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Sonali - It's all about Bollywood!

Hello lovely readers ..

Let's talk about Bollywood fashion! Bollywood, as we know is a combination of two words ~ Bombay (now Mumbai) and wood. While Hollywood is notable as a home for U.S. film industry, Bollywood position itself as the biggest Indian Hindi-language film industry thus one of the largest centers of film production in the world.

Me and my Bollywood dress, bought during my trip to Jaipur few years ago

Bollywood influence has spread all over the world, not only in filming industry but also in fashion. Bollywood is always the all-time Malaysian favourite ~ either Bollywood film, Bollywood song while Bollywood-theme event are always chosen by corporate companies or any private party.

So you gonna crack you mind thinking of Bollywood costume that fit you the best? In this entry, I am going to introduce you to Sonali Products (M) Sdn Bhd, a homegrown direct-selling Bollywood-inspired fashion company who has five physical retail outlets in the country.

Founded by 1994, Sonali is a home for various type of Indian Ethnic wear including Bollywood costume. Once you step into the store, you will be spoil by choices .. So let's scroll down this entry till the end and feast your eyes with nothing other than beautiful Bollywood wears .. 

Sonali is a perfect place to shop for the whole family. Either you are looking for Salwar Kameez or Patiala suits for your daily wear to the glam luxury Salwar Kameez for your special occasion, Sonali has it all.

I am definitely not a fan of blue but this sky blue modern Bollywood dress with gold embroidery on the top attracted my attention. Made from chiffon material, the dress are gently soft on my body .. I feel like I am part of a Bollywood movie scene .. jom kita dance Bolly! ..

Nice design, good quality material .. *I LIKE*

I love this modern Bollywood dress with drop off shoulder and a small open cut at the waist - sexy and feminine at the same time. Gold embroidery on the top making this dress so special. Sweet!

In life, we often do not appreciate what we have while we still can and we only realise how much it meant to us when it is gone .. I regret not giving myself this beautiful modern Bollywood dress .. *sobs* Well .. it's ok. Look like I have a reason to visit Sonali again, right

Forget about the traditional Punjabi suit because Sonali has lots to offer. Variation of colours - from sweet pastel to luxury striking colours that will enhance your appearance. Looking at the beautiful dresses .. I started to imagine how beautiful I will be if the dresses are on me. Ehemmm .. the mannequin are luckier than me yah *hehe*

This striking yellow Salwar Kameez  is so glam and luxury! The beads are carefully sewn and combined with perfect choices of colour .. I suddenly feel like Queen Mumtaz

More pastel colours for you to choose .. *love*

Nice! right

More posed lah since this Bollywood dress made me feel soooo pretty!

Fashion and Bollywood has always gone hand-on-hand. Film always play a huge role in Bollywood fashion industry and has given a big influence in Indian couture. Even the West embraced Bollywood's influence too. Big name such as Lady Gaga, Uma Thurman, Oprah Winfrey and many more has been seen donning Indian garments.  This is the beauty when we combine fashion and culture. There are so many fabrics and accessories use in Indian Bollywood couture, making it more special than other fashion in the world. Not to bad if I say that .. glamorous, happy, feminine, colours and sexy without compromising the culture is all about Bollywood fashion.

The traditional Punjabi suits also available in Sonali

Hair accessories ..

Sweet .. I like!

pic from Sonali's website
Modern Salwar Karmeez at Sonali's website

pic from Sonali's website
Modern Bollywood dress at Sonali's website

I love the colours!

Get your beautiful cluth here at a very cheap price - 3 for RM100 only!

Kid's garment are also available at Sonali ..

And finally,this beautiful modern Bollywood dress won my heart. Luxury colours (red, gold and green), beautiful design .. this dress are simply glam and full with Indian culture. I'm in love !

So readers, if you are looking for Bollywood theme costume either for you and family, Sonali Products (M) Sdn Bhd is a perfect place for you. Shop at Sonali online at www.sonali.com.my or visit their store at Jalan Scott, Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur (just waze Sonali). Open everyday from 10am to 7pm. 

Last but not least, let me share with you 5 reasons why you should shop your Bollywood costume at Sonali :-

  • Either it is for you, your loved one or your family, Sonali has wide selections of Bollywood costumes - Sarees, Salwar Kameez or Lehenga suits .. Sonali has it all
  • Price are affordable and wallet 'friendly'
  • Shop are spacious, fully airconditioned and comfortable
  • Do not worry about parking lot and it's free!
  • Staff are expert and friendly .. they helped me making my decision professionally
More information about Sonali Products (M) Sdn Bhd can be find at www.sonali.com.my or call 03-2274 2273 or email them at info@sonali.com.my