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Joint birthday celebration for Datin Nasreen and Datin Sofea at Royal Chulan Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

Hello lovely readers

Hari ni Misz-ella nak share tentang persahabatan ataupun kawan. Kita semua ada kawan. No one can live alone in this world, kan. Nak tak nak kita kena akui yang sahabat atau kawan itu memainkan peranan penting dalam hidup kita .. tapi dalam sebuah persahabatan, keserasian atau persefahaman itu sangat penting. Bila ada keserasian dan persefahaman, maka kita akan bertolak ansur, saling menghormati dan paling penting saling menyokong dan menyayangi satu sama lain.

I am very lucky because I do have good friends who care for me. Good is not necessary to be close. Tak perlu jumpa hari-hari asalkan kita simpan kasih sayang sesama kita di dalam hati. Heart is always the best place for our loved one, right.

I recently was invited by Datin Nasreen to her jointly birthday celebration with Datin Sofea at Royal Chulan Kuala Lumpur Hotel. Short notice tapi kalau dah tertulis ada jodoh kita, maka I made my way to the Royal Chulan Hotel's coffee house on that evening.

Met these two beautiful ladies, Datin Nasreen and Datin Sofea, the main persons of the evening. Both of them have their birthday close to one another, both of them are close to each other and always celebrate their special day together.

I met many familiar faces including Datin Sofea's siblings, Lady Rose, a friend who I always met at many events, and met new friends too. Food was a huge spread of mix buffet - international, local, Japanese, BBQ .. oh lala .. we get spoilt by choices but that's ok cos most importantly our tummy was happy with the lavish foods.

Glittering black was chosen as the colour theme for the celebration so kami pun dressed up lah. I love it cos black made me look slim!

Then it was the arrival of Encik Amin, the man of the night @ the VIP of the evening. Encik Amin hosted the joint birthday dinner for Datin Nasreen and Datin Sofea as an appreciation of their long friendship together.

Datin Nasreen, Tasleem (Encik Amin's wife), Datin Sofea and Encik Amin

Spending time with them, listening to their sharing reminded me on how important it is to keep our relationship or friendship in a harmonious situation. Yes .. it is not easy because our life is filled with rainbow colours. I believe that a good friendship will always be tested .. a natural process which will enable us to understand each other more and the friendship grows. 

There are moments where we will argue, we will agree and disagree, there will be 'hurt and heart feeling' but in the end, it is the love and respect towards our friendship that will keep us together.

Do not keep anything in our hearts. Do not assume, listen to others or judge. If there is any doubt, be open to ask. By doing this, not only we cleared 'the dots' in our hearts but we will also maintain a harmonious friendship. After all, truly good friends are hard to find, difficult to leave and impossible to forget, right ...

I also appreciate the relationship between Datin Nasreen and Datin Sofea. They are more than just friends.. they are families. Two different personalities .. Datin Nasreen, young, happy go lucky, always positive and 'selamba' while Datin Sofea is a very defensive sister not only to Datin Nasreen but to me too. She always pampered us with tender, loving and care.

Happy birthday Datin Nasreen and Datin Sofea. Wishing both of you another year full of blessings. Many happy returns!

And lastly, Thank You for having me. I am honored to be in your guests' list and happy to be part of your meaningful day. May your friendship continue to grow and bloom stronger each day. Semoga hingga ke Jannah, akhirnya.