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Discover the science behind great Coffee with Dutch Lady

Hello lovely readers,

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I  am a coffee lover. I can't live without coffee. Coffee is always my energy and mood booster. This is because coffee contains caffeine, a natural substance found in more than 60 plant species. Once consumed, caffeine will be quickly absorbed by the gut into the bloodstream. Then it will travel to the liver and broken down into compounds and affect various organs including our brain. Despite some bad news we heard about caffeine, it actually has various health benefits and the main effect is on our brain where it improves our mood and brain function. 

As we know, coffee is darkly colored, bitter and slightly acidic. Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world and can be prepared and presented in a variety of ways. Some like it cold but I like it hot. Some love it originally black while I prefer to enjoy coffee with milk and my favourite is Caffe Latte.

And as usual, Latte comes with a unique flawless latte art which melted my heart *ohhh comelnya .. tak sampai hati nak minum kopi ni .. LOL*

Recently, I was invited to a special coffee session to discover the science behind great coffee by Dutch Lady. 

Great Barista makes good coffee great but don't forget that perfectly steam milk and a good shot is important too. Just like a great barista, Dutch Lady understands the science behind milk that is best for the discerning coffee lovers. Let's discover more by reading my entry till the end, readers!

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One of the most important processes is milk stretching. During this process, turn the steam on. Angle the half-filled jug at an angle until the steam wand is 2mm below the surface of the milk to make a hissing sound. This process creates micro-foam by letting air gently into the milk.

Selecting the right milk is very important in this process. Dutch Lady contains 3.06g/100ml of protein and 3.4g/100ml of milk fat. Dutch Lady pasteurized fresh is made right to produce a silky smooth froth that is stable and consistent. Its rich and creamy taste is perfect for both hot and cold beverage application.

Lift up the jug to start the swirling process. Listen to the sound as the milk will begin to hiss as it reaches 60-65 degree Celcius. Once the milk is made give the jug one solid THUMP on the counter to disperse any big bubbles and then leave it to sit whilst you put the espresso shots on. Then, before pouring, swirl the milk around the jug to polish the milk and to make sure the milk and micro-foam are together. 

Dutch Lady is owned by one of the world's largest dairy co-operative, first founded by a Dutch farmer family in 1871. With 140 years Dutch Dairy expertise and knowledge in dairy, generations in Malaysia has grown up with Dutch Lady *that includes me too* 

To achieve exquisite latte art, begin pouring your milk slowly. I was told to pour it slowly and calmly *because I was over excited to see my coffee .. LOL*

With close attention given to stretching and swirling the milk and pouring the milk, it is now perfectly frothed and textured and here is my coffee *love*

Dutch Lady milk has the highest protein and less content of fat. A pack of 1 litre Dutch Lady pasteurised fresh milk can make 12 cups of caffe latte. Great savings, right!

Thank You Dutch Lady for having me. I had a great time learning about the special relationship between coffee and milk and Heyy .. I can be a great barista too! We'll make a perfect serve with the Dutch Lady pasteurised fresh milk ya!