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Loving my new Sarr'e Lip matte

Hello lovely readers,

I love matte lipstick. Compared to a satin finish lipstick, matte lipstick is my favourite kind of lipstick in the world because they usually last longer and they look beautiful on lips. Matte lipstick is also known as lip matte. For me, lip matte is special because it shines in its own way *suits a shy person like me who do not like too much exposure ..hehe*

I was recently introduced to Sarr'e lip matte by my good friend. Sarr'e lip matte was established in August 2018 by it's founder, Miss Sarihana Serigar who is passionate about beauty and believe the perfect lipstick is the best way to enhance your appearance. It has received a great response in the market where more than 1000 units were sold in three months.

Coconut oil or Cocos Nucifera is a poweful mosture agent which protect and repair your lips from dryness. It is also considered an emollient. Emollients are a non-cosmetic moisturizer that helps the skin moist while Vitamin E is anti-oxidant and a natural conditioner. It act like a sunscreen, preventing your lips from further damage.

There are a total of six shades altogether in Sarr'e lip matte collection.

The shades are Suppressive, Royal Nude, Alter Ego, Jophiel Sari, Impressed Me, and Flirt John.

I love the packaging! It is simple, nice and classy.

I was given Jophiel Saree, a sweet soft pink shade which suits my personality -an outgoing, friendly and energetic person who loves to smile.

Sarr'e lip matte is a liquid lip matte so it comes with an applicator *yeay .. i love it*.  Use the pointed edge of the applicator to outline your lips before filling them in. Leave it dry for a few seconds ..

And .. tadaaaa ...
Non-sticky, light .. tak rasa macam pakai lipstick! and it help my lips look plumpy! Sexy lips I have *love*

Sarr'e lip matte are very pigmented. The colour easily absorb and last longer. It is also very unique, the shades changed after a few apply *if you use a few layers at the same time*

Sarr'e lip matte last longer on my lip. It is non-chappy, non-cracky and help to moisturize my lip.

The price of each Sarr'e lip matte is RM60 only. Either you are looking for a day-to-day wear lipstick or for an evening party or a bold look, Sarr'e lip matte has it all. 

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