issues that we are facing concerning our hair are hair loss, hair damage, and unhealthy scalp. Eka Roots is not a normal hair salon but is also a roots, hair and scalp wellness centre.

The salon is spacious, clean, neat and elegantly furnish with modern, zen furniture. The cosy ambience of Eka Roots made it  more than just a salon .. It is a hair spa centre where our hair wellness will be taken care. No smell of chemicals (ammonia especially) detected when I first stepped in *good feeling .. I LIKE*

Some of the products used ~ Philip Martin's Italian organic hair care product range ~ I love organic!

The salon has a few private rooms, offering its guest privacy ~ Either you come with your friends and would love to have an intimate private session together, or you are a hijabistas and need a room which is more private, Eka Roots has it all.

My hair issues was diagnosed ~ dry, flat, less volume, oily scalp. Judith from Eka Roots gave me options ~ to remain my hair colour while treating my damage dry hair and my oily scalp or change the existing colour using henna while treating my damage hair and scalp at the same time. I am used with colours so I opted for henna *I never try henna before*

The henna mixture was made for my hair. This Eka henna herbal treatments work to reduce hair loss and promote hair growth for women and men. I was told that the mixture will make my hair stronger and healthier too.

Eka henna herbal's treatment are a mixture of henna, Eka's signature follicle cream, rosemary and grapefruit oils, mixed with henna colour to create a treatment that not only makes the hair shine with colour but also helps with hair growth.

There are four colour options of henna that we can choose from - My choice was Chestnut!

As the preparation and process can be very messy, this treatment can be done at the salon only. I was worried of the henna's smell at the beginning but surprisingly, the smell was good! This herbal formula was applied onto hair and scalp whereas hair ends is given a signature conditioning.

My hair was steamed for 20 minutes and washed. The whole process took approximately one hour and forty five minutes. I was excited to see the result!

Other than that, I also tried Hair Toxx treatment which is also available at Eka Roots. Hair Toxx (botox) is an exclusive rejuvenating in-salon treatment which are developed in ecological manner. Hair Toxx are made with authentic natural ingredients from Amazon. It is safe, free from salt, paraben, sulfate, mineral oil and others harmful chemicals. Well .. If you have been following my blog closely, you know how much I love anything natural and organic. Say YES to Hair Toxx to prolong the beauty and youth of our hair. 

The first step was to wash my hair using Hair Toxx shampoo. Then was to mask every layers of my hair with a mixture of the conditioner and serum. The main ingredients of Hair Toxx are Hyaluronic acid, fatty acid and acai berry. Regardless how far the modern science has gone in beauty, natural sources are still the best!! 

Then my hair was steamed for 20 minutes. I was told that my hair will go through 'a kind of plastic surgery in a natural way'. Wow .. I was so excited to see the result of my hair after undergone this natural plastic surgery. And tadaaaaa ... 

Can you see my hair different? I personally fell in love with my new hair makeover by Eka Roots. My hair are healthier, bouncier (it is no longer 'flat' like before), fresh, shining and glossy .. and what made me happier was I look younger and good with Henna! I never thought that I can have this fresh, shining hair again after more than 20 years exposing my hair to chemicals via colouring. Never. I always dream of nice, beautiful hair and my dream were brought to reality by Eka Roots.

Me with Esther of Eka Roots

Last but not least, Thank You Eka Roots for giving my hair a new life and making me proud of it. My hair is now ready for Hari Raya. I look forward to visit Eka Roots again. Thank You to my best friend Selina who recommended Eka Salon to me. I always love and trust you, Honey.

Eka Henna Herbal Treatment and Hair Toxx treatment are available at Eka Roots at the above mentioned price. For those of you who want a healthy hair like me, visit Eka Roots today and mention my special code :- ELLAEKA17 and enjoy 10% discounts for Henna Herbal Treatment and Hair Toxx Treatment.

Visit www.ekaroots.com or follow Eka Roots Facebook page here for other services offered and latest updates. Healthier hair boost our confident and enhance our look, and you can own it at Eka Roots. Do not forget to check it out, k.

Ayam Goreng Lemon, Ikan Siakap Stim, Terung Berlada

Hello readers ..

We are just a few more days before Hari Raya. Times flies very fast. For those who are looking for ideas on what to cook for the next few days break fast, this entry probably will help you.

Ayam Goreng Lemon - Recipe? Google ok .. because I googled it too *hehe*

Siakap Steam - Steam Siakap with Oyster sauce, Squid sauce, Lime juice, onions, ginger, garlic and water. Add on a little bit of sugar. Add on any vegetables that you like - I chosed tofu, mushroom and tomatoes, put on chilli padi .. Ummmm Yummy!

Terung Berlada  (Eggplant with Chili) OK this is easy.

Selamat Berbuka Puasa. Bye!

Webist Solutions host 'Design a Disruptive Marketing Plan Like A Pro by Juan José Delgado this August!

Hello readers ..

I recently had an opportunity to witness the grand launched of Webist Solutions Sdn. Bhd. The launched were held at New Shanghai Restaurant, Holiday Inn Express Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

Webist Solutions Sdn Bhd, a new game changer in the digital marketing industry promises new insights for the growth of the industry in the near future with hopes to turn the tables in the turbulent times of 2017.

The launched were officiated by the guest of honour, Puan Sri Datin Sri Dr. Susan Cheah and Malaysia Supermodel Amber Chia, accompanied by the three founders of Webist Solutions Sdn. Bhd, Mr. Bryan, Mr. Chris, Mr. Johnson and Webist Solution's Advisor, Dr. Zyro Wong. 

Further highlighting the significance of the establishment, Dato’ Razali Haji Ibrahim, the Deputy Minister of the Prime Minister’s Office, had also extended his congratulatory note and best wishes to Webist Solutions for its forthcoming contributions in the industry via his video message. 

Dr. Zyro Wong, during his opening speech said "Going digital is an inevitable trend today and Webist Solution are here to set the waves going. Our aspiration is not only to devise new strategies for Malaysian businesses to excel in the international arena, but also to educate people on the changing trends and dynamics in the digital world”

The guest of honour, Puan Sri Datin Sri Dr Susan Cheah during her speech, expressed her high hopes for the establishment to drive new digital trends in the local scene, thus inviting the members of the public to embrace digital marketing as the forthcoming trendsetter in the business world.

The three founders of Webist Solutions Sdn Bhd - Mr. Bryan, Mr. Chris and Mr. Johnson then shared their view on digital marketing in an open forum, highlighting how Webist Solutions is distinctive in holding many more international events in the near future in addition to its principal services. 

I was quite impressed with Webist Solution's front line ~ Dr. Zyro Wong, Bryan, Chris and Johnson - young, high spiritual, innovative and ambitious. Listening to their short, meaningful sharing has created an excitement on us about what Webist Solutions Sdn Bhd has to offer those who are in the digital industry. Interesting!

During the launched, guests were featured with a Live preview of Juan José Delgado Master Class - Design a Disruptive Marketing Plan Like A Pro.

Juan José Delgado, the former Head of Marketing of Amazon and celebrated expert in digital marketing who is also a renowned speaker in the area of Customer, Digital and eCommerce will be sharing his knowledge on effective digital marketing strategies that are pivotal to businesses in the local context. 

The seminar will be held on 2nd August 2017 at the Sunway Putra Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. This first of its kind seminar in Malaysia is specially hosted by Webist Solutions Sdn Bhd. This event is anticipating nationwide participation of more than 100 businesses of various nature as well as individuals from all walks of life. 

Exclusive only to the early birds, tickets will be offered at special rates on first-come-first serve basis (Gold ticket at RM1,247 and VIP ticket at RM2,497). 

As seats are limited and this seminar is first of its kind in Malaysia, I suggest you book your seat today. This is your opportunity to meet and learn from the the expert, Juan José Delgado. 

For more information about Webist Solution Sdn. Bhd., please visit the company's website at www.webist.com.my and for those who are interested to join the seminar, register yourself at  www.webist.com.my/jjdelgado/ or contact 603 79729122 for more details and Yes! I got my seat confirmed!! Thank you Webist Solution for the opportunity *Yeah .. I won the Lucky Draw during the event .. excited!*

*Photos from this entry are from isaactan.net and mieranadhirah.com

TMall World Mid-Year Online Sales Is Now in Malaysia

Hello lovely readers ..

Let's talk about online shopping in this entry. Who loves online shopping? Me! and I believe most of us loves online shopping. Well, I think most of you will agree if I say that the most awaited moment is online sales and yes online Shopaholics, this entry is for you. Let's check it out!

This entry is about TMall.com., a Chinese language website for business-to-consumer (B2C) online retail operated in China by Alibaba Group.

Launched in April 2008, TMall.com (formerly known as tabao mall) is a platform for local Chinese and international businesses to sell brand name goods to consumers in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.

Till todate, Tmall.com currently features more than 70,000 international and chinese brands from more than 50,000 merchants and serves more than 180 million buyers.

With merchandise from various categories - fashion & beauty, electronics, grocery & health, gadgets, kids & baby, outdoor & automotive, Tmall.com ranked number one among all Chinese B2C retail website in 2010 in terms of transaction volume.

In June 2017, Alibaba Group expanded globally by introducing TMall World, which aims to connect the 100 million strong overseas Chinese market worldwide with 1.2 billion products offered by brands and merchants to South East Asia and Malaysia has been included in the priority market due to its sizeable Chinese population and the popularity of Taoboa and Tmall with local users who want an online shopping experience with a Chinese-language interface.

To kick-off the excitement of the shopping experience in Tmall World, Alibaba Group recently announced Tmall 6.18 Mid-Year Mega Sale from June 18-20 2017. This three days shopping festivals which aim to drive more Malaysian audiences seeking shopping experiences in a virtual shopping avenue,  will offer discounts of up to 10 billion Chinese yuan (>RM6.27 billion) from more than 180,000 global brands across product categories such as apparel, home and living, consumer electronics, and mother and baby.

The sales promotion can be accessed through Taobao Marketplace world.taobao.com or the Mobile Taobao app, Alibaba Group's flagship mobile shopping app.

To give its audience more awareness on its international Mid-Year Mega sale, an offline store featuring various home appliances and furnishing were set for public's view at Sunway Giza, recently and misz-ella.blogspot.com was invited to the offline preview session which showcased some of the products available at the online platform.

Nice, modern and elegant furniture offered at Tmall.com 

During this Tmall 6.18 Mid-Year Mega Sale, customers will enjoy :-

  • Shopping vouchers :- Cash coupons of RM12.50 each for purchase made from 13-20 June and discount coupons of RM38 or RM63 for purchases up to RM188 and RM628, respectively during 18-20 June
  • In-store shopping vouchers :- Individual merchants will give out in-store shopping vouchers through their store fronts from 13-20 June for purchases during the sale period
  • Payment discount :- Malaysian shoppers will stand a chance to win a cashback worth RM1,000 when transactions are made from any of the participating banks from 18 June to 10 July by Malaysian RevPay.
  • Lower courier fee :- A new sea freight option for Malaysian market applicable for "Taobao Global Consolidated Shipping" option. With only RM6/kilogram (excluding 6% GST), consumers from Malaysia should not miss the opportunity to shop at Tmall.com. However, this is applicable for individual consignments of up to 100 kilograms each or consolidated consignment of up to 200 kilograms each.
  • Delivery discount for new consumers :- If you are new to Tmall.com, enjoy a delivery coupon of up to RM15 for the first kilogram of your packages
OK now, let me share with you some of the products offered at a very good deal for your easy reference :-

2017 One-piece Half-long Skirt with Korean Style

Boat-neckline High-rise Dress

Sleeveless high-neck lace crop top

RICHCOCO Summer Collection - High-rise Leisure Shorts with Line Patterns



German Kobold Fordable Umbrella (Anti-UV Light)





Cotton Fiber Laundry Basket

So readers, do not forget to log on to www.tmall.com for Shop Till You Drop experienced during this Tmall 6.18 Mid-Year Mega Sale and enjoy huge discounts from now till 20th June 2017. Happy Shopping, ok ..

Concorde Hotel Shah Alam raikan anak yatim dan asnaf di Bulan Ramadan

Hello pembaca budiman,

Kalau Misz-ella katakan Ramadan adalah bulan rahmat buat semua lapisan masyarat, mesti ramai yang setuju, kan. Ye. Bulan Ramadan bulan rahmat. Bulan rezeki. Bulan paling senang kita nak dapat pahala dan paling dinanti-nantikan semua tanpa mengira darjat mahupun pangkat. Ramadan bulan yang sangat barakah.

Baru-baru ini Misz-ella telah dijemput oleh pihak Concorde Hotel Shah Alam untuk hadir ke Majlis Sinar Ramadan yang diadakan khas bagi meraikan anak yatim dan asnaf dari Rumah Nur Sakinah dan Pusat Jagaan Nur Ekhwan Ku. 

Sejujurnya Misz-ella sentiasa menyokong sebarang usaha murni berkonsepkan amal maka kaki melangkah ke Grand Ballroom Concorde Hotel Shah Alam bagi turut sama meraikan acara yang sangat bermakna ini.

Kanak-kanak dihiburkan dengan penampilan 'clown' yang menghiburkan. Terserlah kegembiraan yang sangat ketara di wajah mereka.

Sempat Misz-ella beramah mesra dengan anak-anak kecil ini. Comel dan ceria sungguh mereka. Terima Kasih Concorde Hotel Shah Alam kerana menyuntuk kegembiraan di hati kanak-kanak ini.

Acara tahunan yang diadakan selama 14 tahun berturut-turut ini bermula pada jam 6:30 petang dengan acara 'Tahlil dan Doa Selamat' serta tazkirah yang dipimpin oleh Ustaz Muhammad Nizomudin Bin Ahmad.

Sebaik azan Maghrib berkumandang, kami berbuka puasa bersama-sama. Istimewanya Ramadan, ia menyatu masyarakat pelbagai peringkat umur, bangsa, darjat dan ugama untuk turut sama-sama menghayati keberkatannya.

Pihak Concorde Hotel Shah Alam turut menyumbang RM1,800.00 kepada Pusat Jagaan Nur Ekhwan Ku dan Rumah Nur Sakinah bagi membantu kedua-dua rumah kebajikan ini.

Kanak-kanak dari kedua-dua rumah kebajikan tersebut turut diberi Duit Raya oleh YAD Dato' Jugra Kurnia Diraja Tan Sri Dato' Seri Syed Yusof Bin Tun Syed Nasir, Pengerusi Shah Alam Hotel Sdn Bhd.

Sekeping gambar buat kita kenang peristiwa ini bersama ~ terserlah kegembiraan di wajah suci anak-anak ini menerima duit raya, kan. Alhamdulillah. Terima Kasih Concorde Hotel Shah Alam kerana membawakan cahaya kegembiraan kepada mereka bersempena dengan Ramadan ini. 

Misz-ella bersama Irene, Patrick dan Amylia dari Concorde Hotel Shah Alam

Patrick Ng, Pengurus Besar Concorde Hotel Shah Alam berkata 'Di dalam bulan Ramadan umat Islam digalakkan agar melakukan kebaikan serta beramal kepada yang memerlukan, Kami berharap agar usaha kecil yang kami lakukan ini dapat menyuntik kegembiraan di hati anak-anak ini untuk berhari raya'.

Akhirkata, Misz-ella nak ucapkan Terima Kasih kepada Concorde Hotel Shah Alam kerana menjemput Misz-ella.blogspot.com ke acara penuh bermakna ini. Semoga Sinar Ramadan ini akan diteruskan di tahun-tahun yang akan datang kerana berkongsi kegembiraan bersama itu sesungguhnya adalah sangat indah.

Penyumbang-penyumbang lain yang turut bekerjasama menjayakan acara ini termasuklah Concorde Hotel Kuala Lumpur, ISY Holdings Sdn Bhd, Smart Tailor Consultancy & Services, Profresh Sdn Bhd, Adabi Consumer Industries Sdn Bhd, Nabies Collection, Abu Zahar, Syed Mohd Fuad & Partners dan Khairul Nizam Associates.