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My beautiful eyelashes with Pink Passion

Hello lovely readers,

Let's talk about something beautiful. Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes.  When you feel good inside, your eyes sparkle like the stars.

I am sure everyone wants a beautiful eye. Rounded eyes and long eyelashes are considered as beauty in many culture.

Unfortunately, I do not have long eyelashes. My eyelashes are short and less. Since 4 years ago, I started to put on eyelashes extension to enhance my eyes beauty .. read my 1st post about it here and another post here.

As usual, I will go to my favourite eyelash extension salon, Pink Passion located at Kelana Jaya, not far from my house.

The salon is spacious, clean, soft and sweet minimal ID.

There are a few treatment rooms for facial and for my eyelash extension!

The comfortable and clean treatment room

The eyelash extension at Pink Passion is made of silk. This is an extra bonus for Muslim ~ Boleh bawak solat. There are two type of eyelash extension at Pink Passion - cluster type *as per the image above* or single lash. 

What more interesting is we can 'customized our own eyelashes' 

Want a dramatic look? Or a natural look?
Want the eyelash longer at the end of your eyes or at the center of your eyes? 
Want a single layer or double layer? Single layer is priced at RM88 only (for first time customer) while the double layer lashes are priced at RM188.

I had experienced both and I prefer cluster type. This is because it is easier to handle, no brushing needed. What I need to do is clean it and keep it dry as soon as possible.

Why do I like eyelash extension?

With and without eyelashes extension. Can you spot the difference?

Off course because it enhances my appearance, even without heavy makeup, I still look good which means less time required on getting ready to go out. Most importantly, lash extension last through a full cycle of natural eyelashes, around six to eight weeks.

I received inquiries about having an eyelash extension for a long period of time. Does it ruin or caused harm to my eyes? My answer is as long as the eyelashes were fixed in a proper way, it will not ruin our eyes. Keep it clean and dry. Thats it!

Thank You Pink Passion. I woke up with beautiful eyes every morning.

Raya dah dekat, kan. Mari kita mencantikkan diri dengan eyelashes extension bersama Pink Passion. RM88 sahaja boleh tahan selama 4-6 minggu. You all pasang lah masa dekat-dekat nak raya, mata kita bakal cantik masa berhari raya nanti!

Pink Passion
37-1 Jalan PJU 1/3C 
Sunway Mas Commercial Centre
Petaling Jaya, Selangor
(Behind Bandar Utama housing area)
No Tel :- 03-780507285 

or WhatsApp Hui San at 016-212 6596 for an appointment.