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Jom Gaya Hidup Sihat ~ Makan dan Exercise

Another chapter of my exercise diary .. hidup Misz-ella camni la .. kalau tak kerja, exercise. Kalau tak kat Event kat Gym. Tu je la tempat...

Vietjet bring funs to the sky - Let explore The Unearthing Vietnamese Treasure

Hello hai readers ..

Remember my posting about Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City, especially. My favourite city for shopping Muslimah's outfit, tudung and most famous among us and my blog reader is the high quality cotton.

Good news is now Vietjet has added more funs to the sky to enable us to enjoy the unearthing Vietnamese treasure, not only to Ho Chi Minh City but to other destination in Vietnam. So readers, today sharing is about The Unearthing Vietnamese Treasure. Jom baca entry ini dari mula sampai habis to find out more. 

There are many reasons why Vietnam has been one of the favourite tourist destinations in Asia for so many years. A country filled with breathtaking natural beauty, unique heritage, rich history and mouth-watering cuisine *ohh yess .. I missed Vietnamese food*, Vietnam has much to offer any tourist who decides to visit her. 

Here, we highlight three must-see destinations in Vietnam:

Vietnam’s capital city has undergone rapid transformations in recent decades. Considered one of the most beautiful of the colonial Indochinese cities, Hanoi is a combination of old-world charm and modern developments brought on by its recent surge in tourism.

The motorbike-filled streets of Hanoi have much to offer for visitors, from lovely parks and museums to street side restaurants and world-class coffee. Traces of the city’s French colonial past are still evident in the building architecture, language spoken by the older ‘Hanoians’, and even the French baguettes sold in bakeries. 

I never been to Hanoi but OK .. now I fell in love with it *wishlist added*

Ha Long Bay
The UNESCO World Heritage site of Ha Long Bay is located about 170km east of Hanoi in northern Vietnam. “Ha Long” means “bay of descending dragons” and it is an archipelago made up of 1,969 islands.

The bay is well-known for its scenic ocean karst topography and regarded one of the natural wonders of the world. There are various ways to experience Ha Long Bay, from Bai Chay tourist boats, budget and mid range cruises, or luxury cruises. The more adventurous at heart may also choose to kayak or take a seaplane for more panoramic views.

Ho Chi Minh City
Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), the largest city in Vietnam, is often described as a vibrant, dynamic, highly energetic city that has everything a city traveler could hope for – from timeless temples to towering skyscrapers, classy restaurants to unassuming street stalls, the finest hotels to the cheapest guesthouses.

Ho Chi Minh City is always my favourite city. I love watching the culture of the Dai-Viet people, enjoyed walking in the beautiful park in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City admiring the well maintained landscape and big trees, enjoying the HALAL Vietnamese food and yess .. I missed Vietnam Coffee and dont forget, stop for a while for a picture moment at the French colonial architecture building. 

Vietnam are rich with its own treasures. With the introduction of Vietjet’s maiden flight route from Kuala Lumpur to HCMC, now there are even more reasons why Vietnam should be the destination of your upcoming holiday.

To be part of Vietjet’s fun and innovative travel experience, visit www.vietjetair.com or www.m.vietjetair.com (mobile), download the vietjetair app, Like vietjetairvietnam on Facebook or call the airline’s 24/7 call centre at (+603) 2730 9887 or email vietjet@kul.reliancetravel.com.

OK Jom readers. Misz-ella tiba-tiba rindu nak ke Vietnam. Rindu nak makan 'Pho', nak minum Kopi dan nak jalan-jalan kat sana. Lets explore VIetnam with Vietjet.

Nestle Omega Plus Heart Health Challenge

Hello Hai Lovely readers ..

Hari ni nak cerita tentang Health. Heart Health is very important. Our heart is the engine for our body. Kalau jantung sihat, maka sihat lah tubuh badan kita. Kalau dah tak sihat, maka haruslah kita merawatnya.

I have shared a few tips on how to get a healthier heart. There is no other way other than taking care of yourself. Show some love on yourself by practicing a healthy lifestyle.

Drinking two cups of milk per day  and walk 15 minutes per day to lower down your cholesterol level are some of the move that you can do in order to take care of your heart.

 On my side, I have started implementing a healthier life by taking care of myself .. I love my heart. So taking well care of my lovely heart is a must. A day at the Gym for a healthier heart is a awesome day for me.

I enjoyed travelling. Most of the time I will choose to walk so that I will keep my heart healthy even I am far from the comfort of the gym routine.

Good news for those who has started a healthy lifestyle  .. Nestle Omega Plus through its Save A Heart Campaign would like to reward you for your move towards a healthier heart. This is what you can do :-

By participating in this Challenge, not only you are taking care of your good heart but you are sharing a healthy and positive vibes with your friends too and ... Stand a Chance to Win a *Surprise Gift* from NESTLÉ® OMEGA PLUS®! So start taking care of your heart today.

*limited to the first 150 participants only*

So readers .. jangan tunggu. Jom sertai 'Challenge' ini.

i-City Theme Park - Red Carpet, SnoWalk dan City of Digital Lights

Hello readers ..

Misz-ella has recently visited i-City Theme Park with some of my blogger friends. Its been a while since I did not visit i-City so the invitation to be part of the guest of this beautiful park is something that I do want to missed! So lets read this entry more readers and see what we did at i-City that day. Check it out ..

We gathered at the Red Carpet - Malaysia's first home grown interactive wax museum.

An interactive wax museum, the Red Carpet showcases an All-Star cast by bringing together glamour and glitz, power and politics, the strange and wonderful set in a 30,000 sq ft of Oscar Awards setting.

Once we stepped in, we were greeted by the World's Comedian Icon Mr. Bean accompanied by two beautiful ladies who bowed to us as their sign of respect or Welcome, perhaps ..

Aiman, who is a big fan of Rowan Atkinson do not want to miss the opportunity to take a pic with him. He love Mr. Bean so much. When he was small, he will watch Mr. Bean alone if mommy refused to watch with him.

And not only Mr. Bean, many others world celebrities can be seen here .. from the politician to the world famous actor/actress, the athlete, the world's famous cartoon characters and many more.

 Aiman was so excited and had a conversation with Nelson Mandela. Ohh Atuk apa khabar? Hehehe.

Met and pose with the iPhone creator - Steve Jobs. Aiman is a fan of iPhone and Hello Steve .. I am your no. 1 supporter but mommy said No Budget for iPhone 7 .. LOL!

And I love Chow Yuen Fat, my favourite Hong Kong actor. I remembered when I was still in Secondary School .. at that time, TV3 has just recent brought in those Cantonese Drama from Hong Kong. Everyday I walked fast just to ensured I reached home on time so that I can watch Chow Yuen Fat on TV. ByeBye Friends .. Chow Yuen Fat is waiting for me LOL!

Ohhh my Kak Julie ... Julia Robert lah! My forever ever favourite actress. I will always love you, Pretty Woman

You can have an Oppa Gang Nam dance with PSY too 

Or listen and watch Michael Jackson all time favourite songs

 Rambo fans .. do no forget to join him in a battle and take a shot with him

 WaWaWa ... Jolie was there too! I really marvel the uncanny realism-the uncanny resemblance of my another favourite Hollywood heroin. Known with her beautiful heart, raising so many adopted children from all races and religion I always adored her. Meh la Angelina Jolie ambik gambar dengan Misz-ella *patung lilin pun patung lah .. LOL*

A round of boxing with Mohamad Ali .. Why not? It could be fun!

And dont forget to spend some time at the Magical section. A place for the smallest, the cutest, the biggest, the tallest, the thinnest ..

The Red Carpet is open everyday from 11am-1am with the price of RM35 (Adult) and RM30 (Child) - My Kad Holder. Price for Non My Kad Holder is RM50 (Adult) and RM35 (Child).

Then we visited the Snowalk - the first of its kind in South East Asia of 50,000 sq ft Arctic environment below 8 degree celcius. The Snowalk is open everyday from 11am-11pm

Enter before 6pm and pay only RM25 (Adult) RM20 (Child) - My Kad Holder and RM35 (Adult) RM30 (Child) - Non My Kad

Entrance free after 6pm is RM35 (Adult) RM30 (Child) - My Kad Holder and RM40 (Adult) and RM35 (Child) - Non My Kad.

i-City has recently upgraded the Snowalk ~ adding a fun interactive elements to embark on a holw new arctic winter experience at Snowalk with an array of new rides and games suitable for the family.

You can embark on the "Polar Experss" journey to the Arctic where the Eskimos are fishing and busy playing with the polar bears.

There is a Angry Bird Winter wonderland, features challenging physics-based game play as the survival of the Angry Birds is at stake.

Dont forget to explore the Nile River expedition as it features the great story of Egypt and Pharaoh. 

You will see the sculpture ice with the storyline of Egyptians, the kingdom built. It will definitely give you a totally new experience as you can enjoy yourself in the extremely cold Snowalk but not barking under the hot sun in Egypt.

And do not forget to take one or two pics and share it along with your friends

I just had a short tour in the Snowalk as I do not like to exposed myself in the cold temperature in a long period of time .. *unless if I am prepared with the thermal and gloves .. etc ..etc* .. but still, It was fun!

Night is more fun at i-City as we can enter the City of Digital Lights. As its name suggests, this one-of-its-kind attraction presents a 'lightscape' illuminated with over a million LED lights. The City of Digital Lights operate from 5pm-12pm everyday.

It features outdoor theme park rides set in a'forest' of maples and pines of jewel-toned luminosity.

We tried some of the interesting ride such as Disco Ride and Space Walk besides the Dessert Train and 2-Tier Carousel.

And yeayyy ... we had fun exploring the city via the train. Imagine my feeling witnessing colourful lights in the darkness .. I am no longer scared of the dark at the City of Digital Lights 

Beautiful journey. I was mesmerized by the stunning digital lights which brighten the dark night. Feel like in the world of Avatar .. I really love it! 

And we had fun enjoying this swing too. Fly .. Fly high .. I felt like a small kids .. enjoying every moment without fear. Carefree .. no worry .. 

Another fun ride .. there is so much fun at the City of digital lights

We ride the Disco Ride too. As the name is "Disco" .. the ride really rock our body .. very adventures and challenging. Remember to whole tight .. laugh or scream loud, enjoy the air and the view *even I was scared actually* hehehe

Another attraction not to be miss - The Mist Fountain. Be mysteriously wrapped amongst thick foggy mist and your sights starts to blur in the City of Digital LIghts

And lastly, enjoy the Dancing waters. First of its kind spectacular 'water dance' in i-City, leaving you with a great feeling as it is a creative masterpiece blending the groundbreaking audio, astounding light and water together. With water jets that shot up to 40 metres plus laser show, located with the digital lightscape, Dancing Water further enhances the mesmerizing lightscape of i-City with its blend of water features. Best!! I watched it over and over again *Oh yeahh .. I am miss over .. LOL*

City of Digital Lights @ i-City is having free entrance now (till the end of September 2016) and you can enjoy the unlimited rides with RM20.00 only (For MyKad holder) and RM40.00 for Non MyKad.

Before go back, do not forget to take a pic with your group of friends. Thank you i-City for having us. We had a great time! So readers, do not forget to visit i-City and enjoy the fun just like us.