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KBEAUTY ~ SEP Jeju Mask Pack - Tangerine and Green Tea Mask Review

Hello readers ..

Who love mask? Me!! One of the best way to show some love to our skin is by pampering it with good quality mask once a week to ensure our skin gets proper nutrients needed. I always love mask!

I recently was introduced to SEP Jeju Mask Pack - A box of 4 boxes of masks reached my doorstep. I was excited to give myself a try.

There are four types of mask produced by this brand - SEP.
Cactus Fruits Mosturizing Mask
Canola Honey Nourishing Mask
Green Tea Soothing Mask
Tangerine Brightening Mask

The masks are originally and purely made in Korea, from the purest ingredients of Jeju Island. Jeju Island or also known as Jejudo is blessed with exotic nature originated ingredients and pure land of the mysterious volcanic origin. Half of all Korean vascular plants grow naturally on the island. 

I wanted to share my experienced using SEP's Green Tea Soothing Mask. Jeju Island, filled with volcanic rocks and mineral is the best place for tea cultivation. Lets see what this SEP Jeju Green tea mask can do to my skin !

Apply it to your clean face (after toner)

Lightly pat the mask onto your face to allow better absorption

Leave it on your skin for 10-20 minutes. Ummm .. I love the green tea scent from the mask .. I gave me a soothing feeling till I fall asleep for 5 minutes .. LOL!

Remove the mask and evenly spread the remaining juice on the face

What I can share with you is .. SEP Jeju Green tea mask has soothed my tired face *LOVE*

Next review is about SEP Jeju Tangerine Brightening mask. If you go to Jeju Island, you will notice a lot of tangerine trees planted on the road. Tangerine from Jeju Island is reportedly to be sweet and sour in flavour. They said .. when in Jeju, do not forget to experience Tangerines picking! Well .. I never had such experience before and that made me more excited to figure out what this SEP Jeju Tangerine Brightening mask can do to my skin. Lets check it out!

Stick the mask on your clean face. Spread it evenly on your face and pat it lightly for better absorption. Leave it for 10-20 minutes and enjoy the mild and soft tangerine scent.

SEP Jeju Tangerine brightening mask brightened my dull skin, making it glows and shine perfectly. I had a crystal clear skin, instantly *LOVE*

 Now let me share you this tips .. in case if you are in hurry, need to attend a party, event but your skin is not ready ~ dull, tired .. do this ladies .. put on SEP's tangerine brightening mask and enjoy a glowing skin, instantly. 

All in .. all in .. I had a great time pampering my skin with SEP Jeju Masks. SEP Jeju mask sheet are design to fit any face shape and suitable for women of all age with various skin concerns.

SEP Jeju mask are produced using an innovative formula known as air pocket sheet for a maximum absorption of the essence to your skin. Now that is the answer why it gave me an instant result which I believe all of us want it, right?

SEP Jeju mask are available in Malaysia exclusively at all nationwide Watsons stores at RM5.90/pc and RM24.90/box (5pcs). So readers, the mask are good, the price are not affordable .. grab yours now!