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Jom Gaya Hidup Sihat ~ Makan dan Exercise

Another chapter of my exercise diary .. hidup Misz-ella camni la .. kalau tak kerja, exercise. Kalau tak kat Event kat Gym. Tu je la tempat...

Norwegian Seafood Journey Fest

Another Food Fest that I attended two weeks ago was Norwegian Seafood Journey Fest .. held at Mandarin Oriental Hotel, KLCC.

Delight in a dazzling array of seafood from the coastal waters of Norway, that is renowned for its quality, natural taste and delicate seafood at Mosaic, by Chef Markus Dybwad such as lobster bisque, snow crabs, Norwegian herring, a variety of smoked salmon, read and black caviar with condiments, and many more ~ A luxury seafood fest held by Norwegian Seafood.

Earlier, we were presented by a demonstration on how to cut the Salmon and Halibut by Chef Markus Dybwad, a Norwegian born Chef. Chef Markus shared his experience in Asia to give the best of what can be offered of cold water seafood.  

The Snow Crab and Halibut were served after the presentation. Ohh yeah .. we love the delicious, fresh and very juicy Norwegian seafood.

Chef Markus Dybwad with the varieties of seafood from Norway

The Norwegian Seafood Journey Fest were held at the Mosaic, The Mandarin Oriental Hotel, KLCC

Fresh Norwegian Seafood ~ Is definitely a heaven for seafood lovers

The Fest presented the Norwegian Seafood in Malaysian style too ~ The tandoori crab, Curry prawn .. Hummmm Yummy!

Grilled section

The Japanese Section

The cold/salad section ~ Ahhhh sooo yummy

Waffle served with Brown cheese ~ A special recipe from Chef Markus Dybwad. We love it so much. We can't stop eating it and kept on refilling. Haha.

Coffee and Beer ~ Definitely the beer is not mine. But the coffee served is damn good till me and friend took more than one. Caffeine overloaded!! Haha.

The cold water seafood from Norway will definitely satisfy a seafood lover like me. Me and friends were having a good time testing the fresh cold water seafood. A cool night full of fun and laughter, met new friends from the 'fish industry' and enjoyed the Norwegian seafood. Thanks again for the invitation ya.

Joget Malam/Siang Hari

Hello Hai ..

I was having a toughed time. Starting from Saturday-Sunday-Monday .. badan rasa tak sedap. Sakit sana sini. I felt so discomfort. But then, routine has to be done. Monday morning my condition getting worst. Emotionally affected .. and ada last minute meeting. But again .. life has to goes on. Kena selalu positif even sedang berada dalam keadaan negatif. So lawan.

Misz-ella pergi meeting on Monday. It was heavy rain. I was wet since there was no umbrella in the car. Hujan rahmat, kan sebab KL is so hazey. Lepas meeting, pergi Food Review. Ohhh traffic was bad. KL is so jem. Thank God i selamat sampai. OK masa ni tahap kesihatan menurun. I was having stomach discomfort out of a sudden. Tiba-tiba je. But still, i mempositifkan diri walau sedang berada di dalam keadaan negatif. I managed to stay until the last. Alhamdulillah. God gave me the strength to under went all the pain. 

Woke up on Tuesday morning, feel better. Alhamdulillah saya sihat. Tak demam atau selsema walau mandi hujan hari sebelumnya. God Bless. I know God love me. Diberi kekuatan untuk menghadapi hari-hari sukar. Tuesday afternoon, returned to SU and drove to Kuala Selangor. Nak settlekan hal-hal yang 'pending' and Yes!! My Tuesday was lovely even my Monday was crazy. I love my Tuesday *happy*

Dancing with Angah on Tuesday night ~ Starting with the Latino 'Sex On The Beach' Song we moved on from one song to another. I gave my full heart and soul. 200% focus. Saya sangat hepi dapat melenjan diri.

Sunday morning photographs .. rambut basah tanda perpeluhan adalah sangat maksima. Best you alls. Bersenam adalah sangat best. Kalau tak percaya, cubalah. Nanti you all akan jadi macam Misz-ella ,, dah start tak boleh berhenti. Haha.

Sunday exercise with Ismayanti @ si Bedak Sejuk. So happy to see her after we didnt see each other for quite some time. Happy gila!! Ok masa ni betul-betul dah kuyup sebab mandi peluh.

Misz-ella, Ekin and Angah ~ Kelas Ekin adalah sangat best. Simple step tapi sangat high impact. I like sangat-sangat. I am a very fast moving person. I like anything fast. Haha.

Why did you exercise? Why are you pushing yourself too hard? Ye. Saya harus 'push' diri saya supaya keep on moving .. try hard .. work hard .. kerana itu adalah cara saya mengekalkan kecergasan tubuh badan. If I didnt push myself, I will be a very weak person. I do not want to be weak. I want to be a strong, healthy woman so that I can contribute to my love one. Saya tak suka melepek atas katil or depan TV cos it make me feel so lazy and I will feel so unenergetic. Entahlah .. mungkin sebab dah terbiasa aktif se awal umur 20an. Trust me exercise is fun. Trust me dengan exercise peredaran darah lebih lancar. Trust me bila peredaran darah lancar, sistem-sistem dalaman badan berjalan dengan lebih sempurna maka muka pun lebih bercahaya dan awet muda. Haha. Ok Bye. I'm done with my sharing session with you. Thanks baca. I love you, readers especially yang wanita-wanita ye.  Jom la kita bersenam. Jom kita sehat untuk kesayangan kita semua. Jom.

Soft Shell Crab Spagetthi, Sirloin Steak, Chicken Cordon Blue, Nachos at The Morning After

Hai readers ..

Misz-ella pergi Food review lagi baru-baru ni. This time its The Morning After at Plaza Ativo, Sri Damansara, Kuala Lumpur.

Well, as you know, this is not my first visit to The Morning After. I reviewed The Morning After at Jaya One, Petaling Jaya before. Read this Entry to refresh memory, ya.

Soft Shell Crab Spagetthi 
This is nice tapi rasanya macam kurang aroma rempah ratus yang biasa didapati di dalam sepinggan Spagetthi je. This Soft Shell Crab Spagetthi is one of the best seller in The Morning After.

 Sirloin Steak
Soft juicy steak but i prefer Black Pepper Sauce more than the Brown Sauce. Perhaps I should ask for the sauce that I love more, ya.

 Chicken Cordon Blue
Ohh I love this meal. The Chicken is crispy, not dry but juicy .. goes well with the white creamy sos and the potatoes wedges served.

Another favourite in The Morning After is the Nachos. I always love Nachos, anyway .. so tak heran la kan kalau di mana-mana sahaja Nachos jadi pilihan

 The drinks at The Morning After - not mine .. I took photo only. Hehe.

Haha. Yeahhh .. I am the best cos I love to eat. Hehehe.

The Morning After is definitely a nice place to dine and chill with your loved one. The ambience is soft and relaxing. The food is great too. Sedap dan tidak mengecewakan. Misz-ella pun nak pergi lagi nak bawak Aiman. Nak makan Nachos. Hehe. Ok Bye readers. I'm done with my sharing session with you. Byeee.