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Look Good & Feel Great with Neubodi Inner wear

Hello lovely readers...

I believe each and every one of us wants to look good and feel the best on our appearance. One of the most important aspects that we often overlooked is our innerwear. A good bra goes beyond than just supporting our breasts but also improve our body posture which in return enhance our appearance. Never take your bras for granted. The right bra can make you look one size slimmer!

I recently attended Neubodi Fit For A Difference Workshop held by Neubodi, the leading bra specialist at their headquarters in Kota Damansara, Kuala Lumpur. It was a good and eye-opening session where we learned about how a good bra does not only protect and support our breast but also can improve our health. 

However, during the workshop, we were told that 8 of 10  ladies are wearing a wrong size bra. 8 of 10 is equal to 80%, ladies! Wow .. that is a big amount!  Wearing a wrong size bra in a long period of time will cause sore back, sore shoulder, muscle strain, headache and other health issues. 

Now if you have one of the problems above, you are wearing a wrong size bra. Check yourself!

A good bra should have this four elements to ensure that our breast are well supported and our body silhouette are enhanced.

It is important for us to wear a right size bra. 89% of women have confirmed that a right size bra improved their body posture, uplift their breast, slimmer their waistline and definitely made their cleavage became more gorgeous.

Neubodi, the leading bra specialist is a lingerie brand which represents an effortless body transformation through providing the right fit of beauty and confidence for every modern day women. 

All Neubodi products are made by hand, combining art and science to make sensual products that shape women confidently.

Neubodi has a wide range of intimate apparels includes brassieres, panties, body shapes and accessories:- with band sizes ranging from 30-40 inches and cup sizes up to I, various colours and styles to choose from.

Neubodi is the only bra specialist practices holistic method where they use unique hand measuring technique. No measuring tape required! I was wondering ~ how can that be? We will just look, scan and touch and there you go .. your perfect fit bra is ready. Wow !

I had an opportunity to try Neubodi holistic fitting technique. The most important thing is the measurement. All she did was touch and feel to identify my right bra size. Cool, right .. I love it!

Next was a personalized session on how to wear your bra in a right way.

Firstly, put on the straps. Lean forward slightly so that your breast falls nicely into the cups. Fasten the hooks.

Stand straight to adjust the straps at a level you are comfortable with. This is very important to ensure that the straps don't fall off easily.

Swoop ~ Bend body forward. Slip your hand into the back of the bra and sweep the fatty tissues to the front and into the bra cup. This is to ensure that all fatty tissues are at the right place to avoid ugly bulges.

Scoop ~ Stand straight and slip your hand once again into the cup. Lift the breasts gently while holding the wire in it's correct position with the other hand.

Smooth - The last stage is to smoothens the bra line to ensure that band is snug horizontally around the body. Only 5 steps and it doesn't take so much of your time. However, most of the ladies skipped this steps ~ either because they are not aware of how important it is or simply because we are busy and we do not care. At Neubodi, the holistic fitting session came together with a personalized tutorial on each steps.

Last is to choose the right bra. Choosing your bra at Neubodi can be fun as Neubodi has wide range of bra ~ various style and design. However, in Neubodi, we are always reminded to not choose a bra based on how it looks, go for the right size and style that fits your body perfectly.

All in .. all in .. I had fun during the Neubodi Fit for a Difference workshop. Thanks to Neubodi. It made me realise not to take granted with our bra as bra play a very important role in our appearance. Remember to choose a right bra, not only to look good and feel great but most importantly for our health. At Neubodi, I found my perfect fit! 

So readers, walk-in to any Neubodi outlet (info as above), meet the friendly and experienced Neubodi fitting experts to find your right size bra which fits your perfectly. Don't be shy! I can ensure that you will feel glad you did it and won't regret it.

More information about Neubodi can be find at www.neubodi.com


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