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Jom Gaya Hidup Sihat ~ Makan dan Exercise

Another chapter of my exercise diary .. hidup Misz-ella camni la .. kalau tak kerja, exercise. Kalau tak kat Event kat Gym. Tu je la tempat...

Piloxing. Batuka. Fun dance. Body Toning. Jejak Kasih.

Hai readers ..

Say HELLO to second half of the year ~ June has arrived and I have a mix feeling. April and May was toughed .. the most emotional and dramatic month on the 1st half of my 2016 tapi orang macam Misz-ella .. susah pun dia tetap melangkah. Kalau jatuh dia cepat-cepat berusaha untuk bangun. Yahh .. my life is not easy but I walk it with pride.

Bulan sakit, bulan 'laptop' kesayangan meragam .. blogspot buat hal .. bulan pindah rumah .. I am emotionally and physically stress tapi kaki terus melangkah no matter what *Ella is strong* With God help, In Sha Allah.

Back to my old exercise studio at Sg. Buloh after almost 2 months missing. Magyc Fitness Studio has been taken over by Rockafella Gym since May and I was so down. Memories .. I lived with the memories built with my Magyc Fitness Studio family. All the nostalgic moments .. so bila the studio changed the management, i turut patah hati. Kenangan .. baik pahit atau manis, mana lah boleh kita lupakan .. maka hidup lah kita bersandarkan pada kenangan. Terbayang-bayang kelincahan si Angah menari di Lantai Tari .. terbayang-bayang semua memori .. I was so down and sad.

I returned to Mom's house in Sg. Buloh on Tuesday and returned to SU/SBCR in the late evening. Back to the place where I started my small family almost 20 years ago ... I had a mix feeling. Undescribed. Tak terluah dengan kata-kata. 

Call my best friend Kak Yun and we went for a drink. Yeahh .. at this point I wanted to meet my exercise gang .. Nak Jejak Kasih dengan dia orang semua ~ to say Hello to them before the arrival of Ramadan. Tapi kasut lupa bawak. Kak Yun brought a pair of her exercise shoe for me unfortunately that shoe didn't suit my Cinderella size feet. She almost did a shout out at the exercise group to get me a pair of shoe so that I can dance with them. Sweet la kau kak.

Tuesday night, 31st May 2016, 9pm .. another Chapter of my exercise diary.
I made my way to the Dance Floor.

Piloxing, Batuka, Fun Dance, Body Toning with Coach Eqynn. Piloxing is fun! Piloxing ~ A non-stop cardio fusion, combination of standing pilates, boxing and dance .. 20 minutes of high impact exercise. I always love high impact exercise sebab Misz-ella tak boleh slow .. kalau slow I lari focus. And Coach Eqynn biasalah .. her selection of song is always the best and lagi satu, I usually love to dance next to the coach. Dari dulu lagi .. tak tau kenapa. Hehehe. 

Buckets of sweat. Burnt calories. Exercise is always fun! Looking backwards, when I started my exercise routine almost 20 years ago, what I did was only jogging and exercise with Denise Austin's CD. Then upgraded to studio exercise, then explored the Gym and try Weight lifting, then learnt HIIT - High Intensity Interval Training, now learn Tatsujin, Mixed Marital Art, Kickboxing *with my best friend Leoniel Dg* and Aquadance. What I love most about sharing my exercise diary is when my followers followed and look for me at the Dance Studio after reading my entry. When suddenly I was approached .. Kak Ella .. saya baca blog akak .. sebab tu saya datang sini. Terima kasih kerana menyahut seruan saya supaya bersenam. Menulis seikhlas hati dan dari hati ~ That is me.

My FB post after the exercise

By the end of the day, it is the Love that make our life complete. Tak kira di mana kau berada, doesnt matter how rich you are .. without Love your life is still empty and not perfect. I am blessed to be surrounded by Love. I am nobody ... I only have a piece of heart to barter with a friendship .. seikhlasnya. 

I believed .. Allah sentiasa mendengar apa yang ada di dalam hati kita. if you give love you will be rewarded with love.  And I am blessed gifted with a piece of heart full with love. I love my heart .. even its broken many times but it is still in a good piece. Tq Allah for giving me a piece of that beautiful heart. I am blessed!

The class ended with Body Toning. Hugs and kisses before we say GoodBye to each other. Salam Ramadan to all my Magyc Family exercise 'kakis' *ohh still want to call them Magyc .. sobs sobs*. Take care. Jaga diet. Jaga kesihatan. Keep on exercise even Rozita kata the class kurang berseri tanpa aura 'Barbie Doll' dorang ni *they called me Barbie Doll* The dance studio will be close during Ramadan. OK I'm done with my Entry. Entry kenangan buat hari tua kita *me and my exercise gang* nanti. Thank You baca. Bye.

The Butterfly Project Bake & Shop Party with Althea Korea

Hello .. Butterfly turned 3!

Yeahhh .. The Butterfly Project Community that I joined has turned 3 and we celebrated the anniversary with The Butterfly Project Bake & Shop Party recently at Delectable Cafe at The Glasshouse Seputeh, Kuala Lumpur.

As one of the Senior Butterfly, I registered myself and was so excited counting the days.The colour theme is pastel ~ I chosed to wear this sweet peach! I look sweet in this colour, right.

The event's banner

Althea Korea is the main sponsor of The Butterfly's Project Bake & Shop Party

We were given this super soft and cute Apron. Let me tell you my story about this Apron. When Tammy, The Butterfly Project founder shouted about this sweet little apron on the Facebook, I was excited. I want it. But considering the number of butterflies who wanted to join the celebration was high, I was unsure about my chance. I told Miera .. I am sad if I wasn't selected cos I really want the apron which was designed personally by Tammy. Miera was so sweet .. Its ok .. I will give you. Really? Yah I will give mine to you after the event. Ohmygodd she is trying to fulfill my dream by giving her apron to me .. but then, I was selected to the party too. So both of us owned that little sweet apron now *sweet*

The pink box that always make our day happy ~ I always love Althea Korea. The best place to shop online for Made in Korea cosmetics and skin care. 

Registered myself and Heyyy .. Can't wait to see them!

The working committee .. my camera captured moment between Aliza and Anis Farhana. Sweet, kan.

Everyone were seen in the pastel mood ~ Sweet. Soft. And Lovely. Wahh .. yang kat belakang tu rancak bersembang melepas rindu .. *hahaha*

What we love more about every The Butterfly Project event is the opportunity to spend quality time together.

My best friend Dee is the Emcee of the Event *wajah kesayangan kebanyakan blogger .. haha*

As usual, he is always spontaneous and fun. 'Kau memang Selamba, kan*

Today we are going to decorate our own B.B. cushion

 Butterfly Sabby Prue giving an explanation to the butterflies on How to decorate a B.B. cushion.

Work In Progress. Syhhhh .. Do Not Disturb.

Well .. that's mine *urghhhh .. not nice .. LOL*

Finally ... Times Up! Lets select the winner.

When butterflies meet, Selfie is a MUST! Jom Selfie!

Meanwhile .. the food served are Delicious!

Another highlight of the event ~ Shopped online with Althea Korea. We were given 150 credits *WoW* but the challenged is Shop and Selfie in 30 minutes. Everyone were busy with the handphone *OhMyyy .. we were so excited and nervous*

But not that difficult for me cos Althea Korea website is so user friendly, various choices and the products are something that I always want and today, Althea Korea allow me and friend to shop for free!

The Butterflies at The Butterfly Project Bake & Shop Party with Althea Korea in conjunction with our 3rd year anniversary with Tammy Lim the founder, Frank from Althea Korea and the working committee. Not to forget our beloved Emcee, Dee Leonard.

All in .. All in .. We had a blast moment spending our quality time together at The Butterfly Project Bake & Shop Party. Thank You Althea Korea for celebrating the moment with us as part of our Sponsor. The Butterflies Bloggers love Althea Korea *cos you always make us pretty .. hehe*

So readers, if you are a fans of Korean cosmetics and skin care, visit Althea Korea website at http://my.althea.kr/ and get spoil by choices like us. 

Family Time Together

I might not rich.
I might not have a perfect life.
Some of you might have an easy and painless journey.
But not me.

Yahh .. my life is not easy.
But somehow I am still blessed cos I know no matter what .. I have them ..


School holiday is always the moment that we look forward to. Hakeem dan Haris study at the Boarding school .. masa macam ni je dapat jumpa Sepupu semua but to be honest not only them. We, the parents are excited too. Malah lebih excited lagi .. we plan Get Together .. anak-anak ikut je.

The moment that touched our heart are watching them grown in front of our eyes. Yahh we are lucky .. staying close with each other. Teringat Danial masa kecik, He was so fair and mata sepet .. exactly like Chinese. Amir and Aiman were close since they were small. Umur pun sama and Aiman memang rapat dengan Ayah dan Ibu (Amir's parent) .. teringat kata-kata Aiman .. Nak mintak tolong pun ayah .. nak mintak nasihat pun pada Ayah .. nak tumpang kasih sayang dan bermanja pun pada Ayah dan Ibu *rolling tears* and Papa Ngah .. sentiasa ada untuk membantu. My 'Angah'  play the role as the eldest in the family *even he is the second* cos Alop *my first brother* stay in Taiping, Perak. Angah is the one who will visit Mom every morning *they stay in one community* Unlike me .. I hardly call mom even once a week but I kept her close in my heart. Thanks to the technology that united us more. The Family whatsapp group, The Super Sisters whatsapp group, The Sewellian whatsapp group and we know the cousins *our children* has their own whatsapp group too.

Yahh as i said earlier, my life is not easy but I Thank God I had them in my life. God bless. Alhamdulillah.

Another group of the kids in our family *Jiha and Puteri not in the pic* is the younger one. Ilyas 13 studied at MCKK, Aliya 12, Mukhriz 11, Dini 10 and that cute little Sara 7 years old.

Our big family dinner at Sg Buloh last weekend. Yes we are busy, always busy but we try to find a suitable time to be together. Life is like a roller coaster .. so hectic, very tight schedule but moment together are something that we do not want to miss. Tq to Alop who initiated the Dinner. Tq Allah for the moment that we had together *love*

And suddenly my house became so happening when this two handsome young man came for sleep over. Aiman was so happy cos he has extra accompany.

Aiman swimming with her cousins. I kept on reminding him to return before 'Maghrib' sebab Aiman sebenarnya sangat sensitif. Beberapa kali dia kena 'tetegur' so lebih baiklah berhati-hati.

Sanggup bawak keluar tilam dari dua bilik and place them at the hall so that they can sleep together. Sweet, lah korang ni. Riuh rendah rumah termasuklah 'my kitchen' dibuat mereka. 

Satu yang aku belajar dalam hidup ini :-

Walau jauh kita berkelana
Walau dengan sapa kita berada
Cuma keluarga yang kekal selama nya
Sampai Syurga.
Itu pasti.

Sekian. Another chapter of my life diary dedicated to my family buat kenangan hari tua kita nanti. That's the main reason why this blog exist, anyway. Not because of money .. not because of popularity but because I want to leave something for my family and 'kesayangan'. Ok Thanks baca. Bye.

Misz-ella and friends at Electric Run® Malaysia 2016 presented by Shell FuelSave

Hello readers .. Its Shell Electric Run again!

The 5km fun run which i attended last year. Fun Run. Education Run. Run and dance with the music and lights from the Flag off point till the end point. Read my previous entry here if you forget about it.

My run partners this year, Blogger Lee Yan, Aiman and my best friend Leoniel Dg.

Organized by The Livescape Group and supported by Malaysia Major Events, the Electric Run® Malaysia made waves last year when it achieved the title for the “Largest Participation in a Neon Run” in the Malaysia Book of Records. 

This year, the fun run saw an even larger participation with over 15,000 runners completing the 5km track, which culminated with a celebration graced by international superstars, Nico & Vinz, alongside a host of talented local musicians including SonaOne, Twinkies, H3, and ABeatC. The run, was held at Selangor Turf Club, the same venue as last year.

Waited patiently and excitedly for the Flag Off. Tak sabarrr nak berlari sambil menyanyi dan menari .. Its gonna be fun .. I told Lee Yan since that was her first experience.

The run, which was flagged off by Au Tong Sing; Ben Mahmud, Head of Retail Marketing of Shell Malaysia Trading Sdn. Bhd; and Iqbal Ameer, Group CEO of The Livescape Group saw the crowd cheering with excitement, as a fireworks show kicked-off the start of the run. Local musician, H3, was on deck to spin a host of electrifying tunes to entertain the crowd, before they embarked on their journey through the nine Courselands in the run. Yahhh .. it was fun. We were cheering, jumping and dancing together while waiting for our Flag Off turn. It was a huge turned up compared to last year.

Guess what was that? The lights from the runners shoe that glowed in the dark. Just can't stop myself than capturing this using my handphone camera.

Doing More With Shell FuelSave

“The Electric Run® Malaysia 2016 presented by Shell FuelSave is an ideal platform for Shell to create new experiences for Gen Y drivers and promote the importance of being fuel efficient with Shell FuelSave, helping drivers fuel their busy day by enabling them to be more fuel efficient,” said Au. 

“We want customers to know that with Shell FuelSave, our company’s superior fuel efficiency product that is specially developed with Active Efficiency Ingredients, they can improve engine efficiency from the very first tank so that they do more of the things they enjoy and pursue their passions,” he added.

In line with Shell’s commitment to encourage Malaysians to be more efficient on the road and in life, Shell FuelSave also unveiled the world’s first Shell FuelSave Do More LED Maze at the Electric Run® Malaysia 2016. This special maze, which features seven distinctive neon zones is designed to help capture the passions and experiences that runners can enjoy and do more of when they are more efficient. Shell rewarded participants who took selfies at each zone with a special goodie bag containing gifts from Lazada, Bfab, Celebrity Fitness, Soleus, Karrimor, Touch ‘n Go and Wall’s – inspiring runners to do more in life and on the road with Shell FuelSave. 

In line with its commitment to build warmer communities across Malaysia, Shell Malaysia also built a section in the maze that encouraged consumers to make a choice for Shell to donate to one of three items – school uniforms, school bags or school shoes – for children in need. 

Maze runners simply needed to drop a glowstick into a collection box of their choice and the highest amount of glowstick pledges becomes the cause that Shell will support.

“For over 125 years, Shell has been fueling Malaysia’s progress as a partner to the nation. This is why this year, as a fuel that is designed to enable drivers to do more, Shell FuelSave is encouraging runners to do more at the Electric Run by pledging to a cause that they feel strongly about in the Shell FuelSave Do More LED Maze. Together with Malaysia, we aim to make a difference, building warmer communities where we operate, one station at a time,” said Au.  

Spotted the Electric man during the Run. Haha. He is so cute and simply mesmerizing. Aiman .. lets take selfie with him! 

Thrilling Courselands Throughout The Run

We had the opportunity to experienced and joined in the festivities prior to the flag-off at the Market Place, which boasted an array of food and beverages from vendors such as deli2go, Nathan’s Famous Sausages, and 7-Eleven Slurpees just to name a few. 

So cute!

Some also took part in carnival-like activities such as face-painting with neon-coloured paint.

It was raining during the Run but that didn't stop us to having fun 

We can always do more with this umbrella. Sharing is caring *love*

The much awaited moment ~ Flag Off! The Flag Off was rescheduled to 9:00pm but we waited patiently and excitedly. 

After the flag-off, we began our illuminated journey through the nine Courselands available at the Electric Run® Malaysia 2016 presented by Shell FuelSave. I was so excited to return to the courselandss again after a year. 

The first Courseland we encountered was the Water Station decorated with a sea of neon colours. 

We were then encountered the Neffmau5 Land where we were taken to an ethereal wonderland of neon trees and sky lanterns. Ohmygoddd .. it was lovely!

We continued our journey and then were “weathered by the storm” at the Rainforest with glowing umbrellas hanging overhead and soothing sounds of the forest in the background.

Ohmyy .. that was one of the lovely moment I had during the Run. I felt like a small child enjoying the sound of the nature from the rainforest. I love it! Take photo for me please.

Do More with that umbrella at Electric Run® Malaysia 2016 presented by Shell FuelSave. Sharing is loving *Auwwww ... it touched my heart*

Then we reached the Rainbow Road and were greeted with technicolour arches of light.

And I was enjoying it too ..  The rainbow road was lovely. I always love this section of the Run. Walking under the rainbow colours while singing the song along the road was fantastic and gave me different kind of feeling! Reminded me on how our lifes are actually a combination of rainbow colours. Each day, each moment have different feelings and emotions. Different colours and challenges.

Walking through our rainbow life together. I love my rainbow colours life and I hope you love it too, readers.

Then we were transported to an aquatic paradise decorated with brightly-lit, giant marine life at Under The Sea.

The electric tunnel was there too!

Then we reached the Candy Lane .. another my favourite route which I enjoyed last year.  It is a treat for runners with a sweet tooth, as it brought to life a wonderland of sweets with the delightful fragrance of cotton candy, vanilla, popcorn, and cinnamon. 

And I found a new courseland! This year, the Electric Run® Malaysia 2016 also featured two new Courselands. One Courseland featured a special design by Limkokwing University of Creative Technology as the “Official University Partner”,

The other one is a mystery land conceptualized by the university’s students – a “Malaysia Truly Asia”-themed Courseland highlighting Malaysia in all its neon glory. 

The “Malaysia Truly Asia”-themed Courseland, Gateway was conceptualised, designed, and built by the university students. Gateway is a 200m long Courseland, which allowed us to run, walk, and dance through different doorways capturing the many cultures found in Malaysia. This “Malaysia Truly Asia”-themed Courseland highlights Malaysia as a unique multi-cultural Asian nation by incorporating Electric Run®’s neon elements to portray the country in its brightest light.

Entertainment to fuel the excitement further

Spotted this beautiful angel near the Check Out Gate. Waving her hands to all the successful participant who completed the race. So sweet and lovely!

Yahhhh ... We did it! We completed the run. I always love Shell Electric Run .. run or walk with lights and music with my 'kesayangan' .. sing along the best music throughout the courses, selfies and take pictures at the beautiful courses .. We really enjoyed the quality time spent at the Run.

My second medal with Shell Electric Run

Upon finishing the final Courseland, The Powerhouse, we then explored the Shell FuelSave Do More LED Maze before finally making our way to the finish line celebrations where we partied with one of Malaysia’s top beatbox artistes, ABeatC, followed by popular female DJ duo, Twinkies and local hip-hop superstar, SonaOne.

Look at them .. they really enjoyed and broke out into a  thunderous cheer when Norwegian act, Nico & Vinz took the stage, before the night closed with H3 once again.

The Electric Run® Malaysia 2016, organized by The Livescape Group, presented by Shell FuelSave and supported by Malaysia Major Events. Other partners include Rexona (Official Fresh Moves Partner), Limkokwing University (Official University Partner), Celebrity Fitness (Official Fitness Partner), Mines Resort Hotel (Official Hotel Partner), Mountain Dew (Official Beverage Partner), Soleus (Official Timer), Salty Customs (Official Apparel Partner), BFab (Official Beauty Platform), The Malay Mail (Official Newspaper), Hitz FM (Official Radio Station), Grab (Official Transport Partner), Hotel Quickly (Official Hotel Booking App), GoGet (Official Convenience Provider), Hype.My (Official Online Media Partner), and GushCloud (Official Influencer Marketing Partner) is definitely a good platform to learn on how you can DO MORE.


Shell always look forward to let us Do More. U-Turn To Do More if that 5.5km run is not enough for you, guys. 

All in all in .. me and friends enjoyed the Electric Run® Malaysia 2016 so much! Beautiful courses, nice music and fantastic moment. We had a blast! Thank you for having us, Shell FuelSave. DO MORE next year please, I will definitely return to the run again.

For more information or beautiful photographs on  Electric Run® Malaysia 2016 presented by Shell FuelSave, log on to https://www.facebook.com/electricrunmalaysia or follow us on Twitter at @electricrunmy and Instragram at @electricrunmy. To learn more about driving efficiently with Shell FuelSave, please visit www.shell.com.my

*Photos from this Entry are from Electricrunmalaysia's FB