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Morning Walk with Tessie

Hello lovely readers ..

I went for a morning walk recently with my friend, Tessie Lim. What is life without exercise? I am definitely a fitness freak .. Life without exercise is boring, i will fall sick .. i become de-motivated and stress.

Regardless your age and your fitness level, there are many type of exercises that you can choose from or if you have some time, go for a morning walk.

When Tessie asked Would you want to join me for a morning walk, Ella? I quickly answered Yes! I love to spend time in a beautiful nature .. fresh air, cool, breezy wind .. It gave me a wonderful feeling.

I have not been to Perdana Botanical Garden, Kuala Lumpur or formerly known as Taman Tasik Perdana for quite some time .. too busy with work .. life is such as stressful journey. We lost ourselves to life, indirectly. We lost our free time, we lost a quality life when we focus too much on work. We don't have time to take care of ourselves .. we neglected our body, our health ... we are too busy with work! 

Perdana Botanical Garden Kuala Lumpur is located in the heart of city center has always been a part of the green lung of the city. 

Established in 1888 during the colonial-era, it was the first Kuala Lumpur big-scale recreational park and the status was change to a Botanical Garden in June 2011 since collections of tropical plants are planted in the park. This beautiful park is neighbouring with other Kuala Lumpur attractions such as National Monument, Deer Park, Bird Park, Orchid Garden, Butterfly Park and National Mosque.

Visitors can spend hours here ~ family activities, sightseeing or for a nature lovers like both of us ... the fresh and crisp air and the green lush attract us more. We found some new attractions in the garden too.

Thank you Tessie for your quality time. We surely did 10,000 steps that morning. I enjoyed spending time with you, listening to your story about life, sharing your thought about humanity .. it was such a meaningful moment when  the famous Puan Sri Tessie Lim are willing to spend your precious time with me. Life is such a wonderful journey. We met many peoples along the way. Some become friends, some are just like the wind that blows .. they come and go.

For those who are friends, I keep them close in my heart. We talked, we joked, we discussed, we agree and disagree, we argued till we find an end point that we agreed with each other. Chemistry is very important in friendship and readers, please remember that rule no. 1 of friendship is Respect. Respect your friend and remember to draw a borderline. No matter how close we are with our friend, do not encroach their privacy unless they are willing to share it with you .. take care of them, spend time with them, appreciate their presence because true friends are difficult to find and impossible to forget.

We ended our morning walk with a breakfast at The Royal Lake Club before we went home. 

In case if you do not know, let me share with you the benefits of walking. Walking is one of the simplest way to get active. Walking improves blood circulation, releases 'endorphin', a mood-enhancing chemicals which are considered as natural pain killer. It activates the receptors in our brain and minimize discomfort. Feel good after walking.

Walking also help in weight loss  - 30 minutes of brisk-walking burn 200 calories. Walking tones your leg and abdominal muscles and support your joints.

I had a great time walking with Tessie and look forward to walk more! GoodBye lovely readers. Thank you for reading. Please consider to 'walk' more, OK.