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Jom Gaya Hidup Sihat ~ Makan dan Exercise

Another chapter of my exercise diary .. hidup Misz-ella camni la .. kalau tak kerja, exercise. Kalau tak kat Event kat Gym. Tu je la tempat...


Hello pembaca kesayangan,

Tak lama lagi puasa dah nak bermula. Dah tempah baju raya? Misz-ella beli yang ready made sahaja. Dah buat persiapan untuk buat kuih raya? Oh NO... Misz-ella beli yang ready made sahaja.

Salah satu yang wajib dijamu kepada tetamu yang datang berhari raya adalah CRISPY CHOCO BAR yang dibuat dari coklat, ketulan badam, serbuk badam, rice crisp dan sedikit mentega. Sekali hadap .. dua tiga ketul sekali telan. Ada masanya kita yang lebih over makan dari tetamu yang datang beraya *auwww .. tutup muka malu*

CRISPY CHOCO BAR ini hanya keluar setahun sekali iaitu di bulan Ramadan dan Syawal. Harga kekal sama iaitu hanya RM30 sekotak. Diperbuat dari bahan-bahan yang berkualiti tinggi dan dengan sangat terperinci.

TETAPIIIII ... untuk meraikan kedatangan bulan Ramadan yang barakah ini, tukang jual telah bermurah hati untuk memberi harga promosi Pra-Ramadan yang sangat gila-gila rendahnya iaitu BELI 4 PADA HARGA RM100 sahaja. Maknanya, hanya  RM25 sahaja sekotak. Jimat RM5  setiap kotak*

So pembaca blog Dari Jari-Jari Halusku yang bijak pandai, memandangkan perbelanjaan kita di bulan Ramadan berganda-ganda naik grafnya, marilah kita berbelanja dengan lebih berhemah. 

Banyak sangat kalau beli sampai empat? Oh tidak .. kebanyakan pelanggan setia semua dah tau tentang keenakan CRISPY CHOCO BAR ini .. sekali bukak hampir separuh bekas kita hadap .. atau kalau rasa terlalu banyak, apa kata share dengan kawan-kawan. One for you, one for me. Two for you, two for me .. share seorang dua ke, seorang satu ke .. share lah dengan kawan-kawan. Sharing is caring katanya, kan.

Tengok tu .. jumlah jualan CRISPY CHOCO BAR dalam masa satu minggu sahaja = 48 bekas! Mereka pembeli bijak, ada peluang jimat, kita berjimatlah! Duit banyak nak guna ke lain, kan.

OK Misz-ella tak nak cerita panjang-panjang lagi. Tawaran BUY 4 FOR RM100 ini hanya sah untuk belian sebelum bulan Ramadan sahaja, lepas tu harga dah jadi RM30 sekotak. So jangan tunggu lagi, Sila lah WhatsApp/Mesej ke nombor telefon 016-6223138 dengan segera. Jangan tangguh-tangguh tau .. nanti melepas .. RUGI!

Happy Birthday my darling Rafidah

I excused myself from my busy schedule for this special lady, Rafidah or RH. RH is my bubbly friend who always makes me laugh with her spontaneous joke. She always has her back for me, always check on me and always caught me at the right time for a cup of coffee.

Happy Birthday RH. Semoga Allah beri  kesihatan yang baik, kelapangan masa, hati yang sentiasa tenang dan lapang, kemurahan rezeki dan sentiasa happy, happy and happy.

A simple treat for my lovely RH - Margherita pizza, deep fried chicken wing and a lemon mint drink at my favourite In House Restaurant, an Arab's Restaurant located at Publika Shopping Gallery.

Lastly, I love you the way you are - bubbly, your beautiful rounded eyes, your sweet smile and your spontaneous jokes! Many happy returns, RH!

TEN37 Sky Pool Bar at Hyatt House, KL Mont' Kiara

Hello lovely readers,

I always love rooftop bars and was excited to discover that TEN37 Sky Pool Bar which sits in the vibrant expatriate precinct of Mont' Kiara has recently opened its doors to welcome KLites!

Perched 37 stories up in the air, TEN37 Sky Pool Bar of Hyatt House, sits in the Arcoris building is the tallest sky bar in Mont' Kiara, only 3km away from my house at North Kiara and it is the ONLY Hyatt House SKy Bar in the world.

The rooftop area is spacious and suits for a private function up to a maximum of 20 persons. Party, cocktail, hi-tea or dinner under the sky ... good idea, right!

TEN37 Sky Pool Bar is overlooking the luxurious condominiums, active malls and well-laid gardens of the neighborhood. 

The TEN37 Sky Pool Bar is set to be not only one of the most popular places to hang out in the city but also the go-to spot to grab along with mouth-watering bites at a modestly-priced menu. The bar offers a contemporary and yet upscale casual feel with modern minimalist furnishings creating a perfect ambiance to sit, relax and unwind. There are stylish gazebos for intimate chit-chats and relaxed conversations with your friend or your loved one.

Alongside that, a sky pool is located adjacent to the bar. Have a dip in for the coolest rooftop swimming experiences or just enjoy the beautiful sunset as the sun goes down.

Photo from Hyatt House's FB.

With blogger Elana

When the nights get darker, the ambiance becomes greater and cooler. The breeze is cooling and the view of Kuala Lumpur skyline is amazing.  I had a great time with my friend Elana, sipping our drinks amongst the clouds!

With blogger Hans and Dboy

With the beautiful skyline view, the drinks, the design, the pool, and the cool fresh air, TEN37 Sky Pool Bar is definitely an Insta-worthy spot for Instagrammers.

Either for an intimate get-together with your friends or loved one or while waiting for the traffic to ease out before you head home, Ten37 Sky Pool Bar is a perfect location to have a drink with a great view.

Hyatt House Kuala  Lumpur, Mont' Kiara is located at G-2, Arcoris, No. 10 Jalan Kiara, Mont' Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur. TEN37 Sky Pool Bar is open from Tuesdays to Sundays from 4:00PM to 10:00PM.

For more information and enquiry about TEN37 Sky Pool Bar, visit:-
Hyatt House website here
Hyatt House Kuala Lumpur FB here
Hyatt House Kuala Lumpur Instagram here

or call 603-6419 8688.

The vibrant Hit&Eat Food Caravan

Hello lovely readers ..

I recently spotted this vibrant food caravan at Solaris Mont Kiara, just a few kilometers away from my neighborhood. The striking and vibrant colours of the food caravan have attracted my attention. Heyy .. it's Hit&Eat .. Let's check it out one day.. *in my heart only lah**

However, before I could find a time to check it out, I was invited for an introduction session about this vibrant food caravan with other media, recently.

Hit&Eat food caravan is the brainchild of Mr. Ieman Shahi, the Chief Executive Officer of Hit & Eat Sdn Bhd with the intention to bring street food to another level. With more than 10 years of experience in the food and beverage industry, Mr. Ieman has decided to invent another food business module which will benefit both the locals as well as to help the country's economic growth. 

I first thought that it has the same concept as a food truck but I was wrong! Hit&Eat food caravan has totally a different concept whereby all foods are prepared by their central kitchen in Puchong. All ingredients, taste, and quality are properly measured by the central kitchen and send to the respective outlets on a daily basis.

Hit&Eat food caravan at MRT station Taman Permata, Cheras

Hit&Eat food caravan is stationed at one place, unlike the food truck which moves around. Hit&Eat food caravan practices "green technology" business concept  - no plastic material use and less carbon emissions to the atmosphere where there are no fuel gas releases during their operation. 

As at to date, four Hit&Eat food caravan can be found in the Klang Valley. If you happen to be at Solaris Mont Kiara, MRT station Taman Mutiara Cheras, Endah Parade Sri Petaling and Jalan Changkat, do not forget to spot them. The caravan is so beautiful and insta-worthy too *good spot for your OOTD! Take a photo, get your soft drink to quench your thirst *KL is so hot, right* and why not pack your lunch or dinner as well.

According to Mr. Akbar Yasin, the Director of Hit & Eat Sdn Bhd, the company is looking forward to open more Hit&Eat branches in a various location ~ KLCC, Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, Dataran Merdeka, Petaling Street, Central Market suddenly popped into my mind .. because the locations are busy with human traffic especially during peak hours .. the existence of Hit&Eat at this area will help them to solve their time management issue *they can buy their food while on the way back from the office*

Anyway, what about the food? Let's check it out!

There are a total of 18 menus on board, combining the local favourite's food, western and Arab's food. Price starts from RM8.00 onwards with an option of Buy Combo which comes with fries and soft-drink or Buy A-La-Carte.

According to Mr. Ali Zolfaghari, the General Manager of Hit and Eat Sdn Bhd, Classic Beef Burger and Nashville Chicken Burger are favourites and their best seller products.

Nachos Chips - RM8.00

Cheese Stuf Chicken Meatball - RM14.00

Shredded Beef Taco - RM25.00

Chicken Pesto Pasta -  RM14.00

H&E Buffalo Chicken Wing - RM10.00

Well, I have tried Hit&Eat foods, I love H&E Buffalo Chicken Wing. It tasted most likely like the famous Kyo Chon Korean fried chicken but the price is ways lower *it's only RM10!* Other foods are delicious too, foods portion are decent and it's not pricey.

Hit&Eat Apps on Google Play and Apple Store -  Download the app from your Google Play or Apple Store and locate the nearest Hit&Eat food caravan near you. You will also get the latest news about Hit&Eat products and promotions, delivery, pick up and other updates! 

Free delivery service for Hit&Eat minimum spends of RM30 is available. Just call 1800-18-8989 or get it via the apps!

Hit&Eat also open franchise opportunities for those who are interested to start their food caravan business. Contact Hit&Eat Sales & Marketing team at +6013-600 0053.

More information about Hit&Eat food caravan:-
Visit Hit&Eat website at www.hitandeat.com.my 
Follow Hit&Eat Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/hitandeat/

Ok lovely readers, I have done my sharing session with you regarding the Hit&Eat Food caravan. If you spot the vibrant, colourful Hit&Eat food caravan nearby your place, don't forget to check it out! Take a break with the good food and take lots of picture! It's fun!

Buffet Buka Puasa (Ramadan) di Atmosphere 360° KL Tower

Hello pembaca kesayangan,

Kali ini Misz-ella bawakan kisah berbuka puasa di restoran berputar Atmosphere 360° yang terletak di lantai TH02, Menara Kuala Lumpur. Dengan ketinggian 282 meter dari aras bawah, restoran berputar Atmosphere 360° adalah restoran berputar paling tinggi di Asia Tenggara. Mula dibuka pada tahun 2011, sehingga hari ini restoran ini telah menerima lebih dari sejuta pelanggan.

Restoran berputar Atmosphere 360° meraikan kedatangan bulan Ramadan dengan mengadakan promosi buffet buka puasa. Promosi yang akan bermula dari 6hb Mei 2019 sehingga 4hb Jun 2019 ini akan memberi pengalaman yang sangat istimewa kerana pelanggan akan dapat berbuka puasa sambil menikmati pemandangan cantik bandaraya Kuala Lumpur dari sudut 360°.

Sambil berbuka puasa, sambil dihiburkan dengan persembahan ghazal

Sepanjang bulan puasa ini, barisan Chef yang pakar dalam pelbagai bidang masakan akan menyediakan hidangan-hidangan tradisi Melayu dan juga antarabangsa. Antara yang menarik adalah Patin Asam Tempoyak, Asam Pedas Ekor Lembu, Kari Kambing, Rendang Daging, Ayam Masak Merah, Ketam Sweet Sour, Sayur Lodeh dan Salty Egg Prawn.

Pelbagai aneka kerabu dan sambal turut disediakan khas buat pengunjung menjamu selera.

Ada juga Kambing panggang untuk dinikmati bersama Nasi Mandy 

Bubur lambuk yang sangat sinonim dengan bulan Ramadan pun turut ada

Buat yang Vegetarian juga jangan risau .. turut ada hidangan yang sesuai untuk anda ..

Di cold section pengunjung boleh menikmati Udang Segar, Oyster dan pelbagai lagi ..

Sushi dan Sashimi juga ada

Buat yang suka BBQ, ada sate ayam dan sate daging jugak ..

Ehemmm .. kalau suka dua-dua (BBQ dan Cold), bolehlah gandingkan kedua-duanya di dalam satu pinggan *seperti pinggan blogger Sizzling Suzai ni*

Salad counter juga meriah dengan pelbagai pilihan salad ..

Akhirnya, jangan lupa akhiri buffet anda dengan mengunjungi kaunter pemanis mulut - macam-macam ada di sini .. Kuih Talam Ubi, Talam Keladi, Kuih Cara, pelbagai jenis kek dan tak ketinggalan Serawa durian yang dimakan bersama pulut.

Buffet buka puasa di Atmosphere 360° akan bermula pada 6hb Mei ini dari jam 6:30 petang hingga 11 malam dengan harga RM232 seorang (Dewasa). Bagi merancakkan lagi kemeriahan promosi buka puasa ini,  diskaun turut ditawarkan untuk pelanggan-pelanggan terawal.

Diskaun 50% untuk 30 tempahan pertama
Diskaun 40% untuk 30 tempahan seterusnya dan
Diskaun 30% untuk 40 tempahan seterusnya

Pihak Atmosphere 360° juga akan menziarahi beberapa rumah anak yatim untuk menjemput mereka berbuka puasa di restoran ini manakala sebahagian dari hasil jualan restoran ini akan didermakan kepada rumah anak yatim.

Misz-ella dah cuba Buffet buka puasa di restoran Atmosphere360° ni. Pilihan makanan banyak dan rasanya sangat sedap. Paling best, ialah suasana 'manis' berbuka puasa sambil melihat panorama malam bandaraya Kuala Lumpur ku tercinta ini.

Buat mereka yang ingin merasai pengalaman berbuka puasa di restoran berputar tertinggi di Asia Tenggara ini, sila lah :- 

Layari www.atmosphere360.com.my atau hubungi no. tel : 03-2020 2121/2020 

Loving my new Sarr'e Lip matte

Hello lovely readers,

I love matte lipstick. Compared to a satin finish lipstick, matte lipstick is my favourite kind of lipstick in the world because they usually last longer and they look beautiful on lips. Matte lipstick is also known as lip matte. For me, lip matte is special because it shines in its own way *suits a shy person like me who do not like too much exposure ..hehe*

I was recently introduced to Sarr'e lip matte by my good friend. Sarr'e lip matte was established in August 2018 by it's founder, Miss Sarihana Serigar who is passionate about beauty and believe the perfect lipstick is the best way to enhance your appearance. It has received a great response in the market where more than 1000 units were sold in three months.

Coconut oil or Cocos Nucifera is a poweful mosture agent which protect and repair your lips from dryness. It is also considered an emollient. Emollients are a non-cosmetic moisturizer that helps the skin moist while Vitamin E is anti-oxidant and a natural conditioner. It act like a sunscreen, preventing your lips from further damage.

There are a total of six shades altogether in Sarr'e lip matte collection.

The shades are Suppressive, Royal Nude, Alter Ego, Jophiel Sari, Impressed Me, and Flirt John.

I love the packaging! It is simple, nice and classy.

I was given Jophiel Saree, a sweet soft pink shade which suits my personality -an outgoing, friendly and energetic person who loves to smile.

Sarr'e lip matte is a liquid lip matte so it comes with an applicator *yeay .. i love it*.  Use the pointed edge of the applicator to outline your lips before filling them in. Leave it dry for a few seconds ..

And .. tadaaaa ...
Non-sticky, light .. tak rasa macam pakai lipstick! and it help my lips look plumpy! Sexy lips I have *love*

Sarr'e lip matte are very pigmented. The colour easily absorb and last longer. It is also very unique, the shades changed after a few apply *if you use a few layers at the same time*

Sarr'e lip matte last longer on my lip. It is non-chappy, non-cracky and help to moisturize my lip.

The price of each Sarr'e lip matte is RM60 only. Either you are looking for a day-to-day wear lipstick or for an evening party or a bold look, Sarr'e lip matte has it all. 

Follow more information about Sarr'e lip matte:-

Follow their IG here
Visit their website at www.sarrebycari.com 
or call 013-3058282.