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I am Forty Four today!

Hello July.

We have passed half of 2016. We left June and welcomed July. July is my favourite month, a special month for my mom because on the 3rd day of July, 44 years ago she gave birth to a baby girl. She named her as Norzaila. That's me. I am the fourth in my family. I have 2 brothers and 1 elder sister. I was raise with lots of love from my family. I Thank my family for what I am today.

Time flies. I am forty four today. I have learnt and experienced a lot. I learnt about letting go when I have to walked away from things that I really want. I learnt to accept. I learnt that we must not be selfish in life. I became a candle, burnt myself to illuminate the lives of others. I crawled and woke up on my own during my falls. I wiped my own tears and stood up with pride. Life was never easy during that time. Never. But i made it. Today, 3rd July 2017, when i look backwards, I Thank God for all the hardships given. It shaped me into a better person today, physically and mentally. After all the struggle and fighting against the pain, I am now more calm while handling the pain. I am cool even with the storm in my heart. I smile even my heart breaks. I didn't talk about my pain. I just walk it with pride. I am a strong woman and I did it my way. I am blessed with every breath *sobs*

Thank you, Sweetie

Thank you my best friend Nurul Aini for the birthday treat. Thank you!

And on this special day, my wish is still the same .. Dear God, please give me good health .. so that I can showered my loves with love. Please keep on guide me and walk my life with me. I can't do it without you, God.


SYANI said...

Happy birthday Kak Chik.. Tak nampak 44 pun...maintain muda gittew!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday ..pjg umur murah rezeki so can travel more...I like to read ur travel blog more than others - azwiusa

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday KC!!! I luv ur new hairstyle..sesuai sangat..nampak young n fresh..

MissJasJas The Blogger said...

Happy belated to you Kak Ella! It has been very long time I didn't read your blog already. Miss you so much, Kak <3