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Jom Gaya Hidup Sihat ~ Makan dan Exercise

Another chapter of my exercise diary .. hidup Misz-ella camni la .. kalau tak kerja, exercise. Kalau tak kat Event kat Gym. Tu je la tempat...

Chinese New Year Flavourful Menu at Sakae Sushi

Hello lovely readers *waving right hand*

It's a time of reunions, bonding and festivities ~ Its Chinese New Year you alls .. And what better way to celebrate this prosperous and joyous occasion than to bond over a hearty meal at Sakae Sushi?

In this Entry, I'm gonna share with you my 'Yee Sang Moment' with my blogger friends at Sakae Sushi, 1 Utama.

This year, Sakae Sushi has prepared a great variety of celebration dishes to tantalise taste buds and usher in prosperity. So readers .. lets check it out ..

Sakae Sushi brought you ~ Toss to prosperity with Sakae Sushi's Fortune Salmon Yee Sang. A tantalising Japanese-inspired take on the traditional Yee sang dish, it is masterfully prepared by Sakae’s chefs using luscious and fresh air-flown salmon, accompanied with a variety of authentic Japanese ingredients such as seasoned jellyfish, Mekabu seaweed, radish and more. Sakae’s delectable Yee sang is then topped with a unique and appetising citrus-infused sauce, complementing perfectly with the fresh ingredients used to fully bring out the flavours of the dish.

Diners can also customise the dish according to their personal preference with add-on items such as Salmon Sashimi, Seasoned Scallop, Jellyfish and Mekabu Seaweed – more appetising variety to satisfy different taste buds.

The Fortune Salmon Yee Sang is available in two sizes: Success Yee Sang which serves 2-3 pax priced at RM29.98 and Money Yee Sang which serves 6-8 pax priced at RM56.98 and both are available for Dine-in and Take away. Wow .. look at the price .. very affordable and does not break our wallet, right. Huge savings for your Chinese New Year!

We had the opportunity to toss it together with Ms Yew June, General Manager of Marketing for Sakae Sushi Malaysia. She said ~ Year after year, Sakae Sushi Fortune Yee Sang remains an all-time favourite among Malaysians and it’s easy to tell why. Compared to traditional Yee Sang dishes, it offers an exquisite healthier alternative prepared by the chefs using only the freshest ingredients. Another unique point is the refreshing citrus-infused sauce that is poured over the Yee Sang, which lends it an additional flavoursome edge.

Other than that, Sakae Sushi also brings you a fun -filled, quality and value for money dining experience with the brand new Happiness Treasures Combo priced at RM98 comprising both the Money Yee Sang and a sumptuous variety of mouth-watering sushi selections. This sushi set features a delectable variety of Sakae’s signature sushi favourites such as Hana Maki, California Hoso Maki, Salmon Sushi, Tamago Sushi, Soft Shell Crab Maki, Kani Salad Inari, Mini Ebi Tempura Sushi, Kappa Maki and Kani Maki. Indeed, it is an ideal choice for toasting with relatives and friends over a delightful festive gathering.

Another must-try for this year is the masterfully crafted Golden Abundance priced at RM49.90. Reminiscent of lavish fortune and harmony, this sumptuous platter consists of five signature golden offerings (Soft Shell Crab, Mini Ebi Tempura, Itoyoridai Katsu, Fried Hotate and Tempura Kani) served with a tangy accompaniment of spicy mayonnaise.

Other than that, we also sampled a few more dishes prepared by Sakae Sushi. Ummm I like. I always like Japanese Food, anyway. Kita makan banyak ~ kenyang sampai terlentang. Hahaha.

Dragon Roll ~ RM15.99
Delectable maki creation of crisp golden tempura prawn layered with fresh avocado slices and shrip roe. I love Tempura .. and avoda. Dip it with sweet sauce + soy sauce and little bit of wasabi ~ Yummy!

Salmon Mentaiyaki ~ RM18.99
Grilled Salmon with Cod fish roe. As usual, Salmon is always my favourite *love it*

Hotate Metaiyaki (2 pcs) ~ RM10.99
Succulent half shell scallops grilled with Cod fish roe. Seafood lover, please do not forget to try this. Its so juicy and simply delicious. 

Salmon Kabuto Nabe  RM19.99
Hearty Japanese-style hotpot with succulent Salmon head, assorted mushrooms and vegetables in flavoursome broth. OK this soup is so-so good. So good till i refill many times. Hehe.

Salmon Cheese Roll ~ RM16.99
Delectable rolls with Salmon, Crabstick, Japanese Omelette & Japanese cucumber topped off with cheese and spicy mayo. I called this soft sushi cos the ingredients inside the roll are all soft and juicy. Nice.

Green Tea Ice Cream with Red Bean Brown Bread Bun
I love the combination. The Green Tea Ice cream is not sweet at all and the Red bean brown bread bun complement the whole taste.

Sakae Sushi’s CNY celebration rewards more than just eager taste buds. Sakae introduces an all-new Prosperity Giveaway ~ Spend a mininum purchase of RM80, and receive a special reward includes the exclusive and attractively designed Sakae Limited Edition Angpows, RM8 prosperity voucher and a Prosperity Gift Card. With the Prosperity Gift Card, diners will stand a chance to win attractive prizes.

Some of the prizes include a set of limited edition Fortune Rong Rong & Lucky Mon Mon plush toys, which being introduced by Sakae Sushi. Rong Rong symbolises prosperity while Mon Mon means full of happiness. Both toys are so adorable and cute! Do not forget to take it home *like us* Other prizes are free food vouchers, or Sakae cash vouchers.

To add the joyfull to the Chinese New Year celebration, Sakae Sushi is also now having a "Pose for Prosperity" contest from 18 January till 29 February 2016. You only have to snap a 'Creative pose' with the  “Toss to Prosperity” Yee Sang standee located in front of Sakae Sushi outlets, upload it to Sakae Sushi comment section of Sakae Sushi Malaysia’s Facebook contest post and the most creative photo stands a chance to win attractive. So, readers .. lets do it. Take your most creative pic at the Standee and post it at Sakae Sushi's FB and lets pray for Win-Win and Win! Its fun, right.

So readers .. *peminat-peminat Japanese food, especially* Sakae Sushi has it all ~ amazing food discoveries, attractive rewards and auspicious toast. Wait not more .. lets usher the year of Monkey at Sakae Sushi.

For more information on the food and promotions, visit Sakes Sushi Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/sakaesushi/?ref=ts&fref=ts

Vibrant Chinese New Year Celebration for Shelter Home Children at eCurve

Hai lovely readers ..

I was at my another favourite shopping mall, eCurve to witness a Vibrant Chinese New Year Celebration with the children from the Shelter Home recently.

eCurve celebrated the coming new year with 20 children and their two caretakers from Shelter Home by treated and entertaining them with some games, bringing them for haircut, entertaining them with a fun and fast-paced Vibrant Vibes musical dance performance and finally treated them with a delectable and hearty dinner at Pelicana Chicken, a Korean eatery offering authentic gourmet fried chicken and more delicious dishes.

The children getting their stylish haircut at S'Pro Hairdresssing Salon. Wow .. everyone were seen so excited to see their new faces ya.

And what is Chinese New Year celebration without the Lion Dance? The children and crowd were seen enjoying the fun acrobatic Lion Dance performance by Kwong Ngai Lion dance troupe on that lovely evening.

Then it was the vibrant vibes musical dance performance. Such a fun and fast-paced performance that make us feel entertained.

Encik Azizul Hisham Ahmad, the Centre Manager of eCurve giving out Ang Pows to the children, adding an extra joy to the kids that day. Encik Azizul during his speech said that "As we usher in the Year of the Monkey, we are delighted to celebrate the occasion with the kids from the Shelter Home. Festive seasons are a time when family and friends get together, and it has been eCurve's pleasure to ensure that the joy are shared with the young guests. eCurve's are very happy to see the children had a great time here and they left home with fond of memories of their outing at the eCurve.

Finally, the children were treated with a delectable and hearty dinner and their caretakers at Pelicana Chicken, one of my favourite Korean eatery offering authentic gourmet fried chicken.

It was such a lovely evening. The children were seen enjoying their great time and had so much fun at eCurve .. they got their Chinese New Year haircut done, they were having fun at the eCurve game arcade, the Lion dance show was really entertaining as they played around with the kids and make them laugh happily, the pop performance was really entertaining and the kids went home happily with the goodies bags, ang pows and a hearty meal by Pelicana Chicken. Thanks eCurve for making the children happy *I'm happy too*  

From 8th January to 9th February 2016, patrons of eCurve will enjoy the captivating performances and the exhilarating acrobatic lion dance performances which will go live every Saturday, Sunday as well. If you are lucky enough, you will get the opportunity to meet the unmistakable God of Prosperity who will be strolling around the mall, distributing candies and extending festive greetings to patrons of eCurve.

eCurve is rewarding the patrons with various promotions and offers ranging from apparels to Chinese New Year decorations and goodies, all to usher in the lunar new year.

Shoppers who spend RM150 or above in a maximum of two receipts will be entitled to redeem a Candy Canister and Ang Pow packets courtesy of eCurve. Redemptions are subject to terms and conditions and while stocks last.

So readers, visit www.ecurve.com.my or eCurve Facebook page at www.facebook.com/eCurveMall or contact eCurve's Customer Care Officers at 03-7725 0277 for more info and get ready to get yourself entertain with all the programs line up by eCurve throughout the Chinese New Year Campaign. Enjoy your shopping and had a great fun there, OK.

Burn The Calories

Another Chapter of my exercise diary ~ Magyc Gym Dance Studio 26 January 2016.

I just arrived from my JB trip. Drove alone JB-KL .. journey completed in 3.5 hours, non-stop. Reached home happily at 5.30pm. Malam ni kita exercise. 

Tak penat ke? No. I was still energetic and ok. Syukur Alhamdulillah dengan nikmat kesihatan dan kekuatan minda yang Allah SWT berikan pada Misz-ella. 

Tiba-tiba rasa nak pakai pink dan kebetulan sama pulak dengan Farhana. Jom We-Fie.

Mix-Cardio and Tabata - Malam ni kita perah peluh habis-habisan. No mercy to you, Fat.

Plank with my new partner

That is Farhana with her Superwoman pose.

Melepas lelah sebentar dengan ambik gambar. Tabata or High Impact Interval Training betul-betul memerah tenaga .. Tabata Cardio, Tabata Boxing and Tabata Toning. Malam ni kita bakar lemak .. Good thing about Tabata is it give you a continuos burning effect for 16 hours so dalam masa 16 jam selepas melakukan Tabata, proses 'burning the calories' masih berterusan. I have done a lot of exercise .. Tabata is the fastest way to slim down and tone your body. Tak percaya? Challenge yourself. Cuba.

Tahniah buat wanita-wanita yang sayangkan diri dengan mengambil langkah untuk bersenam. I is so happy. Strong woman ~ healthier family. Mari jadi lebih sihat dan kuat dengan bersenam. Bukan sahaja untuk kita tapi juga untuk kesayangan kita. Lets do it ladies. Exercise is Fun!

They called me Barrbie Doll. Ada yang panggil i Kakak Bertenaga. Apa sahaja lah adik-adik .. yang penting misi kita sama - We hit the Dance Floor to be healthier and stronger. Moga Allah SWT permudahkan urusan kita. In Sha Allah. Amin.

So readers .. lets do exercise. Kita burn all the fats and calories. Jangan sayang lemak, k. Sayangi diri sendiri.

OK I'm done my sharing session with you. See you in the next Entry. Thanks baca. Bye.

Anugerah Juara Lagu 2016

Hai readers ..

Anugerah Juara Lagu dah berakhir dengan jaya nya pada Ahad lepas dengan kemenangan yang menggembirakan peminat-peminat lagu 'Potret'.

Good song and was perfectly delivered by Akim and The Majistret .. keputusan yang tak perlu dipertikaikan lagi .. masing-masing happy dan berpuashati.

Misz-ella lagi la puashati .. sebab dapat tengok Akim nyanyi LIVE dua kali

Potret is the song that i used to listen to if I can't sleep at night.  Potret is the song that i used to sing at Karaoke dan bila dengar Akim nyanyi LIVE ... OhMy .. suka nya. Tersangat lah suka gila dengan persembahan bertenaga dia.

Press Conference AJL 30 ~ Exclusive pose from Akim for his fans

Y Bhg Dato' Seri Vida with Akim. That night Dato' Seri wore blue .. tetap berseri bila dia melangkah di 'Pink Carpet'

Me and other Media friends - Kak Faz from Chit Chat Kak Fas, Farish from Galaxy Media and Cipot from Selebriti Online. 

Misz-ella tak nak cerita banyak tentang keputusan AJL 30 or whatever, just wanna say .. I enjoyed the show so much. Thanks TV3 for the invitation. The show was superb. Congrats to the production team. Congrats to the Winners. Thank You Qu Puteh as the main sponsor. Misz-ella sangat hepi. OkBye readers.

Main Kaki. Cik Ella busy-busy

Another week has arrived.
How fast times flies, kan.

Another Chapter of my exercise diary -Friday visit to the Gym. Friday is leg day. Just do it, Ella .. dont complain. So there you go .. Jom kita main kaki .. 30kg .. 10, 15, 20.  Gonna increase the weight next week. 30kg tak rasa apa lah.

We are addicted to sweat. Kalau tak berpeluh macam tak syok je. I always love to exercise together instead of alone. More motivation and encouragement. Off course, fun too.

Misz-ella paling tak suka berlari.  But since Threadmill is better than cycling and Cross Trainer .. run Ella run.

My schedule was still tight last week. Journey home by train cos I was lazy to drive. Sampai rumah dah lewat tapi Alhamdulillah .. diberi tahap kesihatan yang baik dan minda yang kuat oleh Allah SWT .. masih boleh senyum walau penat.  Life is a gift by Allah SWT.  Appreciate your life, friends. 

A photo with my 'international friend' Emmy Carter from Mongoose Publication, an Ex-patriate magazine.  Thanks for our Friday moments .. I appreciate.

Monday at JB. I was tired and sleepy but as usual, bukan jenis tidur siang .. hasrat nak tidur sekejap selepas 'check in' tak tercapai.

Double Tree Hilton JB Hhonors Floor .. my stay during travel with my 'Wanita Besi' Boss.  Tq Boss .. i always had a great fun whenever with you.

Two big bed and we add 1 extra bed .. bilik nya besar .. tersangat lah selesa. Pstt .. katil paling kemas tu I punya .. i pantang tengok katil selerak .. i is so fussy. Haha.

A photo before we went out for dinner.

One of my roommate, Syimah. Meh sini kita selfie .. I memang selfie queen.

Steamboat Dinner in JB. Thank you for the kind hearted Mr and Madam for the Dinner. We had so much fun eating, talking, laughing.  Salah satu anugerah Allah SWT yang paling indah adalah saat-saat macam ni .. mengeratkan silaturrahim dan ukhuwah sesama insan. Alhamdulillah.

This week will be another exciting week for me .. working, blogging. Hujung minggu ni Mama nak buat Kenduri Tahlil arwah Abah. Semoga semuanya berjalan lancar. InshaAllah. 

Have a great week ahead readers. Dont forget to check my blog. I have a lot of stories to update you. Thanks baca. Bye. 

'Stars of the Orient' Chinese New Year at the Curve

Hello lovely readers  ..

Soon we will be celebrating the arrival of Lunar New Year together. As one of the Malaysian living in this multi racial country, I am so excited to celebrate it too. I am so excited to watch the Lion Dance .. I am so excited to eat the Mandarin Orange and so excited to receive the 'Angpao' *and I love the firecrackers sound during this time too*. Yahh .. Lunar New Year is always a moment that I will be waiting for every year.

I was at my favourite Shopping Mall, the Curve for the Lunar New Year launched recently. The Curve is all set to usher the arrival of the Lunar New Year by hosting a daring acrobats all the way from Shanghai, China with the theme Stars of the Orient : An Acrobatic Spectacle ~ A stunning performances which will mesmerise shoppers at all ages.

From January 9 till February 9, 2016 a charming garden with graceful purple bamboo plants as well as a red Chinese lanterns complete with the traditional Chinese garden awaits visitors at the Centre Court of the Curve. Visitors will also admire the blooming peonies and cherry blossoms surrounding the area.

Against the peaceful serenity of the garden setting, the Stars of the Orient acrobatic troop will astound and inspire with near-unbelieavable feats.

An elegant aeralist, suspended 45 feet in the air by the simple, smooth silk fabric, will definitely leave the guests in total awe. I was amazed with the performances. They are able to bend, twist and mould their bodies into shapes beyond belief. All throughout, the magnificent acrobatic performance will be accompanied by a live dance musical show that will surely enthral and delight patrons.

Encik Hazmi Kamarudin, The General Manager of the Curve during the launched said that The Curve always treat their customers as priority and strive to create a pleasant environment for them to enjoy. With the impressive acrobatic performance by the professional troop that the Curve brought all the way from Shanghai specially for the patrons, this Chinese New Year will truly be an experience to remember. 

The Curve also bring the lighting-quick Master of Masks face-changing performance as well as meet the Gods of Prosperity as they roam around the Curve.

The Curve do not forget the Kids too .. the kids will have the opportunity to enjoy watching the Junior Oriental Troupe in action and will have the chance to test their creative talents in the Oriental Arts and Crafts Workshop.

And what is Chinese New Year without the Lion dance performances, right? At the Curve, patrons can enjoy a thrilling stunts acrobatic lion dance performances which will take place at the Centre Court and Piazza.

Last but not least, the Chinese Ensemble and Melodies of the Orient,  3-piece and 8-piece mini-orchestra instrumental performance will captive visitors with renditions of classic tunes using traditional Chinese instruments such as the erhu, pipa and guzheng.

During the Chinese New Year Campaign, the Curve will be rewarding the shoppers with the followings :-

  • Spend minimum RM138 (RM118 for UOB cardmembers) will be able to redeem exclusive Colours of Spring packets
  • Spend minimum RM388 (R338 for UOB cardmembers) and redeem adorable HouHou plush toys which are available in four different designs, courtesy of the Curve. 
All redemptions are subject to terms and conditions.

Good news for UOB Cardmembers !! Two luxury Mercedes-AMG A 45 vehicles are up for grabs just for UOB Bank cardmembers. From January 9 till February 14 2016, every RM50 spent at any outlet in the Curve will earn 5X entries. Simply register for the contest by sending an SMS with the message "UOBP3<space>16-digit UOB Credit/Debit Card number" to 66300. Terms and conditions of this promotions can be found at www.uob.com.my.

More information about the Curve's Chinese New Year Campaign can be found at www.thecurve.com.my or www.facebook.com/theCurveShoppingMall or contact Curve's Customer Care at 03-77106868.

So readers .. lets go shopping for your Lunar New Year at the Curve with your family and friends. Shops and get yourself entertain at the same time. Its fun!