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Jom Gaya Hidup Sihat ~ Makan dan Exercise

Another chapter of my exercise diary .. hidup Misz-ella camni la .. kalau tak kerja, exercise. Kalau tak kat Event kat Gym. Tu je la tempat...

Abah @ Hospital. Event Dato' Siti Nurhaliza.Miko merajuk. Cousins outing.

Day 4 Abah at the Hospital. Day 1, Aiman overnight at the hospital to take care of Atuk. Day 2, Amir immediately rush to the Hospital after his Class and overnight at the Hospital to take care of Atuk. Day 3 Daniel took over. Day 4 is Mum's turn. Seronok bila anak dah besar .. masing-masing berganding bahu bekerjasama menjaga Atuk. I wish i have a daughter, so that i can see my daughter take care of Opah if the same thing happen. Tapi Takdir Tuhan kita tak boleh lawan .. and i have only 1 child. Bersyukur lah Ella.

Morning at the hospital, noon at the office, late afternoon at PR office and night in KL. Life is like an Amazing race. Thanks for my new family for the understanding. Muahhh *flying kiss*. Hope can contribute more next week. 

Miko the cat merajuk sebab kurang beri perhatian ke dia lately. U miss me, Miko? Mama is super busy lately ..  sobs.

A week before Atuk admitted in the hospital, Aiman and cousins went for outing together. Sukanya dia.

Wahhhh .. bukan main lagi diaorang

KLTower - Lunch with Dato Siti Nurhaliza. Upsss only we had lunch. Dato' Siti was so busy with interviews, video shooting. Lawa la dia .. dan peramah gila. Patut la peminat-peminat sayang. Dato Siti Nurhaliza is so menawan hati.

HaiBlogger project with Dato Siti Nurhaliza was formalised since March. Congrats HaiBlogger .. even masih baru tapi dah dapat projek besar ... begitu jugak dengan OMGFest yang merupakan Penganjur Miracle Night with Dato Siti. Moga HaiBlogger dan OMGfest lebih suksess selepas ini. Nanti Misz-ella cerita detail lagi yang pastinya dari cerita Dato Siti, Misz-ella sangat excited dan meronta-ronta nak Mothers Day Dinner bersama dia. At the moment i'm so sleepy and tired but i miss talking to you, readers. Esok nak pergi Hospital lagi. OkBye. Goodnite.

Pure Beauty GeoAqua Ultra-Hydrating Range Review

Hello beauty readers ..

As i always mentioned, it is important to take care of our skin. Our skin is a living cell which needs our love and attention. Each of us has a different skin type which requires different skin regiment but same treatment ~ Give our skin a tender loving care.

I had a problems with my skin recently due to some reasons
  • Hot weather
  • Do not consume enough water
  • Cleanser dries up my skin
  • My skin are thirsty and dry
  • I dont have a Toner
  • Skin lack of moisture
An opportunity to try Pure Beauty Geoaqua Ultra-Hydrating Toner and Aqua Gel is something a must do and not to be miss!!

Pure Beauty Geoaqua Ultra-Hydrating is made for Asian woman using latest Korean technology and promised to hydrate our skin after 4 weeks of using. 

From the hot, exotic waters of apline Onsen pools, Pure Beauty is a gift for our skin from deep within the Earth. It is free from paraben, lanolin and alcohol. Dermatologist tested and made of natural ingredients i.e. Organic plants.

Two products from Pure Beauty GeoAqua Ultra-Hydrating Toner and AquaGel moisturiser for me to try On. I love the light sweet turqoise colour of this Pure Beauty range.

The GeoAqua Ultra-hydrating Toner (RM31 - 145ml)
It tighten our pores, balance our skin pH level, moisture and make our skin radiance. It also removes extra dirt, leaving your skin clean and healthy. It is a water base toner, clear in colour and has a very sweet vanilla scent. I love this Toner!!

Pure Beauty Geoaqua Ultra-Hydrating Aqua Gel (RM45 - 50ml)
It is a light pink gel which has a very light weight texture, non-greasy and has a scent of vanilla. Its lock in the moisture, prevents oil build up and enhance cells regeneration. Its a bit sticky when you first applied but  quickly absorb by the skin. You wont feeling anything on your skin after a minutes or two.

I tried both products for more than a week. Ok la .. suits my skin. It gave my skin an ultra velvet soft feeling and it is still moist and hydrate even after a long day. Once applied .. it lock in the moisture till the moment you clear it off by washing your face. I used it day and night. I really recommend this Aqua Gel for those who want to solve their thirsty dry skin problem.

Products are available at www.Watsons.com.my or visit their Facebook at Pure Beauty Malaysia  

Hidup Kena Kuat

Hidup kena kuat. Jangan lembek. Jangan biar diri dimanja. Kena gagah. Jangan lemah. Such a tiring and busy week for me.

Abah was admitted in the Hospital since Monday and suddenly my existing busy life become super busy. Langkah kaki dan diri ini berada di sana sini. 

Hidup kena kuat. Kena berdikari kena kuat semangat .. tu je yang Misz-ella pegang dari dulu sampai sekarang. Saat keluarga dilanda masalah, perlu sentiasa berganding bahu, bekerjasama dan jangan berkira.

Kehidupan dan makanan tak dapat dipisahkan ... repeat Okonomi Sushi. This time we customize our own Sushi ~ White rice with Salmon, Soft Shell Crad, Strawberrry and Cucumber .. rolled with seaweed, tempura crunch on topping and dip with Black pepper sauce. Yummy!!

Jom kita conteng muka. Kalau dah namanya pun busy, kadang dalam kereta, kat toilet, baru dapat conteng muka. Tak da masa nak duduk depan cermin lama-lama .. my life is always like a roller coaster .. up, down, slow, high and i enjoyed it very much. Ok Tq readers. Bye.

Pure Beauty Youth Restore Lift & Nourish Launched

Good news Beauty Lovers!!

Watsons has added the all-new-anti-aging skincare, Pure Beauty Youth Restore Lift & Nourish  to its Store chain. Recently launched at the fashionable Cruise Tasik Putrajaya, misz-ella.blogspot.com was invited as one of the guests witnessing this luxury skincare which restore your skin's youthful appearance.

Pure Beauty Youth Restore Lift & Nourish skincare range ~ (L to R) Pure Beauty Youth Restore Firming Essence, Pure Beauty Youth Restore Moisture Day Cream SPF20, Pure Beauty Youth Restore Firming Eye Cream and Pure Beauty Restore Repair Night Cream

Pure Beauty Youth Restore Lift & Nourish contains Liftonin Complex, Red Ginseng Peptide, Green Caviar, Blue Lotus Extracts, Certified Organic Active Extracts and an Enriched Antioxidant Combo to restore your skin youth. The powerful ingredients boosts elasticity, reduces wrinkles, lock in hydration, soothing and prevent early signs of ageing. With clinically proven results, this beautiful new formula is professionally formulated in Korea to help your beauty last forever.

Ms. Joyce Lau, Regional Product Manager briefed us the benefits of Pure Beauty Youth Restore Lift & Nourish.

Korea's famed dermatologist, Professor Dr. Seong J. Kim, giving an inspiring talk and demo to the Media during the Event. 

Pure Beauty Youth Restore Lift & Nourish, the latest breakthrough in anti-aging skincare innovation were inspired by nature and perfected by science. Pure Beauty Youth Restore Lift & Nourish are designed to rejuvenate and restore the users skin to its youthful radiance.

Containing unique natural formulas, specially concocted by the Korean dermatological team, Pure Beauty Youth Restore Lift & Nourish range is ready to help the user diminish fine lines and restore youthful radiance to the skin. Its cruelty-free ingredients are rich in antioxidants that combat free radicals, delivering the best of skincare benefits by using only the best method perfected by nature and science.

My Darling Carolyn had her skin tested during the Demonstration. 

Watsons Celebrity Friend who is also a Celebrity host, Wong Chui Ling sharing her experiences using the Pure Beauty Youth Restore Lift & Nourish series with the media.

From left ~ Ms Joyce Lau, Regional Product Manager, Professor Seong J. Kim, Dermatologist Endoser, Wong Chui Ling, Celebrity Host, Caryn Loh, General Manager – Trading Watsons Malaysia  and Danny Hoh, Head of Marketing Watsons Malaysia during the launching.

Media/Bloggers High-Tea in the cruise, prepared delicately by the renowned chefs of the famed Shangri-la Putrajaya. *Photo courtesy of Jacinta's FB*. Thanks Darling.

 Some of the Beauty bloggers cruising the Putrajaya Lake during the launching
*Photo courtesy of Jacinta's FB*

We-Fie with Edazz, Shivani and Grace  *Photo courtesy of Grace's FB .. Thanks sayang!*

We-fie with Kesayangans .. 1, 2 .. CLICK!!

More media and bloggers cruising the Putrajaya Lake, enjoying the breath taking view of the administrative capital. 

Available exclusively at Watsons, Pure Beauty Youth Restore Lift & Nourish line has been clinically tested and proven to improve skin quality. The product have proven to reduce fine lines and smooth out wrinkles, while enhancing your skin's elasticity and firmness. The complete products range and prices are :-

Pure Beauty Youth Restore Firming Essence (RM69.90)
Pure Beauty Youth Restore Moisture Day Cream SPF20 (RM54.90)
Pure Beauty Youth Restore Firming Eye Cream (RM49.90)
Pure Beauty Restore Repair Night Cream (RM55.9)

With the all the beauty elements much needed for a youthful skin, Pure Beauty Youth Restore Lift & Nourish are certainly a products to look up to. Lets check it out at all Watsons stores, visit www.facebook.com/watsonsmalaysia or Watsons official website www.watsons.com.my

Makan Berjemaah. Famili Baru.

Hai lovely readers ..

Been so busy lately. Entry kat blog pun about events yang blogger bernama Misz-ella attend. Well, that is a life of a Blogger. Berkongsi segala infomasi yang ada buat readers semua. Berkongsi dengan ikhlas, mudah-mudahan ada yang dapat manfaat dari Entry-entry ini. And i am quite happy when i received feedbacks from my readers about how my entry make their way to a good restaurant, watch movie, try new cosmetics. Alhamdulillah .. that is the purpose of berkongsi.

Anyway, i just joined a new family by the name of TP. I am the latest addition of TP's family. 27th days with them .. Alhamdulillah .. i feel like I fall in love with this family already. I like the way they work together and support each other. Mudah-mudahan panjang la jodoh kita hendaknya. Amin.

 A day that we 'makan berjemaah' together ~ Butter Chicken, Butter Prawn, Mix Vege, Kerabu Mangga, Kangkung Belacan dan Kung Pao Chicken. Sooo yummy!!

I was so shy actually. Alaaa shy-shy cat sebenarnya sebab habis Nasi dipinggan saya makan.  Serius sebak masa makan dengan kawan-kawan baru ni .. it reminded me about my almost 20 years journey with my previous family .. up and down together .. macam-macam dugaan .. and I survived till the day i say GoodBye and everything remains as a good memory in my life. Betapa berterima kasihnya kita pada kehidupan .. yang memberi kita pengajaran dan pengalaman berharga terlalu mahal dan tak ternilai.  Appreciate yesterday for a better tomorrow. I love you forever .. takkan lupa sampai bila-bila *sobs .. rolling tears*

Kenyang perut senang hati. Hehehe. Hai kawan baru .. Kak Ella started to fall in love with all of you. Muahhh *flying kiss*

A very modern concept of working. Free seat  .. no traditional type work station. Be comfortable and work happily.  I found this organisation is very interesting .. a lot of things i can learn here and i believe i can contribute something too. Paling suka bila sikap toleransi dan tolak ansur sesama mereka di sini sangat tinggi. I love the family concept working environment .. they work, talk, laugh tapi sangat komited bila bab bekerja and respect each other. A lot of positive aura here. I like sangat-sangat. Ok i'm done with my short chatting with you all .. lama kita tak sembang, kan. Now nak pergi buat kerja lain. Tq baca. ByeBye.

Mother's Day Miracle Night Dinner with Dato' Siti Nurhaliza

Hello lovely readers ..

Good news for Dato' Siti Nurhaliza fans and all beautiful mothers in the world ..

OMGFest and Malaysian favorites Dato' Siti Nurhaliza is celebrating you, beautiful mothers with Miracle Night Dinner with Dato' Siti Nurhaliza in conjunction with The Mothers Day Celebration this year.

Bertempat di Kristal Hall TM Convention Centre, Menara TM, Kuala Lumpur pada 15 Mei 2015,  ibu-ibu bakal Makan Malam secara eksklusif sambil dihiburkan oleh Dato' Siti Nurhaliza dan artis jemputannya. Makan Malam Eksklusif selama 2 jam ini turut meraikan 20 orang anak yatim dari Pusat Jagaan Budaya Harapan untuk mengumpul dana bagi menampung keperluan mereka.

Beberapa aktiviti menarik menanti anda dan antaranya adalah penampilan eksklusif Dato' Siti Nurhaliza sebagai Chef atau Tukang Masak. Tambah menarik lagi apabila beliau akan memilih seorang 'Ibu Bertuah' untuk naik ke pentas untuk bersama-sama beliau merasai masakan tersebut. Cenderahati/Goodies bag eksklusif dari Simply Siti turut menanti kedatangan ibu-ibu di malam itu nanti.

Harga-harga tiket untuk Makan Malam Eksklusif bersama Dato Siti Nurhaliza adalah seperti berikut :-

Tier 1:  RM 9,990 per table - RM 999/person
Tier 2:  RM 7,990 per table - RM 799/person
Tier 3:  RM 5,990 per table - RM 599/person
Tier 4:  RM 3,990 per table - RM 399/person

Exclusive for Table Tier 1 and 2 Tickets holder :~

Tier 1 ~ 1 Full table
10 VVIP tickets to Mother's Day Miracle Night with Dato' Siti Nurhaliza
Personal meet and greet with Dato Siti Nurhaliza after the Dinner
Naming rights sponsorship ~ incorporating logo in all signage, marketing and promotion materials
Be part of Media coverage ~ invitation to be part of the Press Conference
Free booth at OMGFest Event (If required)
A contribution on behalf of your organisation to Pusat Jagaan Harapan
Tax deductions for Company/individual tax

Tier 2 ~ 1 Full table
10 VVIP tickets to Mother's Day Miracle Night with Dato' Siti Nurhaliza
Personal meet and greet with Dato Siti Nurhaliza after the Dinner
Naming rights sponsorship ~ incorporating logo in all signage, marketing and promotion materials
Be part of Media coverage ~ invitation to be part of the Press Conference
Free booth at OMGFest Event (If required)
A contribution on behalf of your organisation to Pusat Jagaan Harapan
Tax deductions for Company/individual tax

Special notes :~
Price inclusive of GST
Tax exempted for company and individu
All tickets holder will enjoy special privilege during the dinner and will have the opportunity to win the Dinner Lucky Draw.

Berita baik untuk Warga TM dan anak syarikatnya ~ Get 10% discount on all types of tickets.  Call 011-26261656 or 010-2796275. Email booking@omgfest.my for enquiry.

Tickets are also available Online at www.omgfest.my (Call first to get the Discount Coupon before purchase)

Tier 1 ~ Only 4 tables left
Tier 2 ~ Only 6 tables left


Last but not least, a photo of Dato' Siti Nurhaliza during the Press Conference and a full video presenting Dato' Siti Nurhaliza sharing her wonderful moments with her mother for you to enjoy. Korang kena tengok tau .. jangan tak tengok. Sangat touching dan menyentuh hati. Buat Misz-ella rasa nak peluk my mom sekarang jugak *sobs*

Nota kaki :- 
This is an Exclusive Dinner celebrating The Queen of Our Heart with Dato' Siti Nurhaliza. Sangat berbaloi membawa Ibu kita meraikan Hari Bahagia beliau dengan cara ini kerana Dato' Siti Nurhaliza sememangnya bertakhta di hati ibu kita. Tiket juga boleh dibeli melalui Misz-ella. Email saya di kakchik_ella@yahoo.com berserta butiran lengkap. I will try to response fast .. faster than Fast & Furious 7. Hehe.

Great Avengers Heroic Experiences with Watsons VIP Card!!

22nd April 2015 ~ Watsons held a special screening of Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron to hundreds of die-hard fans of the much awaited blockbuster movie in a glittering event at GSC Pavillion.

Watsons celebrity friends, suppliers, business partners, members of the media and Watsons VIP members were among those invited to this special Screening. Yeahhh .. we watched it earlier than US!! Thanks to the great people of Watsons for this arrangement. Much love for you, Watsons!!

Among the events highlight was the Red Carpet and photo op with Marvel's characters .. an opportunity not to be missed by Marvel Avengers die hard fans.

In conjunction with the movie release, Watsons brings us The Watsons Heroic Campaign, which hit all Watsons store nationwide starting 23 April 2015 until 20 May 2015, promised all its customers and loyal Watsons VIP Card members many fantastic offers and money-can't buy experienced.

Meet your favorites Marvel's Avengers characters in selected Watsons stores nationwide, take pictures with 3D art floor stickers and hash tag #watsonsheroic.com to win great merchandise. 

Watsons also launched the Limited Edition Watsons VIP Card with Marvel's Avengers stickers that fans can personalise. This card could be purchase at Watsons's stores or buy online at only RM20 for new sign up and upgrade.

Another good news for Marvel Avengers fans ~ Watsons is rewarding you now by giving away 4 pairs of HEROIC TRIPS which was featured in the movie ~ Seoul, West Hollywood, Italian Alps and New York City.

Sign up or upgrade to the limited edition Watsons VIP Cards or shop RM80 at Watsons inclusive of 1 Listerine item. This contest is organised in partnership with Johnson and Johnson. 

Yeahh .. lets do it guys and stand great opportunities to win this 4 pairs Heroic Trips!! This money cant buy experiences is specially brought to you by Watsons!!

*Pics 1-6 courtesy of Watsons FB*

A pic with our favourite Superheroes .. I always love the Avengers Team!!

A night to remember .. watching our favourite Superheroes together.
*Photo courtesy of http://miriammerrygoround.com*

Tagged all our beloved to be the first in the World watching our Superheroes. They have 1, i brought two .. my darling Aiman and Amir, his cousin. Hehehe.
*Photo courtesy of http://miriammerrygoround.com*

Thank You to the great people of Watsons. For more information about the Campaign, visit the campaign microsite at www.watsonsheroic.com or Watsons Facebook page at www.facebook.com/watsonsmalaysia. Dont forget to 'LIKE' their Facebook page to enable you to receive their latest updates!!

The Newly Improved 3-in-1 Lipton Milk Tea (Teh Tarik)

Malaysia, one of the unique countries in the world where numerous religion and races stay together and all fellow Malaysians share a common culture that is equally enjoyed by anyone of any age group – The “yum cha” culture, which literally means, “drink tea”.

At any time of the day, Malaysians enjoy a cup of milk tea, otherwise locally known as Teh Tarik, for breakfast, lunch, dinner and/or supper. Some may say that a cup of Teh Tarik is best enjoyed with Nasi Lemak, while some may say that it goes well with scones and cakes. Regardless of the type of food, the milk tea is a beverage enjoyed by most Malaysians and is served and enjoyed everywhere .. either at the Coffee House of a 5 star hotel or at the Hawkers stall. Teh tarik has never fail to unite Malaysian and has becoming more popular among the tourist too.

Lipton, the World's no. 1 Tea brand with its Lipton Yellow Label has recently improved  the formula of their Lipton Milk Tea and introduced 2 new flavours to cater the needs of the Teh Tarik fans.

The four flavours of Lipton 3-in-1 Milk Tea ~ Hazelnut, Teh Tarik Signature, Teh Tarik Classic and Teh Halia.

Lipton 3-in-1 Milk Tea now is creamier and frothier than before. The ingredients in the instant tea powder are derived from tea extract which has a balanced tea taste and produces a nice froth with a pleasant tea aroma. It is also certified Halal by MUI which is recognised by JAKIM. Additionally, its sweetness is well balanced with tea and real milk.

The Lipton 3-in-1 Teh Tarik is specifically made to suit the unique taste buds of Malaysians which is different from the rest of the world. Moreover, it has the versatility to be served hot, iced or chilled.

The Lipton 3-in-1 Signature Classic Milk Tea Latte

The new Lipton 3-in-1 Ginger Milk Tea ~ uses real ginger powder in its formulation with the purpose of achieving the truly authentic Teh Halia taste and aroma besides providing the goodness and benefits of ginger. This will be my next favourite Tea, i guess cos you know how I love ginger so much. Hehe.

The new Lipton 3-in-1 Hazelnut Milk Tea combines the fragrant taste of hazelnuts to provide a nutty and aromatic experience to appeal to the younger generation of milk tea lovers who are more adventurous when it comes to taste

The newly improved Teh Tarik Milk Latte Tea ~ the forever Malaysian favourite 

With Lipton 3-in-1 Milk Tea, everyone can now master the art of Teh Tarik instantly, and easily enjoy a good cup of rich, creamy milk tea. Tea lovers now have more choices to relax and lift their spirits in any way they desire, with the 3-in-1 convenient mix made from Lipton‘s quality tea leaves. Take a sip of Lipton and open the doors to a brighter way of life. Lipton® 3-in-1 Milk Tea is available in convenient packs of 12 sachets each priced at RM13.90 and available at all hypermarkets, supermarkets as well as retail outlets Nationwide.

And now readers, lets enjoy some photos taken during the Event of the Lipton's Yellow Shades Party. Berkilau-kilauan kuning kami semua ..bagai menghadiri Jamuan Diraja. Hehe.

I love Teh Tarik .. even harus diminum secara berkongsi. Thanks Love for allowing me a Sips!!

We had the opportunity to enjoy Teh Tarik with Cupcakes and Cookies. Unlike usual, breakfast is Teh Tarik with Roti Canai only or Teh Tarik with Pisang Goreng untuk minum petang. Hehe.

And trust me .. you wont regret enjoying it with Chocolate Macarons too.
Teh Tarik is My Hot Tea. Teh Tarik is Posivititea. Teh Tarik is my Tea Time. I LOVE TEH TARIK.

Bloggers enjoying various sweeties with Teh Tarik

The afternoon where we enjoyed lots of Teh Tarik. Uppsss .. Calories overloaded, Elana!!! Haha.

Thank You Lipton for the Invitation. We love the taste of the newly improved Yellow Label Tea and the Hazelnut Tea too. For more information, log on to Lipton‘s Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/LiptonMalaysia.

Photos courtesy of http://miriammerrygoround.com
and  http://elanakhong.blogspot.com. Check their blog for more stories and pictures.