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Celebrate The Year of Monkey with Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa

Another Chinese New Year promotion that I attended and wanna share here.

This time, we went to Resort Cafe, Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa for our early Chinese New Year celebration. I think CNY this year is the most happening for me ~ Gembira dapat meraikan perayaan ini dengan rakan-rakan. Saya bangga jadi rakyat Malaysia ~ Hidup harmoni dengan kawan-kawan pelbagai bangsa dan agama di bawah bumbung yang sama. I love you friends .. doesnt matter what your races, religion and skin colour are. We are Malaysian.

This year, Sunway Resorts and Spa celebrates the Lunar New Year Festivals with a host of celebration packages, festive reunion feast of memories, traditions and nostalgia at the Resort Cafe to usher in the year of the monkey under the theme 'Lunar Memories'

Toss To Prosperity Yee Sang
The Resort Cafe
18 January ~ 22nd February 2016

I'm sure by now, celebrants has already begin to have a reunion dinners and performing the customary tradition of the prosperity toss. 

The Resort Cafe, Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa brought you 'Toss to Prosperity Yee Sang' which are available either for Dine-in or Take-away from 18 January to 22nd February 2016.

Rise to great heights and toss to prosperity with the Resort Cafe Yee Sang specials, freshly prepared daily with the signature plum dressing. 

Diners can also try the home-made Wasabi dressing prepared by Executive Chef Peter Lee that will definitely give extra flavour to the Yee Sang without losing its original much-loved taste.

The Yee Sang is available in full portion for RM148.00 nett and half portion for RM88.00 nett for either the Salmon or the Snow Pear option. 

Whats more interesting is the Yee Sang is also part of the Buffet spread in the Resort Cafe during the festive period. So diners get the chance to D.I.Y. your own Yee Sang. On top of that, I would like to share that part of the Buffet Spread are the Japanese Sashimi. So this is your great opportunities to D.I.Y. your own plate of Yee Sang by adding some Sashimi into it. Great, right.

Reunion Buffet Dinner
The Resort Cafe
29 January to 12 February 2016

The true meaning and emotions of Chinese New Year is about family and friends reuniting during the celebration and feasting on dishes that are not only symbols of prosperity and luck, but also dishes that brings back fond and memories.

Understanding the culture, The Hotel's Executive Chef Peter Lee and his culinary team at the Resort Cafe has come out with the Reunion Buffet Dinner which is available from 29 January to 12 February 2016 at 6:30pm to 10:30pm. The price is RM128 nett per Adult and RM68 nett per Senior Citizen and per child (Except on 7 to 9 February 2016)

The Reunion Buffet Dinner on 7 to 9 February is price at RM138 nett per Adult and RM178 nett per Senior Citizen and per Child.

At the Oriental corner of the Buffet Spread, Diners can look forward to a menu featuring celebratory Chinese delicacies which includes Braised Mushroom and Fried Fish Maw with Roasted Garlic Sauce, Chilli Crab, Stir-Fried Assorted Vegetables with Hokkaido Black Garlic, Braised Money Bag with Seasonal Vegetables, Steamed Red Mullet Fillet with Minced Ginger in Soya Sauce, Wok-Fried Tiger Prawns with Shrimp Honey Sauce, "Ho See Fat Choy" with home-made Soya Bean Tofu and more.

Chinese hot soup are also available for soup lovers ~ Sang Har Noodle Soup with Abalone Clams or try the double-boiled selection featuring Winter Melon, Red Dates, Dried Scallop and Roasted Garlic or the Sweet Turnip Soup with Dried Oyster.

Auspicious Set Menus
The Resort Cafe
18 January 2016 to 22 February 2016

For a bigger Chinese New Year gatherings and a traditional round table feasting, The Resort Cafe presents three (3) auspicious and prosperity-inspired banquet set menus for a memorable reunion with family, friends or business associates during this Chinese Spring Festivals.

The 9-courses set menu which includes the customary Yee Sang featuring Fresh Norwegian Salmon and Crispy Soft-Shell Crab with Snow Pear.

Other dishes includes Rock Melon Consomme with Dried Agaricus Mushroom, Hokkaido Scallop, Sea Conch and Dried Fish Maw, Braised Abalone, Steamed Dragon Trout Fillet with Japanese Black Garlic and Ginger in Superior Soy Sauce, Deep-Fried 

For Dining reservations and enquiries, please call The Resort Cafe at 03-7495 2009, 03-7492 8000 or email to srhs.bookfnb@sunwayhotels.com