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Jom Gaya Hidup Sihat ~ Makan dan Exercise

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Nutella Glazed Brownies & Kole Kacang

Hello pembaca kesayangan,

 Nutella Glazed Brownies

Time to share some good food with you *thats what I usually did, anyway .. haha* 

I spent my time wisely during the weekend - learned how to bake Aiman's favourite Nutella Glazed Brownies and Malay's favourite Kuih Kole Kacang from Mek Yang.

Yeah .. Mek Yang's brownies and Kuih muih Melayu are always our favourite. Mek Yang's Kuih Koci, Kuih Talam, Kuih Lopes, Kuih Kasui Pandan, Kole Kacang, Brownies .. just to name a few .. are always the best choice for 'Kenduri', gathering ..etc ..etc .. Click here on my previous entry about Mek Yang's kuih muih

And we ended with 5 trays of Nutella Glazed Brownies (1 for me 4 for others) and 4 trays of Kuih Kole Kacang.

Mek Yang's Nutella Glazed Brownies is freshly bake upon orders *no ready stock* and can be specially-made according to your choice or taste ~ with walnut? with nuts only? with cheese topping? sugar-less? *price varies according to your choice*

Interested with Mek Yang's brownies or Kuih Muih Melayu? Whatsapp her at 012-6556199!