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Syahirah Korean Secrets ~ Hydra Soft skin!

Hello lovely readers ..

Lets talk about the secret of flawless skin like a Korean actress. Well .. who do not want a flawless skin like a Korean actress? Imagine Park Shin Hye, Song Hye Kyo, Yoon Eun Hye .. just to name a few.  They are pretty, beautiful and have a crystal clear, flawless skin.

Talking about a clear flawless skin, Syahirah, a local skincare products which has been in the market since 2007 has recently proudly launched its latest skin care line ~ Syahirah Korean Secrets that combines field of flowers picked from Jeju Island, Korea and have been certified HALAL by JAKIM.

Two face care range under this category was launched ~ Syahirah White Glow and Syahirah Hydra Soft.

OK let me share with you about Syahirah Hydra Soft skin care range ..

Syahirah Korean secrets Hydra Soft skin care range is formulated with the latest technology of special hydrating agent of Tri-Flower Essence with a mixed of white flowers ~ Flowers Ginseng, Chamomile and Green Tea. The combination of this tri-flower essence helps skin retain moisture. In addition it also has a high antioxidant to reduce blemishes and irritation to the skin so that skin looks pretty smooth, crystal clear and flawless. 

5 products under this range were launched ~ Cleansing gel, Facial scrub, Hydrating Toner, Moisturizing Cream and Beauty Cream. Blue aqua has been chosen as the product colour scheme, representing fresh, cool and cheerful. That will make us feel more Koreans, right *tehehehe*

Good news is .. I have got mine Syahirah Korean secrets Hydra Soft  skin care range which suits my skin condition. Can't wait to try!

More information on Syahirah Korean Secrets skin care range can be find at Syahiran Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Syahirah.Msia/ and Syahirah's Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/syahirahmalaysia/. LIKE and Follow Syahirah for more updates!!