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US Potatoes Culinary Festivals - Rendezvous Corner

Hai Readers,

The sharing session today is about  a delicious healthy meal made of US Potatoes. Remember the US Potatoes Culinary Festival that i attended before? This time we had an opportunity to enjoy the potatoes at the participating outlet itself.

We went to Rendezvous Corner located at 55A Jalan 15/4, Subang Jaya, Selangor to hunt for the US Potatoes.

Skin Potato - RM8.80
This baked potato has a very delicious taste. The potato skin is crunchy and crispy till you can scoop it all without realising that you are eating the potato skin. The melting cheese completes the whole taste of the Skin potatoes making it a dish to look up for in Rendezvous Corner. Its light and delicious !

 Curry Mashed Potato 
At one glance, i thought it was a deep fried egg but heyyy its potatoes!! A mashed potatoes fills with chicken curry, covered with bread crumb and were deep fried. Its so crunchy and crispy. Feels like eating Chicken curry puff with the potato pastry instead of flour. Interesting!! This menu is available on special order only.

Cheese Fondue Chicken - RM18.80
A combination of crispy fried potato, deep fried boneless chicken cube, brocolli, carrot and a soft bun in a plate.

Dip it in the boiling cheese and enjoy it. Ahhhh .. its so creamy and delicious. Cheese lovers, do not forget to try this. We enjoyed every bites .. from the start till the last.

End your dining session in Rendezvous Corner with the desert. Cute and pretty delicious. Sugar craze will definitely love it.

Tropical Fruit Tea
A cool and refreshing drink -  suits a fasting person like me. A combination of sweet and sour taste, i wont hesitate to repeat this de-tox drink on my next visit.

Readers, if you happen to be at Subang Jaya, drop by at Rendezvous Corner Restaurant to enjoy the delicious, light and tummy friendly potato meal. Potato is high in potassium, high in fibre, zero in fat and good for our waist line too. Lets enjoy the potatoes.


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