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Jom Gaya Hidup Sihat ~ Makan dan Exercise

Another chapter of my exercise diary .. hidup Misz-ella camni la .. kalau tak kerja, exercise. Kalau tak kat Event kat Gym. Tu je la tempat...

Misz-ella & Elana @ Hello Kitty Gourmet Cafe

Dalam hidup kita, selain dari keluarga, we need friends too. Misz-ella consider very lucky cos I am surrounded with friends whom i categorized them under 'Kesayangan' or Love One. They always care for me, love me and concern about me. Bila lama tak jumpa, rindu sangat rasanya. They are the person who I trust. They are the person that always there when i'm sad. They are the person who will ask "Are You Ok"? I appreciate and value their presence.

Zaman sekarang, dah tak ramai orang baik. Most are pretender or hypocrite. Most like us or wanna be with us for reason. No true love anymore. Sad. So sad when i think of that.

Lagi satu, zaman sekarang ramai yang lebih suka bercerita tentang keburukan seseorang dari bercerita tentang kebaikan dia. Ramai suka bercerita perkara-perkara negatif dari bercerita yang positif. Jahat orang tu, buruk orang tu kau sibuk perkatakan, kebaikan orang tu kau diam dan butakan. Alahai manusia .. menapak la kau di Padang Mahsyar tu nanti memohon maaf. Misz-ella betul-betul tak faham orang macam ni. Seronok bercerita yang buruk-buruk or bergossip pasal orang? Macam kau perfect sangat. Macam la kau cerita buruk-buruk pasal orang tu Malaikat tutup mata tak rekod dalam buku kau ye?  Ini lah yang dikatakan sibuk tengok kain orang, tak sedar kain kau pun koyak juga. 

Anyway, lets go back to the Topic of the Entry. Its Girlfriend time you alls and this time its Elana! 

Hello .. This is one of my best friend, Elana. She is from elanakhong.blogspot.com. She loves writing and we share a same hobby ~ Selfie!! Yeahhh .. call us Selfie Queen .. we are happy with it. We really 'click' together. Misz-ella memang serasi sangat dengan Elana ni. We can talk, we can joke, we can laugh. In friendship or any relationship, chemistry is very important. Love each other, respect each other, always be there for each other and have fun together. Elana is very caring. She always concern about me. If she know I'm down and sad, she will quickly be there for me. Thanks Elana. I love you to the max too!

Misz-ella sebenarnya lapar. Sangat lapar. I am one lazy person to think about breakfast. Masa kerja dulu, I relied on my office mate for breakfast. So lazy to think of what to eat. So lazy to stop anywhere to buy food and I am so lucky to have 'kesayangan' who always care for my tummy. Thanks All. Aku sayang semua ketat-ketat *hugs*. So that afternoon .. we made a lunch appointment. Elana I am so hungry .. lets have lunch with me. I cannot take heavy meal cos I am going for treatment later .. Its ok la I accompany you lunch. Ohh Good. Lets meet up. First she arrived, nah Popcorn. You hungry, right. So what you want to eat? I follow you la. Ohh thanks Darling. Lets go to Hello Kitty Gourmet Cafe which was newly opened here in Sunway Pyramid.

Elana loves take picture. She is always in the mood and so happening when it comes to taking picture. Always fun, always enjoy and I enjoyed that moment with her too.

I love the decoration in this Cafe. Kitties are everywhere. So cute. So sweet. Pastel colours everywhere and off course .. Pink!! I suddenly felt so 'gigirl' .. hahaha.

Hai Hello Kitty *cuit sikit* I am Misz-ella. Why are you co cute, Kitty? My Miko must be very jealous with you now, Kitty. Ohhh anyway, Miko is in my heart forever. Love Miko tight-tight even Kitty is the world's favorite.

Comel sangat. Sweet sangat. 

Heyyy .. thats me enjoying the meal. Elana just had a cup of Coffee.

Girl just wanna have fun. So much fun from the time we started till the moment we have to say GoodBye. So much fun listening and talking to each other. Kasih sayang itu tiada sempadan ~ tak kira warna kulit, bangsa atau agama. I believed we can love anyone as long as we have a good heart. Hati yang baik memang memainkan peranan dalam hidup kita and I am the lucky one gifted with a good heart by the God. Alhamdulillah. I pray that I will be like this or be better in the future. I pray I can love them forever. In Sha Allah. Amin.

Close up on what i ate at The Hello Kitty Gourmet Cafe. The Steak is quite nice. The meat is soft and juicy. Ada rasa tersendiri. Dalam tu macam ada bawang yang dihiris halus. Sedap dan sangat comel. I dont mind to repeat and opss .. I love that sweet potato fries.

Then we had to say Goodbye, maka Misz-ella pun berseorangan. Jalan-jalan .. look see look see. Tadi bermeriahan and now I am lonely. But no worry .. I appreciate every moment in life. Beramaian seronok .. berseorangan pun Ok .. tak da masalah for me. Every minutes and every single moment in our life are so precious. Really appreciate it.

And i ended my day out with a regular size Black Coffee plus an Apple Pie ~ my Tea break cum Dinner. I had a great day *happy*

Ok Bye readers. Do not forget to visit Hello Kitty Gourmet Cafe at Sunway Pyramid if you are a Hello Kitty fans. Cute and sweet!!


bymedinahaiqal.blogspot.com said...

Huwaaa bole gila masuk sini.. semua comel2..saya hantu hello kitty...nangis - nangis..mesti pergi..