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Kofi Kraze² serve Premium Cold Brew Coffee

Hello lovely readers,

You know I love coffee. Coffee is one of the most loved drinks in the world and the second biggest product in the world after petroleum.

I have a special relationship with coffee. Most of the time, I will be seen drinking coffee instead of any other drink. When I am stress .. cari kopi. When I am tired, I will look for coffee. This is because of the Caffeine, a natural substance found in more than 60  plant species includes coffee. Once consumed, caffeine will be quickly absorbed by the gut into the bloodstream. Then it will travel to the liver and broken down into compounds and affect various organs including our brain. Despite some bad news we heard about caffeine, it actually has various health benefits and the main effect is on our brain where it improves our mood and brain function.

My favourite sentence asking for a meet up with friends is .. Jom kita kopi-kopi or Let's have coffee together.

During my recent trip to KLIA2 with Tourism Malaysia, I had my coffee session with a group of blogger friends at Kofi Kraze².

*Photo from kofikraze2 FB*

Kofi Kraze² is located at Lot L3-23 Level 3, Gateway@KLIA2. The cafe is modern and clean. I love the unique seat and the colourful bright colours chosen. The ambience is very cozy.

Kofi Kraze² serves only premium cold brew coffee to cater to the palette of the seasoned, beginner as well as the adventurous coffee lover. 

As a coffee lover, I find that coffee is interesting. From the farm to your cup, varieties of factors affect the quality, taste and environmental impact of the coffee you drink.  

In my previous entry about coffee (read here) I shared about how milk plays a very important role in a cup of latte and how a cup of good latte was made, in this entry, I am going to share about what is the meaning of cold brew coffee.

Cold brew coffee is a 'shade grown coffee'. Many are always mistaken that coffee is a bean where actually coffee is a fruit. Growing coffee plant in a forest shade maintains the forest habitat allowing the coffee plants to grow organically and help to preserve the rainforest and its biodiversity too.

No toxic pesticides are used during the growing process, resulting in a better bean. It will take approximately 3 to 4 years for the newly planted coffee trees to bear fruit. The fruit, called the coffee cherry, turns a bright, deep red when it is ripe and ready to be harvested. 

After harvest, the cherries will go through a wet-processing (wash processing) where the coffee cherries are soaked in water, loosening the pulp layers of the fruit that surround the beans which are then removed before the beans are dried.

The beans will now go through a roasting process. Unlike the normal coffee which is using drum roaster, cold brew coffee is roasted using air technique where expensive equipment is used. This equipment can only process small batches of beans at a time (specially crafted) to extract the goodness of the coffee bean and eliminate sour/bitter components. During air roasting, the temperature is constantly modulated to avoid any burned beans.

It is reported that only 1% of all coffee in the world is roasted this way. Cold brew coffee is a special coffee where every step, from the farm until it serves to you are well-taken care. So this is the answer to why cold brew coffee is labeled as 'Premium category'. 

Arabica coffee

There are more than 100 coffee species. However, the two main ones that are widely produced and sold are Arabica coffee and Robusta coffee. Arabica coffee is oval in shape while robusta coffee is more rounded.

Kofi Kraze² using the Sumatran Arabica coffee which was brewed on site for up to thirteen hours. Arabica coffee is considered superior to Robusta because of its delicate flavor and low acidity while Robusta coffee tends to have more acidic and has a harsh flavour.

Cold brew coffee at Kofi Kraze²

Kofi Kraze² offer varieties of coffee flavours. Something new to me, actually and I am so excited to try. There are 10 types of flavours which are Thai Kafae, Matchajoe (Green Tea), Choko Loko (Choco coffee), Masala (Indian Spice), Taro-Taro (Yam), Herbal Splash (Pandan), Spike Up (Durian),Chili Choko (Spicy Mocha Coffee),Simply Jak (Jackfruit) and Kokonut Burst (Coconut)

Each flavour is blended with premium cold brew coffee, offering interesting flavour twist. I guess this is the palette of the current season. It is creative and unique, bringing coffee to the next step of evolution.

I had the opportunity to sample a few ~ Masala, Herbal Splash, Kokonut, and Spike Up and ...  I LIKE IT!

But my love is always Hot Latte. I found a perfect Latte in Kofi Kraze². It's rich, smooth, not-so-bitter plus not so milky too. Awesome!

Other than that, Kofikraze also serves a range of snacks and light meals too. I love the Homemade Sandwich! Fluffy slices of bread serve with fresh vegetables. Perfect for 'not-so-much' time traveler who needs to be 'on-the-go' always.

All in .. all in .. I had a great time sampling varieties of ice cold brew coffee at  Kofi Kraze². It was definitely an awesome experience!

And I took away Durian Coffee with me

Reasons why you should visit Kofi Kraze² :-
The cafe is cozy and modern
The Hot Latte is superb!
They offer an interesting coffee flavour twist

So my lovely readers, if you happen to be at KLIA2 and need your caffeine fix, do not forget to drop by at Kofi Kraze².