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10 Traits of A Strong Woman

Woman are born soft but besides that, God made them strong. You will never imagine what she can endure and how strong she can be when facing challenges in life. Unlike man, their strength are hidden and unseen.

However, what makes a woman strong? Her struggle, her hard past, her sacrifices, her selflessness and her loving heart.

Strong woman is independent, dependable, reliable, caring, loving and has no fears of showing her vulnerability. She carry a unique personality - feminine but 'muscular' at heart.

Here are 10 Traits of A Strong woman

You carry yourself with grace 
You are always lovely, firm and attractive in whatever condition you are. You know what you want and shine your own way.

You are calmer than before
You have gone through a lot and that made you more matured than before. You learned from situations. You know when and how to be calm. You are not afraid to step back and lose. You think deeply and truly understand that sometimes it is ok to lose now in order to win a bigger battle.

You are no longer bitter about your past
You take past positively and are open to share it with others . You  often begin your sentences with "I was ...... " or 'Last time .... "

You are not afraid to admit your mistakes
You understand that admitting your mistakes does not mean that you are weak but you are strong. You believe 'admitting your mistakes strengthen your integrity'

You dare to speak your heart out
Even you are "sweet" you are not afraid to mix it with bitter and sour.  Your honest words are delivered in equal sweet and serious manner.

You love and appreciate your time at home
Despite all attentions receive and time spent socializing .. you love and appreciate your 'me' time. You love to spend your time alone at home. You review, recharge and recover your way.

You care and concern about your health
You understand the priority of taking care of your health in order for you to taking care of your love one. Taking care of your health is your main responsibility. Sounds selfish but you truly understand that good health is your key to any doors in the world.

You love your heart and your feeling
You love yourself and your heart very well. You are concern about your feelings and keep your heart safe. You don't let others hurt or break your heart. Therefore, you do not allow negativity to enter your life and walk away with pride.

You have fewer friends 
You keep your circle small. You loves your friends with your true heart. You are loyal to your friend and you expect the same. You doesn't give second chance to those who betrayed you. You choose quality instead of quantity. That makes you unpopular but you understand the need of 'real' friend.

You believe in yourself
You are confident. You believe in yourself and do not need others to validate you. You are comfortable and loves yourself very much!

Check yourself! Are you a strong woman?