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Norle's Room To Let @ Shepherds Bush Green, London

Hello readers ..

I am back with my travel sharing entry. When I was in London, I had an opportunity to stay at Norle's house located at Du Cane Road, W012, Shepherds Bush Green (Zone 2), London. The two (2) rooms flat is owned by Norle and her husband, Rafik.

The room is equipped with 1 Queen Bed

Well .. I can say that the room are spacious (compared to some of the hotel rooms I have stayed in London)

And are equipped with a 2 seater sofa ~ selesa, kan

Towels are provided

Sejadah (prayer mat) are available too.

Oopsss .. ada heater jugak (ini sangat penting cos I traveled during Winter)

Wi-Fi services are provided too. The room can fit maximum up to 4 persons. tetapi biasalah .. bila kita tinggal di sini, konsep nya ialah tinggal bersama dengan Owner .. sharing bathroom, toilet and kitchen. Boleh masak-masak kalau you all nak. Jangan risau sebab owner Norle and Rafik (Orang Negeri Sembilan) sangat peramah and I want to mentioned that the house are very clean.

The house (flat) are strategically located .. near to Halal restaurant, hospital, tube/underground, bus station and Westfield, the largest shopping mall in London. 

*image from google*
White City Underground/Tube Station

*image from google*
Shepherd's Bush underground/tube station

*image from google*
Woodland's Underground/tube station

*image from google*
Infront of the Hammersmith Hospital, a specialist Hospital renowenedf or its strong research connections.

*image from google*
Westfield London at Shepherd's Bush ~ the largest shopping mall in London. A MUST VISIT in London (especially during your first visit to London)

OK .. Misz-ella have stayed with Norle and Rafik during my last visit to London and we went to Stonehenge, Oxford City and Bicester Village together. Read my previous entry here

Well .. pada pendapat Misz-ella lah, kalau you all pertama kali ke Kota London dan tiada siapa-siapa di sini, lebih baik you all duduk bersama dengan famili Melayu di sini. Lagipun kadar bayaran yang dikenakan oleh Norle dan Rafik adalah sangat berpatutan *(bermula dari 50 pound semalam). Compared to all the hotels I have stayed in London, 50 pound are so worth paying. However, harga bilik adalah berbeza dari masa ke semasa dan bergantung pada bilangan tetamu jugaklah.

Selain dari itu, Norle dan Rafik ada sediakan servis Kereta sewa, so for big group (family especially), I guessed it is more practical for you to rent a car. Unlike me and Aiman, we just took a Public transport anywhere we want to go.

I can say that the place is quite quiet, privacy and clean. Near to groceries shop, ATM machine, Halal Restaurant and many other facilities.

So you all .. I am done with my sharing session with you. If you are planning your holiday in London and are looking for a comfortable place to stay with a perfect location, I suggest you consider Room at Norle's and Rafik's.

Whatsapp Norle at +44 7405 128399 or email norle_80@yahoo.com

Opss Jangan lupa .. nak sewa kereta pun boleh contact diaorang jugak ye. Ok Bye readers. Terima Kasih baca.