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Another chapter of my exercise diary .. hidup Misz-ella camni la .. kalau tak kerja, exercise. Kalau tak kat Event kat Gym. Tu je la tempat...

Donate to the needy - Direct from your door step through Storage Bloc

Hello my kind hearted readers ...

Thinking of clearing your wardrobe but do not know how? or to give it to who?

From 5th December 2017 until 28th February 2018, Storage Bloc Sdn. Bhd., a locally-owned on-demand storage provider, will be offering free pick-up services anywhere in the Klang Valley for items to be donated to three carefully selected charities below. 

Storage Bloc will sort through and organise all items donated, and deliver them to the following respected charitable organisations: Hatching Center, Buku Jalanan and Jumble Station. 

Items accepted for donation are: 
1) Electronic items (computers, gadgets, kitchen appliances etc.)
2) Books (no magazines, please)
3) Toys 
4) Clothes 
5) Furniture 

Donated items must be in good condition. Interested donors may contact Storage Bloc directly to arrange a time, date and location for pick-up via: 
1) Whatsapp, instant message or calling 019-964 4308 
2) Emailing info@storagebloc.com, or 
3) Visiting the website: www.storagebloc.com/contact-us. 

About​ ​Storage​ ​Bloc​:​ ​Storage Bloc is an on-demand storage provider, offering door-to-door services, including packing, pick-up, delivery, and storage of items in a secure and climate-controlled warehouse. Storage Bloc’s flexibility allows customers to store items on a per box, per item, or per-square-foot basis, for as short or as long as needed. 

About​ ​Hatching​ ​Center​:​ Hatching Center is a center for children with special needs in Kuala Lumpur. The founder of Hatching Center believes that every child should enjoy learning through play. The aim is to provide opportunities for every child to discover the potential within them. Hatching Center’s core principle of 'Quality Rather Than Quantity' envisions the provision and development of therapists and facilitators with recognized qualifications and relevant experience in a diversity of approaches. As a private institution and in line with their vision and mission, they also provide subsidies for families who are marginalized due to socioeconomic conditions. 

About​ ​Buku​ ​Jalanan​:​ ​Buku Jalanan is a grassroots volunteer library initiative that brings books to public spaces and lends them with no bureaucracy - for free! It was started in 2011 by a group of students in Shah Alam and then grew into a nationwide self-organised network of libraries. It also has chapters set up by Malaysian student communities in the US, Europe, Middle East and Australia. From a simple act of sharing a personal library, today Buku Jalanan is at the forefront of edgy youth culture and a beacon of freedom of expression. 

About​ ​Jumble​ ​Station​:​ Jumble Station is a community outreach initiative of Parents Without Partners Bhd, an NGO which is designed to raise funds to assist Single Parents in need. They're open to helping any poor Single Parent, regardless of race, religion or creed. Jumble Station aims to economically empower Single Parents and the poor to be financially independent eventually.

So, readers .. if you want to contribute to the needy lets contact Storage Bloc. I'm going to do it too!!