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Webist Solutions host 'Design a Disruptive Marketing Plan Like A Pro by Juan José Delgado this August!

Hello readers ..

I recently had an opportunity to witness the grand launched of Webist Solutions Sdn. Bhd. The launched were held at New Shanghai Restaurant, Holiday Inn Express Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

Webist Solutions Sdn Bhd, a new game changer in the digital marketing industry promises new insights for the growth of the industry in the near future with hopes to turn the tables in the turbulent times of 2017.

The launched were officiated by the guest of honour, Puan Sri Datin Sri Dr. Susan Cheah and Malaysia Supermodel Amber Chia, accompanied by the three founders of Webist Solutions Sdn. Bhd, Mr. Bryan, Mr. Chris, Mr. Johnson and Webist Solution's Advisor, Dr. Zyro Wong. 

Further highlighting the significance of the establishment, Dato’ Razali Haji Ibrahim, the Deputy Minister of the Prime Minister’s Office, had also extended his congratulatory note and best wishes to Webist Solutions for its forthcoming contributions in the industry via his video message. 

Dr. Zyro Wong, during his opening speech said "Going digital is an inevitable trend today and Webist Solution are here to set the waves going. Our aspiration is not only to devise new strategies for Malaysian businesses to excel in the international arena, but also to educate people on the changing trends and dynamics in the digital world”

The guest of honour, Puan Sri Datin Sri Dr Susan Cheah during her speech, expressed her high hopes for the establishment to drive new digital trends in the local scene, thus inviting the members of the public to embrace digital marketing as the forthcoming trendsetter in the business world.

The three founders of Webist Solutions Sdn Bhd - Mr. Bryan, Mr. Chris and Mr. Johnson then shared their view on digital marketing in an open forum, highlighting how Webist Solutions is distinctive in holding many more international events in the near future in addition to its principal services. 

I was quite impressed with Webist Solution's front line ~ Dr. Zyro Wong, Bryan, Chris and Johnson - young, high spiritual, innovative and ambitious. Listening to their short, meaningful sharing has created an excitement on us about what Webist Solutions Sdn Bhd has to offer those who are in the digital industry. Interesting!

During the launched, guests were featured with a Live preview of Juan José Delgado Master Class - Design a Disruptive Marketing Plan Like A Pro.

Juan José Delgado, the former Head of Marketing of Amazon and celebrated expert in digital marketing who is also a renowned speaker in the area of Customer, Digital and eCommerce will be sharing his knowledge on effective digital marketing strategies that are pivotal to businesses in the local context. 

The seminar will be held on 2nd August 2017 at the Sunway Putra Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. This first of its kind seminar in Malaysia is specially hosted by Webist Solutions Sdn Bhd. This event is anticipating nationwide participation of more than 100 businesses of various nature as well as individuals from all walks of life. 

Exclusive only to the early birds, tickets will be offered at special rates on first-come-first serve basis (Gold ticket at RM1,247 and VIP ticket at RM2,497). 

As seats are limited and this seminar is first of its kind in Malaysia, I suggest you book your seat today. This is your opportunity to meet and learn from the the expert, Juan José Delgado. 

For more information about Webist Solution Sdn. Bhd., please visit the company's website at www.webist.com.my and for those who are interested to join the seminar, register yourself at  www.webist.com.my/jjdelgado/ or contact 603 79729122 for more details and Yes! I got my seat confirmed!! Thank you Webist Solution for the opportunity *Yeah .. I won the Lucky Draw during the event .. excited!*

*Photos from this entry are from isaactan.net and mieranadhirah.com