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Jom Gaya Hidup Sihat ~ Makan dan Exercise

Another chapter of my exercise diary .. hidup Misz-ella camni la .. kalau tak kerja, exercise. Kalau tak kat Event kat Gym. Tu je la tempat...

"Bungkus of Happiness" - Baskin Robbins X Tom Abang Saufi Limited Edition Wrap for this Hari Raya

Hello lovely readers,

World's largest chain of ice cream specialty shop, Baskin Robbins collaborated with famous local designer Dato Tom Abang Saufi's brand TAS with a project called "Bungkus Of Happiness".

"Bungkus of Happiness" featuring specially designed Baskin Robbins inspired wraps that incorporated modern elements with traditional classiness.

This limited time only promotion allows you to "bungkus"(wrap) your favourite ice-creams in the premium quality wrap and share your happiness with family and friends! That's how this collaboration get the name - "Bungkus of Happiness"!

Dato Abang Saufi is a leading Malaysia's fashion designer and is well-known for her effort in promoting local batik culture. Her TAS collection has never been shy to use vibrant colours to portray the clashing of modern fashion and traditional colours inserting creative elements into all her design.

Three beautiful wraps were specially designed by Dato Tom Abang Saufi for "Bungkus of Happiness" namely ketupat wrap, sweet Ice-cream wrap and vibrant Waffle wrap, all made from high-quality silk mix fabric. The wraps are perfect as gifting and can be reused in many different ways, including using them as a scarves or tudung (head scarves)

The "Bungkus of Happiness" wrap designed by Dato' Tom Abang Saufi integrates both the Malays tradition and Baskin Robbin's culture.

Ketupat is a traditional Malay delicacies and a popular Raya food. Dato' Tom uses various colours to represent the woven palm leaf to bring out the gentleness in it. Waffle and ice-cream are inseparable, Dato' Tom uses Baskin Robbins signature colours to bring out the vibrant in the wrap while the ice-cream wrap features the sugary sweet ice-cream motifs.

"Bungkus of Happiness" is available in 3 packages, packed tastefully in limited- edition Bungkus Happiness X TAS wrap. The packages are:- 

10 single junior scoops for RM115
8 single regular scoops for RM125
4 pints for RM145 
with 3 choices of wrap designs: Gentle Ketupat/Sweet Ice-cream/Vibrant waffle

"Bungkus of Happiness" is available from 3rd June - 31 July 2019 (while stock lasts). Don't miss the opportunity, readers. Get your "Bungkus of Happiness" and share it with your family and loved one today!

Palace Carnival SU.RE SIHAT 2019 - 27 & 28th July at Palace of Golden Horses Hotel

Hello lovely readers,

Planning quality activities with your family, friends or loved one this weekend?

Why not step into Palace Carnival SU.RE SIHAT 2019 which will take place on 27th and 28th July 2019 from 10am till 10pm at Palace of Golden Horses Hotel.

Organised by Persatuan Sukan dan Rekreasi Kuala Lumpur, there are so many activities awaits you combining both health and family fun activities.

Listen to the Health Talk by Dr. Mustafa Taher, Gastro & Bariatric Surgeon and take the opportunity to have your health screening for free. Move your body to the beat with your Zumba Zin and do not forget to enjoy family fun activities such as horse carriage ride, fire eater show, water taxi, poney ride, cooking demonstration, performance by local artists and many more.

Entrance are free and if you are lucky enough, you might bring home lucky draw prizes too. 

So my dear readers, block the date and see you there. Let's have some healthy fun time together, k.

Thank You AeroDarat Services Sdn Bhd - the preferred ground services for passenger

Hello lovely readers,

I was in Kota Kinabalu with some of my 'kesayangans' a few months ago. That was a short and sweet 3D2N holiday trip where we spent quality times enjoying Sabahans food, had our BBQ dinner at the beachfront villa, woke up and had my morning coffee with Puan Sri Dato Zainab *I called her Tok Nab, my mak angkat who is also a coffee lover like me), slept in the same room and we went here and there together. Good times come and go but the memories last forever .. so sweet, kan.

Me and Tok Nab in the MAS flight 

Once I touched down KLIA, I found that my luggage bag was broken. This is due to the mishandled baggage services by the airline crew. Sad. I was so sad. I traveled the whole with this luggage bag and I love it so much!

What to do when your baggage was damaged during the flight? As a passenger, it is important for you to know that you may be entitled to compensation for the inconvenience caused.

Firstly, go to the AeroDarat office (for Malaysia Airlines passenger), meet the officer to lodge a written complaint. You will be required to fill up a simple form stating your personal particulars, flight details, ticket detail etc .. etc ..

Upon completion, the form will be processed by the Officer in charge. You will be given two options:-

To claim the compensation through your Travel Insurance policy where all documentations will be prepared and certified by AeroDarat Services crew
Get compensate with a new baggage at the same time

Knowing that I had a very busy schedule, I chose Option 2, so I brought home a new luggage bag that night. 

Kindly note that other than the damaged baggage, the passenger is also entitled to lost or delayed baggage as long as the written complaint is submitted to your airline:-
on arrival or within 7 days of arrival of your baggage is damaged
on arrival of within 21 days of arrival if your baggage is delayed

Thank You to the officer in charge who attended to my complaint. The matter was handled professionally, smoothly and I was happy.

Regardless what people say and varieties of airlines today, I always love to travel with Malaysia Airlines. Feeling so patriotic bila terbang dengan nama dan bendera Malaysia. 

OK I'm done with my sharing session. Thank you for reading and see you in my next sharing. Bye.

In the end, life is short, Baby

In life, we will meet the unkind person who is unkind to us regardless of how kind we treated them. Be kind to them. They need it the most.

Beauty is when you appreciate yourself. Learn to like yourself, love and respect yourself and let those feelings grow each day. When you love yourself, you want nothing except the best for yourself. Isn't it beautiful?

We can't please everyone. Even when we have done the best and do wrong to no one, there is still someone who is not happy or unsatisfied with us. It's ok. We do not have to work hard to be everyone's sweetheart. Just be you and stay true to your heart.

Life is a journey full of challenges. Believe that in the middle of difficulty lies opportunity. Be strong because God chose to give the hardest battle to His toughest soldier. Always keep your head up and don't forget to 'lift'

In the end, you can't always choose what to keep. Simply because it is not the best for you. No matter how difficult, let it go and let it be.

Anger, hate, regret, envy, disappointment are negatives and can become toxic emotions that eat us up. None of these emotions are good for our heart. Set your heart free and enjoy positive vibes!

There comes a time in your life, you just have to walk away from all the drama and people who create it. No official goodbye, no bad words, no fight, and no hate. You just need to save yourself the hurt .. walk away.

In the end, life is short, baby. Too short to live in regret, to be sad, to look back, to be mad, to be depressed and to be unkind. Please remember to love all, trust a few and do wrong to none.

Nakee 2 - filem horror fantasy dari Thailand yang best!

Hello pembaca kesayangan,
Misz-ella sudah menonton filem seram dan fantasy dari Thailand berjudul Nakee 2 yang dibawakan khas oleh TGV Pictures. Filem Nakee 2 sudah mula ditayangkan dipawagam-pawagam tempatan pada 18 Julai yang lalu.
Nakee 2 mengisahkan tentang Sroy, seorang gadis yang dilahirkan dan tinggal di perdalaman perkampungan Don Mai Pah, yang terletak di utara Thailand. Dia dibesarkan dengan kepercayaan Jao Mae Nakee serta membantu neneknya menjual bunga kepada pengunjung yang menyembah Jao Mae Nakee. Dia juga turut menjaga tugu batu Jao Mae Nakee sejak dari kecil, dan disebabkan itu hubungannya dengan Jao Mae Nakee begitu kuat menyebabkan dia menyanjung tinggi Jao Mae Nakee.
Sementara itu, detektif polis, Captain Pongrab yang baru  melaporkan diri di Balai polis Don Mai Pah berhadapan dengan beberapa siri pembunuhan kejam. Mangsa mati dalam keadaan menyayat hati dan kebanyakan kes tersebut tidak dapat diselesaikan.
Penduduk kampung percaya, kes pembunuhan tersebut dilakukan oleh Jao Mae Nakee dan mengaitkan dengan kejadian pembunuhan itu dengan Sroy disebabkan ketaksuban dan keakraban Sroy dengan tugu batu tersebut. Sroy mula diburu oleh penduduk kampung.
Captain Pongprab tidak percaya kepada kejadian mistik dan hantu serta tidak percaya dengan tuduhan tidak berasas terhadap gadis tersebut. Maka dia pun mula mencari kebenaran disebalik jenayah misteri yang berlaku di perkampungan Don Mai Pah. Beberapa kejadian dan kematian penuh misteri terus berlaku dan akhirnya segala-galanya terbongkar ...
Siapakah pembunuh kejam beberapa kematian misteri tersebut? Adakah Sroy? Ok yang ni suspen sikit so you all kena tonton sendiri filem ini dari mula sampai habis untuk mendapat jawapannya dan kalau sehingga ke akhir filem masih ada tandatanya atau misteri yang tidak terjawab, ingatlah bahawa ini adalah filem horror fantasy. Selamat berfantasi you all, macam i *hehehe*
Pelakon :- Urassaya Sperbund sebagai Sroy,  Nadech Kugimiya sebagai Pongprab
Pengarah :- Pongpat Wachirabunjong 

Arissto Coffee Maker Machine ~ RM1 sahaja sebulan

Hello readers!

Peminat-peminat kopi mesti dah tau tentang kewujudan Arissto Coffee Maker Machine yang boleh disewa dengan RM1 sebulan ini.

Persoalannya? Betul ke RM1? Sedap ke kopi tu? 

Untuk pengetahuan semua, Misz-ella telah mula menjadi pengguna atau penyewa Arissto Coffee Maker Machine ini sejak bulan Disember tahun lepas. Nama pun peminat tegar kopi .. kalau tak minum kopi dalam sehari .. Serba serbi tak kena my life .. so it's good to have a coffee maker in my own home and enjoy my hot latte at anytime I wish to. 

Cerita-cerita tentang kopi ... kebaikan dan khasiat kopi kepada diri kita juga telah banyak Misz-ella kongsikan di blog ini .. malah jenis kopi terbaik di dunia dan cara-cara membuat Hot Latte pun pernah Misz-ella kongsikan di blog ini.

Picture Creator:Cultura RM Exclusive/Ben Pipe Photography
Credit:Getty Images/Cultura Exclusive

Tahukah you all bahawa budaya minum kopi ini telah dimulakan oleh masyarakat Itali pada tahun 1500 lagi? Orang Itali mempunyai cara tersendiri apabila minum kopi sehingga ianya menjadi ikutan seantero dunia. 

Orang Itali memulakan pagi dengan Cappucino atau Latte untuk sarapan, manakala Espresso, Long Black dan yang lain-lain lagi diambil sewaktu santai atau ketika 'take a break'. Tahukah you all bahawa tiada istilah 'coffee take away' di Itali kecuali di stesen keretapi kerana 'take a break' dan minum kopi merupakan amalan dan budaya orang Itali?

Menariknya tentang kopi dari Itali ini ialah, tak kira dimana anda berada, kualiti kopi nya adalah sangat konsisten.

Menyedari segala fakta tersebut, Arissto Coffee Maker Machine yang menggunakan teknologi Itali ini memberi peluang untuk kita semua menikmati kopi premium, kopi Itali dari Itali tanpa perlu ke Itali malah ianya boleh dinikmati di mana sahaja. Paling menarik sewa mesin kopi ini hanya RM1.00 sahaja sebulan.

Design Arissto Coffee Maker machine ini sangat menarik .. kecil, comel dan tidak mengambil terlalu banyak ruang *very space friendly*

Bahan yang perlu ada untuk membuat secawan Latte yang enak di rumah mahupun di pejabat anda semestinya adalah Kopi premium dari Itali dan Susu yang didatangkan dalam bentuk kapsul. Kedua-dua kapsul ini boleh didapati dari Arissto.

Dan semestinya lah kita perlukan air panas untuk buat kopi, kan. Jangan bimbang kerana Arissto Coffee Maker Machine ini lengkap dengan balang air untuk kita masukkan air room temperature biasa je untuk digunakan ketika membuat kopi.

Arissto Coffee Maker Machine juga membolehkan kita 'D.I.Y' kopi kita sendiri iaitu mahu sukatan Kecil atau Besar? Kalau mahu lebih, tekan butang yang bawah, kalau mahu sukatan yang lebih kecil, tekan butang yang atas. You all boleh berkreatif dalam menyediakan kopi sendiri. Contohnya .. nak 1 kopi dan 2 susu? Atau mahu 1 kopi dan 1 susu? 

Sejak ada Arissto Coffee Maker Machine ni, Misz-ella tak perlu lagi keluar rumah untuk secawan Latte. Malah boleh buat Latte ini pada bila-bila waktu yang Misz-ella suka. Rasa Latte ini pun sangat sedap!

Paling seronok bila tengok macam ni .. Uiii .. cantiknya kopi Latte buatan sendiri ni .. berlapis2!

Misz-ella memang suka kopi yang dibrew fresh macam ni dibandingkan dengan kopi segera 3-in-1. Starbucks? Coffee Bean? Illy? San Francisco Coffee? McDonalds? You name it .. hampir semua kedai kopi baik yang berjenama mahupun tidak Misz-ella dah masuk. Kopi Arissto tetap yang paling murah dan dibuat dari biji kopi bertaraf Premium! 

Senang sangat buat kopi Latte sendiri di rumah dengan adanya Arissto Coffee Maker Machine ni. Siap dalam 2-3 minit sahaja. Kapsul kopi yang sudah digunakan tu, boleh la dibuang.

Terdapat enam variasi perisa kopi premium Itali untuk dipilih iaitu Sunrise, Passion, Lonely, Luna, In Love, Amico, 1 choco *buat penggemar Hot chocolate*, yang disertai dengan Susu. Misz-ella pilih Amico. Ada masanya, Misz-ella brew Amico dan diminum begitu sahaja, tanpa susu dan gula. Kopi Amico sedikit pahit tetapi sedap!

Selain dari itu, Arissto Coffee Maker Machine juga sangat ringan (cuma 3.5kg sahaja). Boleh dibawa ke mana sahaja. Bawak balik kampung boleh, ke rumah kawan boleh atau dalam ayat yang lebih mudah, you all boleh buat Italian coffee party di mana-mana sahaja apabila you all memiliki Arissto Coffee Maker Machine ni.

Dan ye pembaca sekalian .. Sewa bulanan bagi mesin pembancuh kopi Arissto Kopi Itali dari Itali ini hanya RM1.00 sahaja sebulan. Tiada caj tersembunyi .. malah pengguna/penyewa boleh membuat bayaran melalui credit atau debit kad masing-masing. Jumlah bayaran setiap pengguna/penyewa tidak sama ye .. bergantung kepada berapa kotak Kapsul kopi dan susu yang you all ambil. 

Nak tau tak bagaimana cara nak dapatkan Arissto Coffee Maker Machine ni supaya you all boleh menikmati kopi kegemaran you all tak kira masa dan di mana sahaja tanpa perlu membebankan poket you all kerana harganya yang sangat 'wallet friendly

Misz-ella diperkenalkan kepada Arissto Coffee Maker Machine oleh kawan Misz-ella, Cik Della. Cik Della adalah antara orang yang mula-mula sekali mengenali Arissto Coffee Maker Machine ni dan oleh kerana dia tau yang Misz-ella peminat kopi, maka dia pun kenalkan mesin kopi comel ini kepada Misz-ella. Cik Della. Dari jauh dia datang, explain tentang bagaimana cara menggunakan mesin kopi Arissto yang comel ni, cara-cara membuat kopi, cara-cara penjagaannya dan bagaimana kita boleh memilik mesin kopi ini sendiri. tanpa perlu membelinya. Pengetahuan Della tentang Arissto Coffee Maker Machine, kopi dan produk-produk lain keluaran Arissto *sekarang sudah ada teh* sangat luas. Tanya apa sahaja, In Sha Allah Cik Della boleh jawab.

Selain dari dapat menikmati kopi yang di brew fresh melalui Arissto Coffee Maker Machine ini, pihak Arissto turut menyediakan platform buat pengguna-penggunanya untuk menjana kewangan iaitu dengan cara mengajak dan mendidik orang ramai akan kebaikan menikmati kopi Arissto yang berkualiti berbanding dengan kopi segera yang telah dicampur bahan-bahan bersifat 'kimia' yang lain pada harga yang sangat minima. Tiada yuran penyertaan, tiada kontrak, tak perlu membeli mesin pembancuh kopi yang mahal harganya dan tiada apa-apa syarat yang ketat dikenakan. You all hanya perlu bayar RM1.00 sebulan untuk sewa Arissto Coffee Maker Machine dan beli minimum 20 kapsul Kopi atau Teh untuk dinikmati bersama keluarga. Sungguh berbaloi dan tidak membebankan dompet kita, kan.

So pembaca kesayangan Misz-ella dan juga peminat tegar kopi, jangan tunggu lama-lama lagi, sila telefon atau Whatsapp Cik Della di no telefon 60 14-237 6188 untuk dapatkan Arissto Coffee Maker Machine hari ini. Sambil itu, Cik Della boleh terangkan cara-cara untuk menjana pendapatan sampingan dengan Arissto Coffee Maker Machine ini. Sambil menikmati kopi yang segar dan sedap, ada peluang untuk menjana pendapatan sampingan jugak. Menarik, kan.

OK Misz-ella dah habis berkongsi tentang khasiat kopi, asal usul budaya minum kopi iaitu dari Itali dan cara-cara untuk memiliki Arissto Coffee Maker Machine. Terima Kasih baca. Jumpa lagi di lain entry, ye. Bye, readers.

Dilan 1991 - in cinema on 11 July 2019

Hello readers,

Remember the story of two friends,  Dilan, and Milea in Dilan 1990? Their romance story is back with Dilan 1991. Dilan and Milea are officially in love!

In the midst of their happiness, Dilan is under the shadow of getting expelled from school because of his fight with Anhar. Dilan is also getting into more fights and creating more enemies. Milea is worried about Dilan's future if he keeps getting into trouble. As his girlfriend, Milea feels she has a right to forbid Dilan from being involved in his biker gang.

One day, Dilan is ganged up by strangers. And when Dilan finds out who they are, he plans for revenge. Milea, desperate to face Dilan's hardheadedness, finally gives Dilan the ultimatum to quit the biker gang, or it's the end of them as a couple. Dilan takes it quietly.

Milea who is close to Dilan's mother thought that both of them will be able to change Dilan's mind. But Dilan is still Dilan. A war commander, leader of a biker gang who will always get into trouble and be targeted by enemies to beat him up.

Amidst all those troubles, Yugo comes along, the son of Milea's Dad's distance cousin, just back from Belgium. They spend quite some time together. Yugo likes Milea and Milea...only loves Dilan.

Readers, I have watched their romance story with other press on 3rd July 2019. I love the movie. The cinematography was good and I love Bandung in 1991 but off course, I love their romance more.

What will happen to both of them? Will their relationship survive? You got to it watch it, guys! Dilan is now showing at all cinemas in Malaysia, starting from 11 July 2019!

Cast :-
Iqbaal Ramadhan as Dilan
Vanesha Prescilla as Milea
Ira Wibowo as Dilan's mother

Director :-
Fajar Bustomi, Pidi Baiq

Hello July - my birthday month

Hai everyone and hey it's July ..

Time flies so fast and we have entered the next second terms of the year. I love July cos July is my birthday month.

Yah I was born on 3rd July, 46 years ago, sharing the same zodiac (Cancer) with our current Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamed *Happy Belated Birthday, Tun*, his beloved wife Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah *her birthday is on 12th July*, Hollywood stars such as Tom Cruise, Lindsay Lohan, Selena Gomez, Sylvester Stallone, Tom Hanks, Vin Diesel and the late Prince Diana.

Every year on my birthday, I will wake up with mix feelings. Feel blessed with my colorful life. Selama 46 tahun di muka bumi ini, macam-macam pengalaman yang dah dilalui. Kalau dikenang segala penat lelah, pahit manis, jerih, perih .. rasa sangat bertuah kerana di sebalik semua dugaan-dugaan itu, yang manis-manis juga ganjaran dari Dia. Alhamdulillah.

Tahun ini, birthday Misz-ella jatuh pada salah satu dari hari-hari terakhir bulan Syawal. A day before my birthday, my lovely Puan Sri Dato Zainab *i called her Tok Nab* invited me to her resort, Hacienda Hermosa for a treat with few friends. Unfortunately, I can't make it cos I went back to my hometown to settle our family issues and I told her that the next day (3rd July) will be my birthday. Sadly, I will be busy since early morning because I have accepted a few assignments.

My lovely Tok Nab, as usual .. her heart is full of loves ..come to my house for dinner Ella. I have guests coming .. join us! It's your birthday, Ella .. let's celebrate

Kalau Tok Nab yang ajak, my heart .. melt! melt! and melted again and again. Plus I havent visiting her during this Raya.

So there I was on the night of 3rd July .. celebrating my 46th birthday at the beautiful resident of Tan Sri Datuk Seri Ibrahim Saad and Puan Sri Dato Zainab Puan Sri Zainab is lika a mother to me .. bila dia bercakap, dengah lemah lembutnya, penuh dengan kasih sayang . Dia baru panggil nama I, I dah cair ..*hehehe*

Met many friends during the dinner ~ penyanyi popular Shila Hamzah, Mamazie, Datin Liza, DS Ezzan, my lovely pretty Puan Sri Nisa and Aishah who celebrated her birthday together with me that night. Happy Birthday dear Aishah. Many Happy Returns.

When ladies get together .. PHOTOS IS A MUST!

Yang ni berdua bila jumpa, like we are in our own world . macam tak dak orang lain di sekeliling ~ moments with my darling, Puan Sri Nisa ..

All in .. all in  .. we had fun talking and ate delicious food at Tok Nab's beautiful resident. Laksa, Lemang, Rendang, Nasi dan lauk pauk best-best termasuklah durian cicah budu, varieties of cakes, all served with Lots of loves

Thank you Tan Sri Dr. Ibrahim Saad and Puan Sri Dato Zainab (Tok Nab) for the lovely dinner and my small sweet birthday celebration. I love both of you.