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Jom Gaya Hidup Sihat ~ Makan dan Exercise

Another chapter of my exercise diary .. hidup Misz-ella camni la .. kalau tak kerja, exercise. Kalau tak kat Event kat Gym. Tu je la tempat...

Dance Ella Dance ~ Zumba night !

What is Ella's life without exercise?
Boring. Sad. Bad mood. Body pain = Upset!

Exercise do contribute to my life. Since I started my exercise routine 20 years ago, I never look back. I remember how I started ~ I bought a beginner's aerobic CD by Denise Austin and started to follow the step at the comfort of my own home.

I later upgraded myself by joining group exercise studio when I moved to Sg. Buloh Country Resort, Selangor. I find it is more fun to dance in the studio and I love to spend time with friends who share the same interest ~ Dance!

Get your fitness outfit ready, proper exercise shoe, play the music, shake your body following the beat. Be comfortable with yourself and surrounding. Let loose your body and feel .. Laugh, smile, clap your hands (if you need too) and move freely.

Dance releases endorphin, a mood-enhancing chemicals which help to activates the receptors in the brain which minimize discomfort. I always feel fresher, my shoulder and head are lighter after finish my dance session.  

Hello dance floor .. I am back!! Wednesday ended perfectly when I made my way to Rockafella Dance Studio, Sg. Buloh Country Resort for my dance workout session. I miss the dance floor. I have not visiting it since Ramadan and I miss my workout friends too *sobs*

I love skirt! Not too bad if I say that I am very girlish/womanly/feminine *auwww* and lady like. I had a collection of exercise skirts in various design and colours which I collected during the earlier days. 

 Group photo after an hour of Zumba Fitness Dance with Zin Zaharah with the world's latest hit. We toured the whole world tonight with Zumba. We went to Hollywood, Korea, China and Indonesia. We shaked, we shimmy, we jumped, we cha-cha ~ easy, fun and catchy steps. We enjoyed till it was time to say GoodBye. One hour is not enough, Can I have more please .. *hehe*

If you love yourself, reward it with exercise. Move and keep your body cell active. Think about choosing healthy lifestyle. Say NO to alcohol, say NO to cigarette, say NO to unhealthy food. Live naturally.We only have one life. Do the best and reward yourself only the best. Care, love and respect your body ~ with love, Ella.


...in the swim... said...

Yes dance the fats away !

anne samat said...

Zin zara ohsem instructor...me also tabik spring ngan otai ZIN Zara