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Boyce Avenue Live in KL - 12th February 2015

Hello Frens.  Weekends is just around the corner *tomorrow Saturday !!* Yess!! So since weekend is approaching us let me share with you this light entertainment entry.

Have you heard of Boyce Avenue? Pernah dengar tak?

Boyce Avenue adalah Kumpulan Rock 3 adik beradik yang ditubuhkan di Sarasota, Florida.  Kumpulan ini akan mengadakan Konsert Boyce Avenue Live in Malaysia di KL Live Centre pada 12 February 2015. OK .. dah tengok Poster .. dah tau Konsert Boyce Avenue bila dan di mana .. lets know them more.

Boyce Avenue started their journey in the music industry on year 2004. Tiga orang ahli kumpulan Boyce Avenue adalah Daniel Enrique Manzano with his two brothers Alejandro Luis Manzano and Fabian Rafael Manzano.

Boyce Avenue produced their original songs as well as contemporary and cover version song on You Tube. They are also famous with the Acappella version of music which is very eye catchy.  Ermmmm .. i just love watching them on You Tube enjoying the song that they sang.  Sampai pejam-pejam mata menghayati petikan gitar dan suara sedap mereka.  Boyce Avenue  even collabrated with other You Tube artists such as Megan Nicole, Alex Goot, Fifth Harmony, Diamond White *just to named a few* and off course !! i paling suka gandingan Boyce Avenue with Fifth Harmony. Best gila!! Tak percaya? Cari dioarang di You Tube Sekarang!! Haha.  Seiously sometimes i feel lagu-lagu Cover version yang Boyce Avenue nyanyi lagi best dari penyanyi asal. Tehehe.

Good thing is Boyce Avenue will be performing Live in Malaysia on 12th February 2015 And

Yessssss ..

I've got my Ticket!!

Now dah excited dah.  Dah terbayang-bayang A romantic night with Boyce Avenue. They gonna sing the Acapella version of all the songs that i used to listened on You Tube sambil petik gitar. Wahhhh .. Best gila lah!! Tak sabar dah aku ni. Haha.

For those of you who want to watch Boyce Avenue Live .. grab your ticket now as the tickets is selling very fast.

And for those of you who has got the ticket, jumpa di sana. 12th February 2015, Thursday, KL Live Centre. I will be there and i hope to see you too. Byeeee.