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Have Fun with your furry kids at My Pets Carnival!

Hello readers ..

If you are an animal lovers .. I Tiara Production Sdn Bhd is proudly bring to you My Pets Carnival, this coming September 29, 30th and October 1st at Central Park, One Utama.

This 3 days extraordinary pets carnival aim to introduce a transformational platform for the pets industries in Malaysia. Raising the awareness of not only the pet owners but also general public, the organiser advocate the love for animals and also intend to create bonding time where the owners and their furry kids will never forget.

Hafiz Zahari, Irene, Subashini Ravichandreni and Johnson Low

Ms Irene Tan, the oganiser of My Pets Carnival said "This year, My Pets Carnival has appointed two celebrities, Hafiz Zahari and the Petite Beauty Queen Subashini Ravichandreni who will together with the official Ambassador Johnson Low joining the Carnival with their furry kids. Their appointments as an Ambassador represent and express the ultimate intentions of the Carnival as they often contributed to the Pets society and this will help to increase the awareness of pets welfare to the public"

With the support of 1 Utama as collaborating partner, My Pets Carnival also received sponsorship from Taro Chats, Pets Lover Centre, 88 Pets Mart and Baddogz Jin Studio who agreed to be part of the Carnival.

Hafiz Bahari with his furry kid. So Cute!

Many interesting programs has been outlined for the Event. Among that are :-

70 metres x 6 metres Water Slide
Pet owners will enjoy a massive 70 meter long and 6 meter wide water slide. Considering the workload and cost involved in such construction, this will be this will be the first in Malaysia among common pet shows, intended to introduce an innovative, adventurous and tremendous fun for furry kids and their owners, under a safe and controlled environment.

Swimming pool
Dip into the pool with your furry kids and enjoy quality times together! Life jackets will be available for rent if your furry kids are still in training. Dogs and cats will be separated in two different pools!

Costume parade and Contest
Time to dress up and groom!! Be creative with your furry kids ~ same theme dress perhaps? Join the parade and stand a chance to win prizes. Interesting, right!

Catwalk Show by Miss Malaysia Petite Spokesperson
Lets witness the Miss Malaysia Petite Spokesperson on the runway with their furry kids. Either they will walk-with-cat or perform their catwalk together, both are promises to be fun!

Hammock Area
Be more adventurous with your furry kids! Get into the hammock and watch the skies together. The ride is free and the environment is safe. Best place to spend quality time together!

Camp with your Pets
Free your calender on 30th September and 1st October 2017 from any activities. Lets go to a camp site and sleep in tent under the moonlight and stars or go kayaking with the pets in the lake. Fun, right!

Adoption Drive
In alignment with the organizer's objectives to create awareness on strays and to promote the love for animals in general, My Pets Carnival will devote a large part of its booths to NGOs in support of non-profitable groups who are involved in animal's welfare. We hope that through these stands we are able to bring betterment for the stray issues, as we advocate the spirit of caring and compassion through the platform, for animals from all walks of life.

Magic show, Children colouring contest & Games
Its Fun Fair time where you, your family and pets will be entertain with lots of entertainment, fun and experience are crucial for you to grab. There will be a lucky draw with prizes comprising of pet products for your pets too! 

LED lighting
Experience what LED lights can offer at night with your pets!

Inflatable Balloon, Backdrop/Photo Wall and Welcome tent
These custom-made items are designed to decorate the Carnival in the park and of course it will be something new again!

Flea market, Food truck and Food stalls
Endless entertainment awaits us at My Pets Carnival here besides the pets booth, immerse yourselves in and shop various products from your furry kids items to human products. Remember .. Its Carnival!!

So readers .. if you have a pet, My Pets Carnival is an event that you should look forward too. Lets spend quality time together with your furry kids by supporting the carnival, this coming 29 September till 1 October 2017 at One Central Park @ 1 Utama, Bandar Utama from 3pm to 11pm. Its gonna be fun!

More information about My Pets Carnival can be find at www.MyPetsCarnival.comor at https://www.facebook.com/MyPetsCarnival/

Or by contacting Ms Wai at 010-8997106.