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Movie Review: Avatar 2 The Way of Water

Hai lovely readers,

After 13 years of its first release, Avatar 2: The Way of Water finally opens in theatres. I was so excited and watched it on the first day of its release with two of my favorite friends, Azy & Rayme.

When Avatar first hit theatres in 2009, we had never seen anything like it before. I still remember the beautiful calming forest, that glowed in the dark .. which touched my heart till now.

Avatar 2 : The Way of Water started with the world of Pandora (i want to be there!) where Jake Sully, Chief of Omaticaya, and Neytiri live happily with their 3 kids, Neteyam, Lo'ak, Tuk, their adopted daughter, Kiri, and a human boy named Spider, the son of Miles Quaritch who was born in Pandora and was unable to transport to earth.

Quaritch who was killed by Neytiri in the 1st Avatar was cloned into the Navi's body fitted with his template's memory before death and returned to Omaticaya for revenge. Aware of the danger and safety of his family, Jake and his family moved to Pandora's eastern seaboard where the Metikayan clan live. They were accepted by the clan and forged a new life at the sea (they are no longer the forest people .. so sad!).

It was not an easy journey especially for Jake's children but they finally made it, bonding very well with the sea life and the Metikayan's clan.

Unfortunately, Quaritch reached Jake and his family. Jake was left with no choice other than fight a difficult war against the human. Here comes the climax of the movie (the last 1 hour show) and it was severely fast paced (I love!). If you are watching it later, please do not even blink your eyes during the war scene (tapi sebenarnya i tutup muka during a few scene .. LOL)

My review about Avatar 2 : The Way of Water

  • the visuals are perfect, the storyline are strong but I guessed I walked in with too high expectations 
  • the movie is beautiful - the script reminds us of what is really important in life .. family, relationship and taking care of our world
  • it doesn't have the original 'wow' factor as we felt it more in the previous Avatar 
  • the best part of the movie is the world of pandora itself. The forest scene were beautifully done and the ocean shots blew my mind (but I love the Pandora's forest more)
  • the sinking vessel reminded me on Titanic.
  • i love Kate Winslet's act as Ronal, the pregnant warrior of Metkayina
  • When it comes to emotions, I am more touched with Avatar 1 .. more love, romance, sadness, happiness compared to Avatar 2 : The Way of Water.
  • Yes! There will be Avatar 3, definitely!

To Azy & Rayme who joined me watching Avatar 2 : The Way of Water, thank you! I love both of you and your accompany. I hope both of you enjoyed the movie too as much as I do.

To all my lovely readers, do not wait anymore. Quickly grab your handphone, book your tickets and make your way to the cinema soonest possible.