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Red Sexy Heels and Love & Sunshine Sugar Scrub

Hello new week. Hello lovely readers  ..

New week. New challenge. I'm gonna meet new people. Everyday is a good day. Everyday is a challenging day. Our life is full of colours and one of them is Red. I love Red so much. At one time in my life, Monday is my red day. Red outfit, red handbag, red shoes and off course red lips!! Believe me that only a strong, high confidence woman can wear Red. Red is heavy actually. It has its own 'aura/charisma'

The sexy glamour glittering red that wins my heart last week. OhMy .. melompat rasa hati mahukan si merah ini. Cantik nya .. lawa nya .. ohhh that red is so sexy .. oh i want!! Well .. that is how excited I am when i first look this sexy red heels. It fell in love at the first sight on her. Sumpah tergoda.

I do not know why, display shoes at every departmental store are always my size. Heyyy  .. look like I represent Malaysian feet size ya .. 36 or 35. So apa lagi .. Misz-ella put one on my feet and start walking. Auchhhh .. unfortunately this sexy heel doesn't like me .. menjerit kaki ku sakit. The pain came from the front side .. kat tempat yang bulat tu. Ohhh cannot buy *cry*

Finally, I have to be happy with another red. This one is perfect for me and it has a sponge at the back, leaving my feet non other feeling other than comfortable. 

Next shop/outlet that I visited was Bath & Body Works to get my Love & Sunshine Foaming Sugar Scrub. For those who never try this Body scrub .. let me tell you that this is my third purchase. I am so happy pampering my body with this Sugar scrub will showering but .. Ohhhh .. with the current Ringgit Malaysia situation that keeps on dropping, the price has increased by 10%. Ohhh nangis .. my wallet cry. Tapi apa boleh buat, kalau dah suka .. maka terpaksa. Thats me. That is the real Ella. Kalau dia dah suka sangat-sangat dah tak terkawal lagi dah, dia kena beli. Kalau tak beli nanti dia bukan lagi teringat-ingat tapi dia akan 'moody' sedih dan entah apa-apa lagi. 

It was a lovely day. I spent my time few hours alone at The Curve and I enjoyed my moment there. Percayalah ada kalanya berseorangan itu lebih baik dari beramaian kerana ia memberi kita ketenangan fikiran yang tiada nilainya. However, beramai-ramai itu sangat meriah dan 'happening' maka 'privacy' kau pun tak ada. Well said, dalam hidup ni adakalanya kita perlu ruang untuk diri sendiri and I am the lucky one cos despite of my busyness schedule and my happening life, I do have a little space for myself. Alhamdulillah. My life is full of colours and I love it. Ok I'm done with my sharing session with you, readers. For those who fell in love with this sexy red like me, go and grab it at any Charles & Keith outlet. Its so limited now .. cepat-cepat sebelum terlambat. Ramai yang tengah gila merah sekarang ni rupanya. Ok Bye.


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I love how happy you are, Ella!

Misz-ella Ismail said...
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