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Kufa Arabian Cuisine at Taste Enclave, Sunway Pyramid Mall

Hello readers ..

Talking about food, Malaysia is definitely a food heaven for foodies. You can find varieties of food from different countries worldwide in Malaysia. Japanese food? Fans of Korean cuisine? Western food .. ohh off course! Taiwanese food? Mediteranean or Italian food? Middle East food? Indian food? Name it .. You got it here, in Malaysia. I guess it is not too much if I say Malaysia is a great food hub for food from all around the world *hehe*

Recently I had an opportunity to dine an Arabic Cuisine at Kufa, Taste Enclave, Sunway Pyramid Mall. So readers .. Let's check it out!

Taste Enclave is a food court at Sunway Pyramid Mall connected to Sunway Pyramid Hotel. The Food court serves varieties of food includes Arabian cuisine by Kufa.

Kufa is very clean, calm and furnished with Arabic decoration which is very eye catching, not easy to identify the identity if you are new here.

Spacious and comfortable with high back chairs and bigger tables for group dining

Among food served at Kufa ~ Look at the price .. still 'wallet friendly' and affordable, right.

Other than the famous Middle East rice which are well accepted by the locals, Kufa served different sizes and varieties of Shawarma with an option to add-on.

If you not a Rice or Shawarma lover, you can opt for grilled or steak options, definitely with the Arabic touch ~ Arabic spices and way of cooking

The Hot and Cold beverage options ~ Do not expect any Teh O, or Kopi O or my favourite Ice Lemon Tea because Kufa will bring you to a different gastronomic experience where diners will enjoy only the best truly Arabic cuisine either from the food or the beverages.

I chosed Kabsa Rice with Chicken ~ Striking yellow in colour,, very eye-catching and the rice has a very nice aroma ~ making my tummy so excited with it! 

And a plate of Chicken Shawarma

Arabic Tea with Mint (RM5)
I also tried Arabic Tea with Mint (without sugar) ~ Served hot and very refreshing!

It took a while for them to served my Kabsa Rice (but not so long) and when my dish arrived, I noticed that the Chicken are still hot and crispy and I realised that it was fried upon orders. The rice is very soft and perfectly cooked with a special spices. Delicious! I like it very much! The price for a plate of this delicious Kabsa Rice with Chicken is only RM19.

Chicken Shawarma (R) ~ RM8

Chicken Shawarma was served in a Wrap together with fries, tomatoes and cucumber. Garlic mayonnaise and chilli sauce are also served as a dressing. 

The Shawarma are fresh and juicy. The chicken was marinated and grilled perfectly with spices. Dip it with Garlic mayonnaise .. ummmm .. Yummy!

While I enjoying my Arabic Tea, my partner chosed Lemon Barbican ~ The non-alcoholic malt beverage of Saudi Arabia. Ummm .. Barbican is not new for Malaysian. We used to drink Barbican as it is easy to find it .. at 7 Eleven or any hypermarket like Tesco, Giant or any other supermarket. 

So readers, if you are at Sunway Pyramid area and are looking for an affordable Arabic Cuisine with a very cool, calm and relaxing ambience, do drop by at Kufa at Taste of Enclave and make sure you come with empty stomach in order to enjoy the food to the max! You will love it just like me. Ohhh .. now craving for Kabsa Rice again .. *cry* looking forward to repeat Kufa!