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Dilan 1991 - in cinema on 11 July 2019

Hello readers,

Remember the story of two friends,  Dilan, and Milea in Dilan 1990? Their romance story is back with Dilan 1991. Dilan and Milea are officially in love!

In the midst of their happiness, Dilan is under the shadow of getting expelled from school because of his fight with Anhar. Dilan is also getting into more fights and creating more enemies. Milea is worried about Dilan's future if he keeps getting into trouble. As his girlfriend, Milea feels she has a right to forbid Dilan from being involved in his biker gang.

One day, Dilan is ganged up by strangers. And when Dilan finds out who they are, he plans for revenge. Milea, desperate to face Dilan's hardheadedness, finally gives Dilan the ultimatum to quit the biker gang, or it's the end of them as a couple. Dilan takes it quietly.

Milea who is close to Dilan's mother thought that both of them will be able to change Dilan's mind. But Dilan is still Dilan. A war commander, leader of a biker gang who will always get into trouble and be targeted by enemies to beat him up.

Amidst all those troubles, Yugo comes along, the son of Milea's Dad's distance cousin, just back from Belgium. They spend quite some time together. Yugo likes Milea and Milea...only loves Dilan.

Readers, I have watched their romance story with other press on 3rd July 2019. I love the movie. The cinematography was good and I love Bandung in 1991 but off course, I love their romance more.

What will happen to both of them? Will their relationship survive? You got to it watch it, guys! Dilan is now showing at all cinemas in Malaysia, starting from 11 July 2019!

Cast :-
Iqbaal Ramadhan as Dilan
Vanesha Prescilla as Milea
Ira Wibowo as Dilan's mother

Director :-
Fajar Bustomi, Pidi Baiq