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Another chapter of my exercise diary .. hidup Misz-ella camni la .. kalau tak kerja, exercise. Kalau tak kat Event kat Gym. Tu je la tempat...

Sunday Off Day?

Hello lovely readers ..

Happy New Week!! I hope you had a blast weekend. I spent my weekend in Penang, helping with the flood aid mission organised by PEKA Malaysia but thats only on Friday.

I was busy running around collecting goods from the kind hearted Klang Valley people who want to be part of this noble course, attended events, meetings, exercises. Sometimes i wonder where did I get all the energies? 

Then i realised - first of all you must know yourself, identify your strength and weakness, be sure with what you want in life. SET YOUR DIRECTION AND THINK POSITIVE.

I also truly understand that we were given two hands - One to helping ourself and the other one to help others. 

Live and Love your Life. And don't forget to give. Remember that we make a life with what we give. 

Saturday was all about lying at home, finished my entries and rest .. 'moon' pain was bothering me but that is part of the beauty of being a woman, right.

Sunday? Finished my proposal, had Steamboat lunch with my Doctor's friend and ended it with a cup of Latte and cakes!

Then I went to Nicsmann to meet the one and only Dato' Lewre Lew ~ a founder of Lewre Bespoke shoe .. a proud Malaysian who always carry Malaysian identity.  Lewre Bespoke is sold in more than 40 countries with outlets in UK, Spain, Italy, Australia and Australia .. just to name a few.

Every meet up with Dato' Lewre is always inspiring me. I had a good sharing session with Dato' Lewre. With all experiences he had in bringing his own brand internationally, he is an example on how one can achieved what they want in life as long as we trust ourselves and no turning back in whatever we are doing. I have a lot to share .. said Dato' Lewre.

So that how my Sunday was .. spending quality time with fantastic people, helped to deliver the flood aid to the flood victims in Penang .. every moment are meaningful. Happy new week you alls ..