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Circuit Aerobic at The Rennaisance

Hello lovely readers ..

I am back with my Fitness sharing. I recently had my circuit aerobic session at The Renaissance Fitness Center. As you know, I exercised minimum 3 times a week and maximum 5 days a week.

I can't live without exercise. Exercise is my life. I will fall sick, weak, emotionally affected without exercise. Exercise do contribute to my life *happy*

OK lets talk more about Circuit aerobics. Circuit aerobic is a combination of fat burning and muscle conditioning workout. You won't get bored when you do circuit training. 

You will move from one station to another .. move fast .. the workout change  to a different muscle groups every 30 seconds with a little to no rest between stations.

My heart rate pump fast .. i'm burning calories and strengthens my muscles at the same time.

We jumped, we hopped, we run, we slide, we lifted in circuit aerobic. With the energetic fast music, we had lots of fun with circuit aerobic.

Join me and my friends at Circuit aerobic session at The Renaissance Fitness Center every Tuesday (6.45-7.45pm) and Thursday (7:45-8:45pm) and lets have fun while exercise together. Call 03-21622233 to find out more.