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Jom Gaya Hidup Sihat ~ Makan dan Exercise

Another chapter of my exercise diary .. hidup Misz-ella camni la .. kalau tak kerja, exercise. Kalau tak kat Event kat Gym. Tu je la tempat...

Mamonde first counter at AEON, 1 Utama officially opened

Hello beauty lovers ..

Mamonde has arrived Malaysia. Oopsss .. MAMONDE? Remember my entry about Mamonde? Well .. click here to refresh your memory about Mamonde.

The launching of AmorePacific Malaysia latest comestic brand, Mamonde was held on 29th July 2016 with its first counter located at AEON 1 Utama and Misz-ella.blogspot.com was invited to be part of the ceremony. Thank you very much for the invitation.

The official opening ceremony of Mamonde first counter at AEON 1 Utama

Measuring approximately 315 sq ft, Mamonde's counter carries 140 products from 32 product categories which ranges from skincare, makeup, hand care to make up for hair. 

Mamonde has targetted to open 3 more counters by year-end with its second counter opening at AEON Mid Valley Megamall in September 2016.

Apart from sales of products, the counter also offers complimentary Flower Touch hand massage with seven different types of hand creams to choose from as well as complimentary skin consultation. Customers will also get to experience and learn about Mamonde's flower science at its Flower Experience Corner. This area doubles up as a floral aromatherapy area where customers get to literally 'stop and smell the flowers' to relax the mind with its calming and soothing scents.

Mamonde is the first skincare brand of its kind that uses only flowers as its key ingredients coupled with other natural ingredients its formulation. Amore Pacific has invested a great deal in R&D to ensure the efficiency of Mamonde products and that these products are gentle on the skin just like the characteristics of a flower, said Celine Diong, Brand General Manager of Mamonde Malaysia.

Mamonde Malaysia also introduced Park Shin Hye, a popular Korean actress with leading roles in hit K-dramas such as The Heirs, Pinochio and also the latest hit - Doctors. Even Park was not present, we were greeted by her through a video which as aired during the official launch ceremony.

Fans of Park do not forget to purchase the autographed limited edition Mamonde Moisture Ceramide Light Cream and Intense Cream as well as the Cover cushion. Limited to 150 pieces per item only, fans are advised to purchase them soonest possible to avoid disappointment.

Fans of Park will also stand a chance to meet her when they purchase the Park Shin Hye First Energy Lucky Box which comprise of an Essence and a serum, which also comes with 70 passes to be won for a 'Meet The Fan' session happening this October.

In conjunction with the launch, Mamonde is offering a complimentary 8-piece gift set with every purchase of RM350, a free Mamonde membership with the purchase of any Mamonde products and many more attractive deals await in-store.

So readers, if you are a fan of Korean Beauty products, wait no more .. visit Mamonde Beauty Counter at AEON 1 Utama now and enjoy all the exclusive offers and do not forget to LIKE Mamonde Malaysia Facebook Page for more information on the products.

Ombre Hair By Azy Aim

Well .. I love colouring my hair. I think i follow my mom. My mom started colouring her hair since she was young and still colouring it until now, at the age of 69 *my B.I.L tukang beli colour rambut .. LOL*

I love to spend my time at the salon. Macam-macam gelagat dan ragam manusia dapat Misz-ella tengok kat salun tu. Ada yang masa baru sampai Salun gaya macam Ustazah masa nak bikin rambut dia bukak tudung .. tadaaaa .. Wow .. glamer rambut kau kak. Kalah adik Ella kat sini ha. Terkagum daku di situ dengan keindahan warna rambutnya .. terpesona saya dengan rahsia dan gaya rambut di balik hijab itu.

Tahniah kerana sentiasa menjaga penampilan diri. Tak kira siapa kita, berhijab atau tidak, tua atau muda, gemuk atau kurus .. keinginan untuk sentiasa cantik itu adalah naluri semulajadi milik semua, anugerah Allah SWT kepada kita. Kalau tak rambut, sekurang-kurangnya dalam memilih baju, kasut, kerongsang dan tudung .. yang cantik jadi pilihan, kan.  I always love seeing women putting their effort in taking care of their health and beauty. Sangat positif dan saya sangat suka. 

Ombre hair done at Azy Aim Beauty Salon, Saujana Utama 2, Sungai Buloh. Aishah is the hair dresser who has been taking care of my hair since almost 20 years ago. Masa zaman dia anak dara .. masa tu Aiman kecik lagi .. Misz-ella dah mula serahkan kepercayaaan kepada dia. 20 years and we are still together. It is all about loyalty and trust. Once i trust you, I am forever yours .. itulah Misz-ella. Thank you aishah for taking care of my hair and for the friendship.

Ombre colours hair ~ Blonde, hijau dan dark brown .. menggunakan produk mewarnakan rambut berstatus Halal. Tel/whatsapp/mesej 011-27009032. Penduduk Saujana Utama, Sg Buloh Country Resort, Desa Moccis, Bukit Rahman Putra, Paya Jaras, Desa Coalfields, Merbau Sempak .. silalah. Salun berstatus Muslimah sahaja. OK dah selesai Misz-ella berkongsi dengan readers semua. TQ Baca. Bye.

Difference Maker Project : Do Things Sincerely And Deliver It From Your Heart

Hello readers ..

This is a special entry for Difference Maker Project ~ Inspiring Movement, a special project by The Butterfly Project Malaysia supported by Clinique Malaysia.

When I started blogging almost eight (8) years ago, my intention was to leave memories to my love one .. knowing the fact that my son is the only child that I have, he do not have anyone to share the moments and memories that he has with his mother. 

I shared our moments in this blog. Never cross in my mind that others would be interested with our stories and will read my blog. My thought at that time was just to leave memories for him .. so that one day, when I leave him, he has something to referred to when he miss me ~ my writing. I put my heart and soul in this blog. Every moments  .. my happiness and my sadness .. I deliver it sincerely from my heart.

I blogged about my travel to Kashmir 2 years ago. A year after, the tourist guide who took care of me passed away and a few months later, his wife contacted me with this note :-

Thank you is just a small word for you. I want to pray to Allah that you get each and everything you wish for. May Allah reward you for this. I am getting many queries from your blog. I was lost and alone but your blog helped me a lot. I got 4 confirmations from your blog. You write so genuinely. May Allah bless you, sister.

I never thought that my humble writing can make a difference in someone's life. Never cross in my mind that one day my writing will help someone to survive her life. Do things sincerely and deliver it from your heart. We can contribute to others in our own way.

#differencemaker  #butterflymsia  #inspiringmovement #travelblogger #lifestyleblogger

Pelakon Sharnaaz Ahmad Duta Baru Men's Biore Double Facial Foam

Hello lovely readers ..

Entry ini untuk kaum Adam yakni jejaka-jejaka Malaysia yang inginkan kulit kelihatan lebih sihat, cerah dan bersih tanpa berminyak. Well .. not only the ladies, men need grooming too anak Misz-ella yang baru 20 tahun pun dah pandai nak melawakan tubuh badan. Pandai dia guna pencuci muka, deodorant dan sebagainya. Sikit lagi kalah lah mama nya, kan.

So, jejaka-jejaka Malaysia .. this entry is for you. Jemput baca dari mula sampai habis ye.

*pic credit to Men's Biore Malaysia FB*

Kao Malaysia baru-baru ini telah melancarkan rangkaian produk pembersih muka Men's Biore Double Scrub khas buat lelaki masa kini yang semakin prihatin terhadap penjagaan peribadi, kebersihan dan penampilan diri. Bersempena dengan pelancaran tersebut, Kao Malaysia juga telah melantik pelakon Shaarnaz Ahmad sebagai Duta Baru barunya.

Encik Masaki Fujiwara, Presiden Kao Malaysia dalam ucapan perasmiannya mengatakan bahawa dengan teknologi canggih sedia ada, Kao kini tampil memperkenalkan pembersih muka lelaki yang memberikan Kuasa Pembersihan Detox. Pengguna akan dapat melihat perubahan pada keadaan kulit mereka selepas setiap penggunaan.

*pic credit to Men's Biore Malaysia FB*

Menggunakan Teknologi Terkini Berjuta Skrub Mikro dari Jepun, rangkaian produk ini didatangkan dalam 5 variasi iaitu Deep Clean, Deep Clean Extra Cool, Oil Clear, Acne Solution dan Bright Clean yang mampu mengatasi pelbagai masalah kulit lelaki masa kini. Setiap produk dirumus dari formulasi terbaik oleh pakar dari makmal penyelidikan. Kuasa Pembersihan Detox dan Agen Penyerap Minyak yang ada di dalam setiap produk berkesan untuk mengatasi masalah kulit dari akar umbi seterusnya menghasilkan kulit yang sihat, cerah, bersih dan tanpa berminyak serta menyegarkan dari dalam ke luar.

5 variasi Men's Biore Double Facial Foam yang bisa menjadikan jejaka-jejaka di Malaysia tampil segak bergaya adalah :-

Double Scrub Deep Clean ~ mengandungi Skrub 'Oil absorbing' dan Skrub 'Deep Detox' yang membersihkan kotoran, menanggalkan bintik-bintik hitam dan memberi kawalan minyak seara berterusan menjadikan kulit lebih bersih sepenuhnya dengan hanya satu langkah. Well, boleh lah kita ucapkan Selamat Tinggal kepada kulit kusam dengan Double Scrub Deep Clean ini, kan.

Double Scrub Deep Clean Extra Cool ~ mempunyai fungsi yang hampir sama dengan variasi deep clean dengan tambahan sensasi amat dingin yang menyegarkan. Sesuai untuk digunakan oleh jejaka-jejaka yang mengamalkan gaya hidup sihat seperti selepas bersukan atau selepas aktiviti riadah yang lain.

Double Scrub Oil Clear ~ diformulasikan dengan 'Black Tea', Skrub 'Oil Absorbing' dan Skrub 'Deep Detox' yang mengandungi bahan kawalan minyak dan antioksidan yang berupaya menanggalkan minyak berlebihan dan juga rasa melekit pada kulit muka secara efektif. Kulit lebih bersih, bebas minyak dan tak lagi berkilat. Ia juga akan memberikan sensasi dingin yang menyegarkan kulit muka ketika kita menggunakannya.

Double Scrub Acne Solution ~ Ini paling baik untuk jejaka yang mempunyai masalah kulit berjerawat. Mengandungi Ekstrak Tea Tree, Skrub 'Oil absorbing' dan Skrub 'Deep detox' yang berkesan mengawal jerawat yang disebabkan oleh bakteria dan liang-liang pori tersumbat akibat minyak berlebihan. Kulit akan lebih sihat kerana jerawat berkurangan serta kesan jerawat dan jeragat kurang kelihatan.

Double Scrub Bright Clean mengandungi 'charcoal' sebagai bahan ejen aktif, Skrub 'oil absorbing' dan skrub 'Deep Detox' yang amat efektif untuk membersih dan menanggalkan kulit kusam. Well .. impian untuk memiliki kulit lebih cerah dan tona kulit lebih sekata amatlah cerah buat pengguna Double Scrub Bright Clean ini.

Encik Masaki Fujiwara semasa Majlis Pelancaran

Pelakon Sharnaaz Ahmad dilantik sebagai Duta produk Men's Biore Double Facial Foam kerana imej beliau yang berani dan berkeyakinan. Well siapa lah tak kenal Abang Jebat dalam teledrama Bukan Kerana Aku Tak Cinta ni, kan. Ramai wanita-wanita Malaysia jatuh cinta akan karisma beliau dalam watak tersebut. Oh Abang Jebat ..

Sharnaaz Ahmad berkongsi dengan kami akan rahsia beliau mengekalkan kulit yang sihat disebalik jadual harian beliau yang padat iaitu dengan 'Membersih secara mendalam'.  Men's Biore dengan Kuasa Pembersihan Detox sangat efektif untuk membersihkan kulit berminyak serta kotoran jauh di dalam liang-liang pori menjadikan kulit beliau lebih segar dan bersih.

So, untuk jejaka-jejaka Malaysia di luar sana .. abang-abang, adik-adik, pakcik-pakcik, Mr. Gentleman, Mr. Macho man, Mr. Sportsman dan sebagainya .. dengan 5 variasi yang ditawarkan oleh Men's Biore Double Facial Foam, mesti ada satu yang sesuai untuk kulit you all, kan. Bermula dari RM8.60 untuk pek bersaiz 50gm dan RM15.70 untuk pek bersaiz 100gm (harga termasuk GST), Men's Biore Double Facial Foam boleh didapati di semua peruncit utama, farmasi, pasar raya besar dan kedai-kedai runcit. 

Well .. dah excited untuk tampil lebih segak dan bergaya ? Apa lagi sila la dapatkan hari ini. Lelaki bersih, segak bergaya perempuan suka tau .. bahagia biji mata memandangnya .. tak caya tengok Sharnaaz Ahmad, kan *hehe*

So sebelum Misz-ella akhiri Entry ini, jom cuci mata dengan gambar-gambar sekitar Majlis Pelancaran. 

Persembahan pentas yang menghiburkan

Majlis pelancaran lebih meriah dengan ada nya Photobooth

So, kita posing lah, apa lagi

Akhir kata, jangan lupa layari www.kao.com/my/mensbiore dan sila LIKE Facebook Men's Biore Malaysia di sini untuk lebih informasi tentang produk dan gambar-gambar menarik. Thank You baca Entry ini. Bye.

Mengintai Matahari. Raya Pizza je kita.

Sejak berpindah dan berjiran dengan langit nan biru, hobi baru Misz-ella ialah mengintai matahari. Cantik sangat saat berdiri di hadapan jendela kamar sambil menghayati pemandangan matahari terbenam.

Bila matahari terbenam, berakhirlah satu hari lagi perjalanan hidup kita. Maka bermulalah hari baru dengan harapan Moga Esok Lebih Baik Dari Hari Ini. Tiap hari ada kisahnya tersendiri. Ada suka. Ada duka. Ada tawa. Ada airmata. Tiada yang sempurna kerana kita semua hambaNya yang tidak terlepas dari diduga. Kalau gembira, ketawalah. Kalau bersedih, menangislah. Kerana tawa dan sedih itu sebenarnya adalah Nikmat yang Allah bagi kat kita. Tapi kalau 'down', jangan lah lama-lama .. cepat-cepatlah 'up' kan diri. Kalau menangis, 5 minit je ok .. lepas tu basuh muka dan ketawalah bagaikan tiada apa-apa. Jangan terlalu ikutkan hati. Jangan terlalu layan perasaan. Hidup ini indah, sebenarnya. Dalam pahit ada manisnya. Dalam sedih tersenyum kita akhirnya. Asalkan kita sabar dan redha. Percayalah.

Tetamu Syawal ke 20 adalah adik angkat Misz-ella Jijai dan famili. Jijai ni jiran Misz-ella dari kecik lagi. Abang dia pun dah kahwin dengan my sister ... so bersaudara lah kita. Jijai ada 'expertise' dia yang tersendiri .. banyak jugak hal yang Misz-ella kadang-kadang rujuk dan perlukan nasihat dia. Alhamdulillah dia pun banyak membantu dan Ina isteri dia ni pun jenis tak kesah. Dia memang faham Jijai memang rapat dengan kakak-kakak dia ni. Thank You kerana sudi ziarah Kakchik. Sorry Kakchik tak masak .. Kita order Pizza Dominos sahaja untuk dinner. Senang, kan.

Tetamu Syawal ke 18 pulak adalah Syimah and her family and Haizan . officemate lama Misz-ella. Terima kasih sudi ziarah. Syimah dan Haizan ni memang sweet. .. diaorang selalu ingat Misz-ella nak pulak si Syimah. Rumah Sg. Buloh dulu dia datang, rumah baru pun dah dua kali dia singgah. Thank You Syimah and Haizan. Ukhuwah itu indah, kan. 

Siang tu Syimah, malam tu adik Misz-ella Ika pulak datang rumah, membawa kiriman Mama Ida ~ Sambal Kacang dan Ayam Masak Merah. Ramai orang cakap hidup Misz-ella ni unik sebab membesar dengan dua orang mak dan dua orang abah.

I ada 12 orang adik beradik ok .. Alhamdulillah selepas Arwah Abah pergi meninggalkan kami 4 tahun lepas, hubungan kami dengan mak tiri kami iaitu Mama Ida masih seperti dulu .. kami masih pulang ke Segamat untuk berhari raya dengan dia walaupun Abah dah tak ada. Ika rajin jugak ziarah Mama Misz-ella kalau dia ke Sg. Buloh. Hidup kita, cara kita. Kalau kita pilih untuk berbaik-baik maka berbaik lah kita. Kalau kita pilih bersengketa, maka begitulah jadinya but first of all .. apa sebab nak bersengketa? Tak ada, kan. By the end of the day its about your heart. Kalau hati kita bersih,maka persekitaran kita pun bersih dan hidup kita pun aman damai dan harmoni. Tapi kalau hati kau dah tak bersih .. adik beradik pun kau benci .. mak tiri pun kau buat musuh. Ramai kan yang macam tu? Its ok lah .. asalkan bukan kami.

Ika tidur rumah Misz-ella malam tu. Mula-mula dia ingat nak terus ke Sg. Buloh nak teman mama Misz-ella *cos my mom stay alone* tapi dah malam .. so dia overnight kat rumah Misz-ella pagi Ahad tu dia pergi ke rumah Kak Su, Kak Yang dan Mama. Alhamdulillah Allah bagi kami keluarga besar yang saling sayang menyayangi sesama sendiri. Mungkin agak pelik di mata orang lain tapi ehhh .. apa yang peliknya? Berbaik-baik sesama adik beradik dan mak tiri tak pelik, kan.

OK OK .. Bye. Misz-ella nak pergi buat kerja lain. Tq baca bebelan saya .. another chapter of my life stories. Bye.

Althea Turns One Birthday Party

Hello readers ..

Pic from Althea's FB

Althea is 1 year old and I joined their Birthday Celebration. Opsss .. ada sesiapa yang masih tak kenal Althea? Althea adalah portal membeli belah online yang membawakan kita pelbagai produk kecantikan buatan Korea pada harga yang tersangatlah 'wallet friendly and for sure will make you happy'

I am one of Althea's fan since Day 1 and the invitation from Althea to join their Birthday Party Celebration was accepted with an open hands. Kecik Tapak Tangan Nyiru Misz-ella tadahkan, bak kata orang tua-tua. So 24th July 2016, I made my way to Ruang, SS 18, Subang, Selangor. Today is Althea's 1st Birthday and the colour theme is PINK!! Yipieee .. PINK is our favourite colour, right.

First of all .. Happy Birthday Althea Korea. I dressed up in PINK to show my love and support to you.

The bunting .. all in PINK!

The stage. Uhummm .. what will be the surprise or highlight of the Party? So excited !!

Opsss .. there was a giant make up box at the Photobooth by Glitz&Glam Studiobooth I want to take pic too!

Althea Turns 1 Birthday Cake

Make up? Skincare? Hair and Body Care? Get it from Althea!

The pretty pink sweet treats from Althea for the pink guests .. Yummy!

DIY your own Bingsu Bar

My DIY bingsu .. not that bad, right. Quite cool too *hehe*

Some of the guests .. all in PINK!!

Bumped into my darling blogger friend Elana Khong .. I so miss you babe!

Heyy look ... Deelicious in the house and my lovely 'adik' Mieza was there too. 

What is party without balloons? nak main belon jugak lah!

The Diplomatic wife Carolific, Frank the Althea Korea's CEO, Sabby Prue the famous Beauty blogger and Mieza .. *pic from Miera Nadhirah's FB. Tq sayang.

Another shot by Miera Nadhirah. Tq again sayang.

Blogger Anfaal .. lama nya tak jumpa dia. Tetap manis dan sweet macam dulu-dulu. One thing about her, terjumpa di mana-mana, dia tak pernah lupa terlebih dulu menyapa. Thanks sayang *Pic from Anfaal's FB.

Young blogger Lee Shin and Lee Yan were there too *Pic from Lee Yan's FB.

The sweet little Pinku No Sakura

Blogger Cindy Tong and Elana

An opening speech by Frank, the Althea's CEO. It was nice to meet him again and again. Well, as usual Misz-ella is Althea's supporter and my face can always be seen at any of their event. You know why I love to support them? Cos Althea's price is always wallet friendly and the product always make me pretty.

The first surprise of the party was ..... FRANK CAN SING!! He has a nice powerful voice and a very manly tone! He delivered the song very well and received a big clap from the PINK ladies!

The cake cutting ceremony. Happy Birthday to you .. Happy Birthday to you .. Happy Birthday to Althea. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday Althea. You have done a great job a year around. Keep on rocking our day by bringing more beauty products from Korea. Please continue to make us pretty and prettier day by day. Happy Birthday.

Its Althea's birthday .. but we were the one who get the Gifts!! Althea was so generous by giving us 150 credits to shop. Yeayyy .. Its shopping time. 150 credits to spend in 30 minutes and Althea's beauty site are just ... WONDERFUL!! Lots of choices from the skincare, make up, hair and body care. The hall was suddenly quiet. Everybody were focusing on the phone. We were busy shopping and we had a 'tough' time chosing. We were spoilt by choices and we enjoyed it! Thank you very much Althea.

The 3 Best Dress winners for the Party. Congratulations to the Winners. Unique, trendy and creative ..

And finally, the moment that we were waiting for .. the Lucky draw. Grab the balloons, poke it and POMPPP !! Collect your Lucky draw gift! Fun! Fun! It was so much fun poking the balloons together especially when some of your friends are scared of the balloons *haha*

Me and Faten Innanie tak sabar nak pecahkan belon

Our Lucky Draw gift ~ Rose Absolute First Serum Special Set from aromatica. Tqvm *muahhh*

All in .. all in .. we had a blast spending our time together during the Althea's 1st Birthday Party. So much fun!! For more info about Althea, visit their website here and do not forget to LIKE Althea's FB.