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Ella in London - 6th Avenue, Droop Street, London

Hello lovely readers ..

This Entry is the continuous Entry on how i made my journey to London on 15th February 2016. The purpose of the visit is to attend my aunt's funeral. Read more about the Entry on my aunt's passing here.

Actually masa Che Lah sakit, Ma Jah (my aunt) dah ajak Misz-ella ke sana. But, my earlier thought was let them took care of Che Lah and once they return, i will be there with Mek Kak (my cousin) to accompany Marina to take care of her. Tapi Takdir Allah mengatasi segalanya. Che Lah pergi meninggal kan kami the day Ma Jah, Su Dah, Ayah Ngah and Su returned to Malaysia.

It was a sad day for our family. Rolling tears when I read my auntie Che Ah's (Datin Fahimah Yaacob), FB status. Tambah sedih bila Ma Jah whatsapp me on 12th February 2016. I had a long conversation with Mek Kak. Sesungguh nya kita memang sibuk dengan urusan duniawi yang tak pernah putus .. sokmo leka.  Journey to London started when Ma Jah whatsapp me asking to join her, Ma Su and Ayah Ngah for Che Lah's funeral. It was not easy too .. but I believed kalau kita pergi dengan niat yang baik dan semangat yang kuat, In Sha Allah Allah Swt permudahkan urusan kita.  I let go my meeting with TL, a talent manager company who are looking for Influencer from Malaysia to promote beauty/Japan's tourism. Tak pe lah .. redhakan sahaja.. mungkin nanti Allah Swt beri rezeki yang lain pada kita. In Sha Allah. Amin.

Dan sesungguhnya perjalanan ke London tak semudah yang kita jangkakan. The flight booking was not easy tho .. when it came to payment section, the system was hang. Kalau tak kuat semangat, i definitely wont went through this process. Nak tukar duit pun susah .. few money changer were running out of Pound and last minute, when I told Aiman that I'm flying to London the next day for your granny's funeral, he insisted to came along. Mak yang prihatin macam I ni tak sampai hati nak menolak. I whatsapp Ma Jah with a message 'See you at the airport Mama'

My darling aunty - Mama Jah and Su Dah. But i prefer to call them Ma Jah and Ma Su .. both are sisters to my father. My father is the eldest (Ayah Long)

5 of us took Etihad Airlines on our journey to London. Transit at Abu Dhabi International Airport for a few hours before we continue our journey to Heathrow London Airport

Arrived Heathrow London Airport at 6.40am (London time) .. we waited almost one hour to clear the Immigration. Ramainya manusia .. the temperature was reported as -1°C .. super freezing cold. Muka pucat tak da mekap sebab tidur lama dalam flight

Arrived Cherry Tree House, 6th Avenue, Droop Street, London almost 10.00am ... rumah Arwah Che Lah *thanks Marina for the pic* Was greeted by Marina, my cousin and her husband. OhMyGod i missed this cousin so much. More than 10 years we didn't meet.

Cooking lunch for my family. To be honest i missed cooking. Quite a long time Misz-ella tak masuk dapur *kalau masuk pun masak air dan masak maggi jer *haha*. Since Aiman stayed at Asrama and then continue stayed with his granny (my mom) .. memang tak berbaloi la nak masak untuk seorang dua. Anyway, I still owe Aiman Ayam Masak Merah *sabar ye sayang*

Sambal Bilis dan Udang Goreng Kunyit was our lunch at Che Lah's house that day. Alhamdulillah menjadi. Kalau tidak ohhh malu *sorok muka bawah meja*

Late evening, we went to town. A pic with my lovely Mama Jah. Mama Jah yang sedari muda sentiasa rapi dan bergaya. My mom said I follow her .. 'jangok' 

We took a bus to Bayswater Arm .. tempat tumpuan/kegemaran pelancong dari Malaysia. Before that we bought an Oyster card at one of the shop nearby Che Lah's house. As you know, travelling in London is so easy with Oyster. £21.20 per person for a week pass. Thanks Ayah Ngah for sponsoring the Oyster card to all of us.

I love this pic! Aiman is expert in Selfie/wefie. He always had a perfect shot and this is one of it. Kat Bayswater kitorang tak beli apa-apa .. Mama Su beli Terung saja. Esok nak masak Lemak Terung dengan Ikan Masin kata nya. Yeayy !! Our tummy were treated well in London. We didnt miss our home food. We really felt home at London.

Malam di Oxford Street. As usual, Oxford Street sangat meriah dan happening with peoples from all over the world. The street that never sleeps.

We ended our long day with a Dinner with my cousin Afnan who study in London at Palm Palace Restaurant .. a Lebanese Restaurant in the heart of London City.

Day 1 in London was our long day. No rest as we started our activity as soon as we arrived the London City. Busy, packed, long day. See you in the next Entry, readers. Bye.