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Aerodance with Suraya at Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel Fitness Centre

Hello readers ..

Times flies fast, right. We are at the mid of October and will be saying GoodBye to 2017 in another 2 and a half months. Without we realised, we gets old every single minutes. We can't stop aging, but we can do our best to keep ourself fit and healthy while we aged.

Back to the comfort dance studio of Renaissance Kuala Lumpur's Fitness Center for an Aerodance Session with Suraya Akish.

An hour of high impact fun dance ~ We jumped, we twisted, we moved and ended the session with a calming cool down session includes stretching. I was feeling bad earlier but this 60 minutes fun aerodance was a natural therapy which cured my headaches without any medicine. 

Stay Fit and Keep a healthy lifestyle. Exercise, eat a balance diet, stay positive always and enjoy every moment. We can't stop aging, but with a healthy lifestyle, we will age gracefully.

Join Suraya's aerodance class every Monday, 6.15pm at Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel Fitness Center. More information can be find here.