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Debit everyday with Fattah & Fazura with Maybank Debit Card

Hello lovely readers ..

Are you one of Maybank cardholders? Yes .. I do! I was a Maybank cardholder since year 1993. I was only 20 years old at that time and today, at the age of 45, I am still a loyal Maybank cardholder.

Maybank, Malaysia's largest bank and one of the largest bank in Southeast Asia, has recently welcoming Fattah and Fazura to Maybank family when the couple were appointed as group's official debit card ambassador.

The announcement was made by Head Cards, Group Community Financial Services (CFS) Maybank Mr. B. Ravintharan with the presence of Maybank's Head Commun (CFS) Malaysia, Datuk Hamirullah Borhan together with 'Fattzura' as they are fondly known.

Speaking at the event, Mr. Ravi said that today, Maybank Debit card has a total of nine million active debit card holders. The usage of the debit card has expand over the years, growing at annual average of 22%.

62% of debit billings come from the young professional segment ages between 21 to 40 years old, otherwise known as Gen-Y. The appointment of Fattah and Fazura who are key influencers for this generation, are believe will encourage more debit card usage among Gen-Y in this country. 

Many exciting programmes has been lined up in collaboration of the appointments which includes appearance of Fattah and Fazura at Group's Treats Fair 2018, meet and greet session for Maybank Debit Hari Raya usage campaign winners, special Hollywood Movie Out and Football viewing parties with the newly appointed ambassadors.

To kick start the collaboration, Maybank has also launched a 3 months campaign. With every transactions of RM250 in a single receipt or minimum 4 times contactless transactions using your Maybank debit card, you are entitle to participate in a contest where winner of the contest will win a holiday package at Resorts World Singapore. This contest is running now until 19th May 2018 and are open to all new and existing Maybank debit card holder.

Fazura shared her experienced on how convenient it is to Go Cashless with Maybank debit card. Debit card are more 'wallet' friendly where we do not have to bring along pieces of cash notes with us during travelling or shopping and are also 'budget' friendly where we can avoid unnecessary spending. One card for all transactions .. shopping online or offline, bill payments .. etc ..etc .. and accepted worldwide. Convenient, right.

So readers .. Go cashless! Start charge your Maybank debit card today and stand a chance to win a holiday package at Resorts World Singapore. Debit everyday with Fattah and Fazura. It is more convenient and safer, right!


Hans said...

wah ada debit card fattzura rupanya