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PEKA Malaysia Penang Flood Aid

Hello readers ..

Remember my entry about WE LOVE PENANG FOOD DRIVE? PEKA Malaysia Penang Food Drive Campaign has received tremendous response from Klang Valley residents. Tanah Aina Cafe at Shah Alam was flooded with basic needs .. food especially, from the donors who came all the way to send their contribution to us. Thank you so much for your time, love and care.

PEKA Malaysia went personally to Penang recently to send the flood aid given by the donors. We reached Kampung Lahar Yooi at 11am, together with representative from PEKA Perak and the whole team of PEKA Penang.

Mydin Superstore (Northern region) also work together hands-on-hands with PEKA Malaysia by joining this Campaign. Apart from that, PEKA also received helps from Navy (TLDM) who sent their team to help us delivering the goods to the villagers.

Kampung Lahar Yooi, Seberang Jaya is one of the village which was badly affected by the recent flood. The villagers has just returned home a night before we reach them. They were still tired, weak and in the midst of clearing the houses and they welcomed the aid as they lost most of their belongings to the flood.

PEKA President, Puan Sri To' Puan Datuk Shariffa Sabrina distributing the aid to the villagers.

And distributing goody bags to the kids which bring smiles to their faces.

She also contributed ready-made food such as cakes, puff, breads and kueh to the villagers.

More than RM60,000.00 worth of goods collected during PEKA Malaysia Penang Flood Aid campaign and almost 100 houses benefits from the collections. PEKA Malaysia care and love the nature and urged the Penang State Government to stop the development on the hill slope area to avoid more nature disaster in the future.

PEKA Malaysia Thank Mydin Superstore who came forward together with us to support this effort, Navy (TLDM) who offers a helping hand during the distribution mission, all donors and other volunteers. Thank you so much kind hearted people. PEKA loves you!