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Jom Gaya Hidup Sihat ~ Makan dan Exercise

Another chapter of my exercise diary .. hidup Misz-ella camni la .. kalau tak kerja, exercise. Kalau tak kat Event kat Gym. Tu je la tempat...

Beauty Tips - Mana Kedut?

Hello Saturday. Hai Blog. I missed my blog so much. Rindu nak sembang-sembang. Nak borak-borak dekat blog sendiri. Been busy .. no time to write dan mood pun ke laut baru-baru ni. But knowing me, even in the emo condition pun, I can still attend invitation for event .. I can still go out with my friends .. I can still bring myself to the dance floor to burn the fat. Dont let the emotion control you. Go out, talk and meet people ... do something that make you happy and enjoy doing it. Love yourself. Love your life. 

Met many peoples this week. First lady - you are 42? I tengok you macam my age je .. I'm 24. Tengok your face .. mana kedut .. left .. right .. tak da pun. I tengok you macam umur I je. Ehhh no la .. 24 is too much! I am 42 la dik. Whats your secret ah Kak Ella? Rahsia no. 1 - Sayang pada diri sendiri. I love myself very much. I love everything that God gave me. I love myself, I love my body ... I believed God created us perfectly so its our responsibility to take good care of it. Atas rasa kasih sayang itu timbulnya kesedaran untuk menjaga kesihatan kulit seawal umur 25 tahun. Umur 25 tahun I started ke Salun .. cuba-cuba tadah muka untuk difacialkan .. till then I has become my routine. Tanpa kesedaran dan kasih sayang pada diri sendiri, you wont be there, definitely.

Posted that photo on my IG - misz_ella *Sila follow saya for more updates ya*
You see .. I always feel fresh, happy, energetic and light after exercise ... not tired ya .. but fresh and happier. Being active will give us energy and keep our body in good condition. Rahsia cantik no. 2 - Exercise. Bersenam melancarkan peredaran darah. Peredaran darah yang baik dan lancar menyihatkan tubuh badan kita termasuklah muka. Muka lebih berseri-seri selepas bersenam. Exercise make you a better person. Why i say that? Sebab bersenam buat kita lebih sehat. Lebih sehat means lebih ceria dan bertenaga. Lebih ceria dan bertenaga means lebih awet muda. Being a mother, a daughter, a friend, a sister .. I am everything to my love one. I want to be a strong woman for them. I want to be a back bone and wings to support their life. Ladies, lets be strong together. Not only for us but also for our kesayangan.

Received a good comment from FB followers - Alhamdulillah God created me perfectly. Saya tukang bawak sahaja but like what I said, Its our responsibility to take care of what God has given us. 

*Pic credit to Nad and Farhana*
I was at the Dance Floor on Friday night - 2 hours of High impact non-stop Zumba with Coach Ejoy. gila enjoy kelas dia. Then budak-budak kat studio panggil i kakak berstamina. Yeahh .. stamina.  How do you build your stamina, kakak? Stamina comes from the positive mind, I believed its the strong mind that push our body to the limit .. then only the energy. Kalau minda dah cakap penat .. maka habis la .. melepek la kau. Tapi bila kau buat sesuatu dengan suka .. suka dan suka .. maka suka lah hati kau .. maka penat pun entah ke mana .. tak kau rasa. So kalau minda cakap suka .. maka 2 jam non stop tu pun kau tak rasa. Tips no. 1 in exercise - enjoy to the max. Back to the Dance floor, I try to be more discipline. Cuba luangkan masa minimum 3-4 jam seminggu di Studio. Lets kick the fat away and build the muscle together. Rahsia cantik no. 3 - Disiplin. Apa pun korang buat, sila buat dengan konsisten dan disiplin. This is the key elements in whatever we are doing in our life. Without this, we are a failure.

I attended the launching of Pure Beauty PINK by Watsons recently. Heyyy .. I am a Korean skincare lover and Pure Beauty is from Korea. Check  my blog for review of two Pure Beauty products range that I have done before and now, Watsons Malaysia has added PINK to the Pure Beauty Family in all Watsons stores. Find a skincare which suits your skin needs. Know your skin needs by doing a skin analysis. A right skincare is very important for a healthy skin. Rahsia cantik No. 4 - Jaga kesihatan kulit dengan memilih produk kecantikan yang sesuai untuk kita. Dont be lazy .. love your self, love your skin, pampered your skin with a right product, k.

I touched up my eye lashes recently. Remember I had an eyelashes extension? Eyelashes extension yang Misz-ella buat tidak bersifat kekal maka beberapa helai telah gugur bila bulu mata yang asal memanjang ke hadapan so I went for touch up. I raised up my eyelashes level to support the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign by Pink Passion which was held on October. When some Bloggers involved in the Campaign has decided to remove the eyelashes, I am still loyal with it. Kesungguhan, disiplin .. that is my recipe.

When I am at home, I tried to do light exercise alone .. working hard on bending and stretching for flexibility. I love group exercise so much cos it gave me more motivation and support tapi berseorangan tidak jugak mematahkan semangat saya untuk bersenam. I on the CD and there you are .. working out alone. Eat good food especially fruits and as usual .. Kiwi is always my choice. I love Kiwi especially Zespri. Power packed with more than 20 nutrients, Zespri Green kiwi is definitely my choice. Cut it, Scoop it, Eat it and Enjoy it. Rahsia cantik no. 5 - Jaga pemakanan. I'm cutting a lot of carbo intake as my effort to reduce my weight. I'm taking more fibre as part of my healthy balance diet.

Rahsia cantik no. 6 - take a Food supplement that suits you. Misz-ella masih setia dengan Ephyra dan Vitamin C. Check my blog for Ephyra's entry and I am still a seller for Vitamin C which I have taken for four years. Nak beli? Whatsapp me at 016-6223138.

Rahsia cantik No. 7 - Be Happy. Surrounded with people who make you feel great and happy. Life is like a colour of rainbow .. so many feelings, various emotions and like a roller coaster .. up and down. There are times when we are sad but dont let the emotions control us. Talk to the people who build us up. I am blessed to be loved by many people - family and friends. Love you all forever. Ok Bye readers. I'm done sharing my Beauty Tips with you. Thanks for reading. Bye.


LM said...

Part senam dan disiplin tu paling lemah saya nk buat. Kalau beli set skin care mesti krim malam tu tak habis2:(

Anonymous said...

Banyak2 bazir duit tak cantik mana pun. Beauty is more than physical. Natural beauty is more relevant. Too much stress on vanity shows shallowness rather than anything

Misz-ella said...

True. Allah jadikan kita semua dengan natural beauty. Tanggungjawab kita menjaga ciptaanNya. Dont stress. Just appreciate it and be appappy .. like i mentioned in my entry. Dan setuju sangat-sangat .. jangan banyak2 bazir duit.

Misz-ella said...

True. Allah jadikan kita semua dengan natural beauty. Tanggungjawab kita menjaga ciptaanNya. Dont stress. Just appreciate it and be appappy .. like i mentioned in my entry. Dan setuju sangat-sangat .. jangan banyak2 bazir duit.

Misz-ella said...

Oopss sorry anonymous .. the word is suppose to be happy instead of 'appappy' jari gemuk banyak typo. Hahaha.

Misz-ella said...

LM, kak ella tak boleh tinggal senam. Nanti badan sakit.