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My new Ash Balayage hair with Philips Martin's Organic Hair Care products

Hello beautiful readers ..

I recently did my new hair colour at Eka. Remember Eka? or to be exact Eka Roots Hair & Scalp Wellness? If you do not remember, please click here and here to refresh back your memory.

If previously I chosed Henna, this time I decided to try Philip Martin's Italian Organic Hair colour to give my hair a new look!

After my hair condition was diagnosed, we decided to give my hair a Balayage look. Balayage, a word originally from French meaning "to sweep", is a freehand technique in which swatches of hair are sectioned and hand painted against a backing board with a lightening agent. It will give your hair a totally different look as your hair will manually painted  .. you will see variations colour tones on your hair upon completion .. I was told by Judith and that made me excited!!

My hair colour was lightened using Philip Martin's Italian organic hair lightener. I was told that the main ingredient is wheat. It is white in colour. Unlike other lightener, the mixture texture is non-creamy but it is a bit thick and it do not have  chemical smell *It's organic ! remember .. *

My hair was hand painted carefully by Philip Martin's hair specialist. Unlike any other hair lightener product colouring that I used before, Philip Martin's lightener are  'human friendly' It does not cause any skin irritation and unlike other lightener which contains petrochemical ingredients, it does not give my scalp any uneasy feeling.  No ammonia smell too. The first lightener process took 30 minutes. 

My front hair was 'highlighted' to give me an artistic look. This is my first experienced with 'balayage' ... unlike 'highlights' technique, no foil is needed in the whole process. This is because balayage does not give us a stripy hair look but it will give a variations of colour tones from top to bottom (darker to softer). Balayage effect can also be apply on short hair however, best result is in hair below the shoulders. After 30 minutes, my hair was washed.

The second process was applying colour toning for 30 minutes. 

And .. Tadaaaaaa .. My new 2018 look

Before and After
I love the various tones of my hair colour .. light 'ashey' at the bottom and darker tone on top

I'm loving it 

My next questioned to Judith was ~ How to maintain my balayage coloured hair? Coloured hair by the organic Philip Martin's hair lightener is best treated with Philip Martin's hair colour range products ..

Philip Martin's .. founded in Italy in year 1984 by Mauro Trimigliozzi is a luxury organic natural hair care products which offer complete hair care range ideal for every hair type and need.

Philip Martin's are :

Paraben Free | Sulfate Free | Propylene Glycol Free | Formaldehyde Free | Nickel Free | Ammonia Free

This Italian hair care brand is certified based on an ecological method and only uses biological, natural ingredients and does not contain any derived from plants and nuts. Therefore, the products are totally harmless to human skin.
Made from the best natural ingredients which are known for its richness in human health. Each unique blend of all Philip Martin's ingredients are used to maximize the effect on our senses.

The products ensure that the natural hair color remains and that the hair will look shiny and healthy after the treatment.

The complete Philip Martin's hair care product range at Eka Roots & Wellness :- Organic Hair Shampoo and Conditioners, Organic Hair Styling and Finishing Products, Organic Hair Treatment, Organic Hair Care and Organic Hair Colour (Salon Exclusive).

And I went home with three Philip Martin's hair care products to maintain my new balayage hair -  Philip Martin's Colour Maintenance Shampoo and Philip Martin's Colour Repair conditioner. This is to ensure my hair remains soft, shine and healthy. Well .. let me share one tip with you .. I used the conditioner for my hair treatment at home. Apply the conditioner and leave it on your hair for 10-15 minutes .. do it regularly and see how it keep your hair shine.

Philips Martin's hair lightening can only be done at salon and Eka Roots Hair & Scalp Wellness is the only salon that can create balayage using organic colours. Think healthy. It is our choice to be safe and healthy. Give your hair a 'healthier' life by choosing organic product for your hair.

So readers .. Chinese New Year is around the corner. What's your hair colour for this CNY 2018? Visit Eka Roots & Scalp Wellness today to get your new CNY look or just to give yourself a new 2018 look *like Misz-ella .. haha* 

Visit https://www.ekaroots.com/ and do not forget to LIKE Eka Roots FB here for more information or walk in to 123 Jalan Maarof, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur for your new look and a healthier hair but I suggest you call 03-2856 0775 first for appointment!


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Great shampoo, great product line, leaves my hair clean and shiny and I color-treat my hair.