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Butterfly Beauty Box - Shizens Lip Tattoo

Hai Readers ..

Recently The Butterfly Blogger Community which i joined has launch their 2nd Beauty Box to be distributed among the members who attended the TBP Christmas Dinner Gathering.

I wasn't able to attend the dinner *sobs* due to family commitment but being part of the Comittee, Misz-ella telah diberikan satu Kotak istimewa yang dipanggil 'The Butterfly Project Beauty Box' untuk digunakan dan direview.

The Butterfly Project Beauty Box

This Box contains 10 beauty produk idaman hati wanita-wanita zaman ini dan produk pertama sedia untuk direview oleh Misz-ella ialah Shizens Lip Tattoo. 

I am not a lipstick lover .. neither a lip gloss user or whatsoever. Misz-ella sangat malas pakai lipstick. I only applied once .. lepas tu dah malas .. sampai kena tegur dengan kawan-kawan .. then baru i touch-up. OK .. this is my very serious problem, kan. When i was given this Box, i was all excited to try especially the lip's product and there Shizens Lip Tattoo in the box *yahoo*

Shizens Lip Tattoo berfungsi merawat/melembapkan bibir yang kering dan mengurangkan pembentukan garis-garis halus di bibir. Shizens Lip Tattoo merubah tona pigmen bibir yang gelap atau kusam ke warna yang lebih berseri.

Shizens Lip Tattoo is milky white in colour but it turn to natural pink or rosy tones once applied on your lips. Guess what is my lip's colour after the application?

Yessszzz .. That is my lips without and with Shizens Lip Tattoo. Can you spot the different? Its glowy, moist and what i can say is the milky white colour changed to rosy tone on my lips after the applications.

After applying Shizens Lip Tattoo on my lips, i noticed my lips lebih lembap dan garis-garis halus di bibir telah banyak berkurangan. My lips is no longer dry. No more cracks lines as the first photo above which is without Shizens Lip Tattoo and another good thing is it last more than 4 hours on my lips even after having a meal.

I would recommend Shizens Lip Tattoo for those who has a dry and crack lips problem like me and want to treat the lips easily and naturally. Juga sesuai untuk mereka yang sentiasa sibuk dan tidak punya masa yang lama untuk bersiap dan mahukan bibir yang berwarna asli semulajadi.  Just one gloss untuk kesegaran bibir sepanjang hari - Shizens Lip Tattoo merubah bibir kusam tidak bermaya menjadi lebih berseri dan merawat garis-garis halus serta masalah bibir kering yang kita hadapi. 

Shizens Lips Tattoo berharga RM168 (8ml) .. mungkin agak sedikit mahal tapi memandangkan Misz-ella sudah merasa kebaikan menggunakannya, i will not hesitate to include this on my Beauty Shopping list. 

So readers .. for more details on Shizens Lips Tattoo, please click here and here.


Mama Zharfan said...

nice :)

Kniedaz said...

wow..but yes, a little bit pricey huhu

Mrs Little Voice said...

Cantik kc pakai lipstik