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Boost Balm ~ An awesome skin care !

Hello beautiful readers ..

Let's talk about something beautiful today. It is every woman dream to have a beautiful, healthy and nourish skin. Well .. that's include me too. 20s, 30s, and at mid 40s .. I admitted that my skin aged as well, as my age numbers goes up. 

I was recently introduced to Boost Balm, a 3 in 1 cream which do not only boost my make up appearance but it also heal and protects my skin from further damage.

The name of this unique skin barrier is Boost Balm Pegasus Blood Edition. Firstly i found the name is a bit weird but pegasus basically is a unicorn so it kinda cute and catchy name actually.

I love the packaging! It's like two different sizes of bottle stacking with each other or if your imagination is more creative and wild, perhaps you will agree with me that the bottle shape is so similar to a sexy woman body shape .. unique, easy to handle and NICE! This 20ml cream is handy and easily fit any make up pouch!

Boost Balm was founded and innovated by Shareezma Hanif, a young mother of two who has passion with beauty. Boost Balm was well researched in U.K. by a group of Scientists and Chemists with a technology that creates a barrier between the skin and chemicals in air/ makeup products from entering the skin (avoiding clogged pores) but this special cream is not only a barrier because it act in three ways :-

Skin primer
Apply Boost Balm cream to your skin before make up (before foundation and face powder) and it will to help your make up last longer. Up to 10 hours!

Skin barrier
When applied to your skin, Boost Balm act as a mask to protect your skin from further damages by creating a breathable film on your skin. Any cosmetic products applied above it will adhere to the film and not your skin!

Skin healer
Boost Balm act as a skin healer to repair damaged skin and to prevent or reserve premature ageing

Boost Balm is a natural plant-base cream. It is sulphate-free, paraben free, cruelty-free and silicon free which provides an overall protection to your skin while healing your skin from chemicals effect. Boost Balm are made from the finest ingredients which are well-known with their benefits on human's skin. Among the ingredients are :-

Willow bark extract
Sourced from Tanzania, Willow bark extract is used in many acne treatments because of its ability to help skin shed dead cells and clear pores; it can also stimulate new cell formation. 

Bearberry extract
Bearberry has amazing brightening properties which helps lighten dark spots, dull and uneven skin tone. The bearberry extract in Boost Balm was hand picked from South America and was extracted using the co2 distillation to give the highest quality possible.

Natural soy steam cell
Natural soy steam cell are proven increased the bodies collagen production and boost the impact of SPF. Using the premium quality stem cell technology imported from Germany, the natural soy stem cell in Boost Balm protect our skin from sunburn, tighten our sagging skin and treat aged skin accordingly. 

Hibiscus extract
Hibiscus extract is known to have natural AHA that act as a mild sand paper for your skin which instantly smoothen tiny bumps on your face and instantly shrink the large pores upon applied.

How to use Boost Balm? Well .. it is not difficult  to be beautiful with Boost Balm. After toning and moisturizing your skin, apply 5 cents coin size of Boost Balm cream on your face and massage through upwards. Leave to dry for 30 seconds and continue your makeup routine as usual. 

How do I find it?

It is non-creamy, non-oily and non-sticky. It is colourless (white) and has a nice sweet smell with a soft velvety texture. Once applied, it was quickly absorbed into my skin. Without any uneasy feeling, my skin are protected from any further damage and my make up last longer too.

When applied at night (before your bedtime), it repairs and heals your skin. Wake up with a smooth skin like a baby buts in the morning!

Skin without and before using Boost Balm - open pores detected.

Skin after and with Boost Balm .. Even I still have fine lines underneath my eyes, but my pores are now tighten, skin are smoother and my make up (foundation) stick and last longer. No need touch up for the next 10 hours!

Conclusion :-
I LOVE BOOST BALM and strongly recommend it to anyone. Regardless your skin type, age and skin issue Boost Balm definitely suits you.

And here .. introducing you to the beautiful Shareezma, the founder of Boost Balm, a MUST HAVE magic cream which act 3 in 1 ~ to protect your skin from further damage, to heal your skin from acne, blemishes and dark spots and as a primer which make your make up last longer!

Boost Balm is unique! 1 bottle of 20ml Boost Balm is all you need for your skin. With Boost Balm, your skin are healthier, younger and off course .. you will look prettier!

Boost Balm is available at Ground Floor, Suria KLCC at a special price of RM89.90 ONLY and via online booking. Please LIKE and Follow Boost Balm Facebook Page here or Boost Balm Instagram Page here and visit their website at www.boostbalm.com. 


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