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The vibrant Hit&Eat Food Caravan

Hello lovely readers ..

I recently spotted this vibrant food caravan at Solaris Mont Kiara, just a few kilometers away from my neighborhood. The striking and vibrant colours of the food caravan have attracted my attention. Heyy .. it's Hit&Eat .. Let's check it out one day.. *in my heart only lah**

However, before I could find a time to check it out, I was invited for an introduction session about this vibrant food caravan with other media, recently.

Hit&Eat food caravan is the brainchild of Mr. Ieman Shahi, the Chief Executive Officer of Hit & Eat Sdn Bhd with the intention to bring street food to another level. With more than 10 years of experience in the food and beverage industry, Mr. Ieman has decided to invent another food business module which will benefit both the locals as well as to help the country's economic growth. 

I first thought that it has the same concept as a food truck but I was wrong! Hit&Eat food caravan has totally a different concept whereby all foods are prepared by their central kitchen in Puchong. All ingredients, taste, and quality are properly measured by the central kitchen and send to the respective outlets on a daily basis.

Hit&Eat food caravan at MRT station Taman Permata, Cheras

Hit&Eat food caravan is stationed at one place, unlike the food truck which moves around. Hit&Eat food caravan practices "green technology" business concept  - no plastic material use and less carbon emissions to the atmosphere where there are no fuel gas releases during their operation. 

As at to date, four Hit&Eat food caravan can be found in the Klang Valley. If you happen to be at Solaris Mont Kiara, MRT station Taman Mutiara Cheras, Endah Parade Sri Petaling and Jalan Changkat, do not forget to spot them. The caravan is so beautiful and insta-worthy too *good spot for your OOTD! Take a photo, get your soft drink to quench your thirst *KL is so hot, right* and why not pack your lunch or dinner as well.

According to Mr. Akbar Yasin, the Director of Hit & Eat Sdn Bhd, the company is looking forward to open more Hit&Eat branches in a various location ~ KLCC, Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, Dataran Merdeka, Petaling Street, Central Market suddenly popped into my mind .. because the locations are busy with human traffic especially during peak hours .. the existence of Hit&Eat at this area will help them to solve their time management issue *they can buy their food while on the way back from the office*

Anyway, what about the food? Let's check it out!

There are a total of 18 menus on board, combining the local favourite's food, western and Arab's food. Price starts from RM8.00 onwards with an option of Buy Combo which comes with fries and soft-drink or Buy A-La-Carte.

According to Mr. Ali Zolfaghari, the General Manager of Hit and Eat Sdn Bhd, Classic Beef Burger and Nashville Chicken Burger are favourites and their best seller products.

Nachos Chips - RM8.00

Cheese Stuf Chicken Meatball - RM14.00

Shredded Beef Taco - RM25.00

Chicken Pesto Pasta -  RM14.00

H&E Buffalo Chicken Wing - RM10.00

Well, I have tried Hit&Eat foods, I love H&E Buffalo Chicken Wing. It tasted most likely like the famous Kyo Chon Korean fried chicken but the price is ways lower *it's only RM10!* Other foods are delicious too, foods portion are decent and it's not pricey.

Hit&Eat Apps on Google Play and Apple Store -  Download the app from your Google Play or Apple Store and locate the nearest Hit&Eat food caravan near you. You will also get the latest news about Hit&Eat products and promotions, delivery, pick up and other updates! 

Free delivery service for Hit&Eat minimum spends of RM30 is available. Just call 1800-18-8989 or get it via the apps!

Hit&Eat also open franchise opportunities for those who are interested to start their food caravan business. Contact Hit&Eat Sales & Marketing team at +6013-600 0053.

More information about Hit&Eat food caravan:-
Visit Hit&Eat website at www.hitandeat.com.my 
Follow Hit&Eat Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/hitandeat/

Ok lovely readers, I have done my sharing session with you regarding the Hit&Eat Food caravan. If you spot the vibrant, colourful Hit&Eat food caravan nearby your place, don't forget to check it out! Take a break with the good food and take lots of picture! It's fun!