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Iftar Disyukuri, Ramadan Diberkati Buffet Buka Puasa at Menara KL

Hello lovely readers ..

Today is Day 5 of our 2018 Ramadan. Selamat Berpuasa to all my lovely readers. In this entry, I am going to bring you to buka puasa at a very special venue - Buka Puasa di KL Tower kesayangan warga Kuala Lumpur.

In conjunction with Ramadan Al-Mubarak 1439 Hijrah, KL Tower is grateful to organise a variety of exciting activities throughout the month. Recognizing that specialty, KL Tower present Ramadan buffet with the theme ‘Iftar disyukuri, Ramadan diberkati’ which will start from 21 May until 12 June 2018, 6.30pm to 10.00pm at Megaview Banquet Hall, KL Tower. This Ramadan buffet is aimed to bring all family members and friends of our beloved guests together to ‘Iftar’ (break fast) and fasten silaturrahim (good tie) among them. 

During this Ramadan month, guests will be able to enjoy more than 80 types of international and local cuisines which are definitely tempting and appetizing. 

Amongst the special dishes this year is Oxtail ‘Asam Pedas’ which is rarely served anywhere else and also the Lamb grill and ‘Serawa Durian’ dessert which are surely will satisfy the KL Tower guests this year. These special and signature dishes brought to you by KL Tower through the collaboration with Atmosphere 360 Revolving Restaurant.   

While enjoying the Ramadan buffet, guests will also be entertained by a new brand of KL Tower band, ‘The Sky’. They will perform live daily to offer a pleasant dining ambient during the break fast.

Iftar Disyukuri, Ramadan Diberkati KL Tower Ramadan Buffet is price at  RM128.00 for adults and RM78.00 for children. It's free for kids’ aged 4 years and below. Each purchase will come with a free ticket to Observation Deck, KL Tower. These unbeatable offers are value for your money.
Other than that, guests will also enjoy a special promotion of BUY 10 (Adults) FREE 1 (Adult).  In additional to that, the guests will also have the opportunity to visit Sky Deck at a special price of RM20.00 only for adults and RM10.00 only for children.

KL Tower promise a Family-Friendly experience with an accommodation such as spacious and comfortable prayer rooms and many more.

So readers, if you are looking for a Buka Puasa venue with nice ambience and beautiful KL skyline scenery, do not miss this special offer!  Call 03-2020 5444 today or visit KL Tower official website at www.menarakl.com.my