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Follicle Treatment at Eka Roots Hair & Scalp Wellness

Hello beautiful hair .. I love you.  Day by day .. I am getting happier and proud of my 'crowning glory'. I never felt this proud before. I Thank Eka Roots Hair & Scalp Wellness for my shining, healthier hair today. Read this entry on my journey to a healthier hair with Eka Roots.

I recently went back to Eka for follicle treatment. Judith of Eka Roots recommended me this treatment when she noticed I have less hair at certain parts of my scalp. Not because of hair falls, but could be because of other reasons. We need to do a follicle test on you, Ella.

Hair follicle is a small cavity in the epidermis and corium of the skin, from which a hair develops. It exists within the dermis and epidermis and are found all over the skin, expect on the lips, palms of the hand, and soles of the feet. 

To make it easier, imagine a vase of flowers  ~ hair follicle is the vase and our hair is the flower's stem. To ensure the flowers grows in bloom, we need to provide the vase with a proper nutrients and vitamins. So as our hair.

I agreed to treat my scalp with Eka Roots. The session started with Hair follicle test which was conducted by Judith herself. You had a healthy, clean scalp. No dandruff or other flakes detected during the test. Your scalp need extra nutrients to help nourish your hair follicle. This will grow more hair and feed extra nutrients to the existing baby hair. 

The ingredients used for the follicle treatment are originally by Eka ~ A mixture of Eka Roots shampoo, Eka Roots conditioner and Eka Roots follicle revitaliser

 Amla powder was added too

OK lets know Amla more. Amla or Indian Gooseberry is an edible fruits which has a high content of vitamin C, 30% more than oranges.

Amla is a very powerful anti-oxidant fruit and packed with many vitamins, mineral, tannins, other helpful nutrients and it is beneficial for hair too.

Amla is used in many hair tonics because it enriches hair growth and hair pigmentation. 

It strengthens the hair roots, maintains colour and improves the hair luster. Eating fresh gooseberry or applying its paste on hair roots improves hair growth and color. Amla oil is very popular in India because it has been shown to reduce the chances of hair loss and baldness. This quality is due to the carotene content of Amla, as well as its iron content and general antioxidant capacity, which reduces hair loss by not allowing free radicals to damage hair follicles or impact the hormones that can cause premature hair loss

The mixture

My hair was washed and the solution were applied to my hair scalp

It was applied carefully on every spaces

Massage gently

My hair were then steamed for 15 minutes. Wash, blow and style. I went back happily with a fresher scalp and a healthier hair. 

I repeated the same procedures on Week 2. My hair progressed very well ~ the existing baby hair which were fed with nutrients on Week 1 are healthier, baby hair started to say 'Hello' but still shy *hello baby hair .. welcome to my life*

Hair follicle treatment at Eka Roots Hair & Scalp Wellness is priced at RM150 per treatment. The treatment procedures are :-

1) Hair follicle test
2) Hair wash
3) Apply the hair follicle solution
4) Scalp Massage
5) Apply treatment conditioner with jojoba and rosehip oil
6) Steam the hair for 10-15 minutes
7) Wash, blow and dry

The whole process will take approximately 1 hour 15 minutes

The cost per treatment is RM150 with a special package of RM900 for 8 treatments. It it recommended to repeat the treatment every 7-10 days in order to achieve a good result. However, each of us has a special and have a different scalp profile. The result may varies from one person to another. Some of you might have an earlier result and I am so excited to see mine after a month!!

Alvin, Esther, Misz-ella, Judith and Seniah

Besides the hair and roots wellness, hair styling and hair beauty are also well taken care at Eka Roots. Thank you Alvin for my beautiful hairstyle!

Esther, Misz-ella and Judith

Two strong women behind Eka Roots - Eshter and Judith. Thank you very much for treating my hair so well in natural way. No chemical, no ammonia ~ all natural and organic! I am so happy with my organic hair which complete my 'organic life'

For more information about Eka Roots Hair & Scalp Wellness, visit https://www.ekaroots.com/ and do not forget to LIKE their Facebook Page here.

Eka Roots Hair & Scalp Wellness is located at No. 123 Jalan Maarof, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur and can be contacted at 03 -  28560775. Book your appointment now. Lets have a healthy hair together and be proud with our 'crowning glory'

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