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Garnier Color Naturals with water permeable coloring formula

Hello readers,

Garnier Color Naturals introduced a new range of hair color that delivers both nourished hair and better color while being water permeable.

The new Garnier Color Naturals formula is powered by the nature-based ingredients such as olive, avocado and almond oil that seals in the color and hair resistance for eight (8) weeks. The efficacy of Garnier color naturals is clinically proven as color stays true, giving hair 5X shine, cover greys and easy to use.

On top of the water permeable technology which suits Muslim user needs, Garnier Color Naturals range is also Ammonia-free. The cream delivers better hair texture, hair nourishment, color vibrancy and also smells great during application.

Come with four various colors, Garnier Color Naturals is price at RM19.90 (in a kit box set) and sachets at RM8.90 (for single usage) only! 

So my dear readers, if you are looking for water permeable hair color (telus air), get your Garnier Color Naturals today!